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114 SAVE THE SAD SISTERS - Anita Sands

(2) Embryo Mix-ups Stun Parents in La., Ohio
(3) Mexican and South American women give birth in USA
(4) Human rights advocates criticise Tonga for not ratifying global women’s protocol
(5) Are female students 'a perk of the job'?
(6) Andrea Dworkin calls Heterosexuality "totalitarian", but condones Bestiality & Incest
(7) "Totalitarianism and homosexuality belong together" - Theodor Adorno
(8) "Born that way" theory - new Ex-Gay Website


From: WVNS <>  Date: 03.10.2009 11:56 PM


Anita Sands <>

A beautiful forty year old New Yorker confessed to me that she wants to kill herself and was saving sleeping pills to do the job. She came to the city a decade ago to make it big in her work, did very well for ten years, but then the recession hit. She is deeply in debt, has no one, is alienated from a dysfunctional family that made her heartsore a decade ago, so there's no going back to them. She lives in a little one room apartment in a burrough of the big, anonymous city. To her mind, Death is better than facing the four walls of her cul-de-sac one day longer. I can see her point of view. What's left for her? She came to the big city to make it, a skewed strategy at the gitgo but the only one that girls today have left to them. They cannot stay in the dysfunctional family mire into which they were born. They left home with their little suitcase years ago after spending their teens watching a countefeit media full of rockstar myths, movie star chic and addictive celeb worship that dyed the skeins of their mind this ROSY PINK. Believing in PINK MYTHS, they chose to aim at the Capitalist Dream of "Girls Making it Big."

WHY LEAVE HOME IN THE FIRST PLACE? FAME AND POWER AND MONEY in SHOW BIZ is an illusory, ill thought out "planned revenge or satisfaction" but one which RUNS in modern girls' veins.. (The Horation Alger myth is the predominant, American guiding philosophy and has been for over a century. ALGERISM is about being an honorable, dilligent man and making it big and entering the next class up in flaming colors. One doesn't need to have read Alger's writings to have this myth in one's bloodstream and guiding one's life. It's the zeitgeist of Capitalist novels, tv, magazines, all the programming we are fed on shares the mythology. As soon as girls went into a marketplace which promises upward mobility, the myth of fame and power infected us. Sowhen it doesn't appear promptly, great disappointment follows.

When the average girl slams up against the STIGMA of being a loser, she will be BEREFT. But that's what happens in the big city. Soon she is caught in a trap of a plummeting job market, rising rents, skyrocketing credit card debt (trickily based on incremental interest rates gathering like storm clouds on the unpaid principle, fear of not having a credit rating as debtors today learn that one can LIVE off the card. The credit card is father and mother to our kids today and it's a false protection at best. When they slam up against no more clients for what they do, no jobs if they wanted to cross over into the job market, they will see how orphaned they are, stuck in the costly rented room that turns into a horrid jail cell and hey, hari kiri may seem a good solution.

From the girl's point of view, she has nothing and she is nothing. She can go nowhere to recover as her parents live in mud city ignorance, in pig styes she wouldn't let her dog eat off --if she had one. Besides, there's no money to travel home. She owes a HUGE SUM right now including a few months rent. I can see her point of view which is 'why not be scientific about it and just pluck her non-flowering, non-fruiting branch from the tree of life' and collect enough pills to do herself in. Or if her pills miss the mark, sleep in a coma for the next forty years in some charity hospital.

She is disinclined to recognize that she is a GENETIC MIRACLE, the final triumphant branch of evolution, the 'bestest ever' twig, bud and fruit of several million years of the grinding away of Mother Evolution. She is a masterpiece of Darwinistic selection, smart as a whip, funny, smart to the point of being cynical, very beautiful and has a lot to give. Only no men have come along to enchant, amuse and enliven.

The world has not afforded her a loving man. For hundreds if not thousands of years, the strong, wise,beautiful, protective men of every culture of the planet were plucked off by the oligarch and sent off to die in wars to create his wealth, his trade, his own Booty so that he could have a harem. What's left of testosterone in her part of the city is a genetic pool of losers who dream of having a film star like Angelina and cannot see the beauty in the little artist who trudges her work to galleries on the bus or subway.

WIthout a protective, loving man to marry she and a lot of other wonderful girls, young women, each with their family's unique lineage in their genes, will wither and die. Capitalist blight is the final insult to this tree of life. We have left our women to the horror wind that blows through the orchard. Trapped them in a capitalist cul-de-sac of loneliness, eviction, debt and failure. Maybe a family could endure it and carry on. A father rallying for his wife and babies. But a woman alone? Who is there to advise? Who can affirm the beauty she is and does enough times a day to beat back the thoughts of death and oblivion?

Multiply her by 150 million, you have America. Multiply her by another 150 Million you have Europe. It is the age of the unhappy woman. What is the way out? The Muslims have a great concept. MARRY them young, make the female totally subservient to the husband/ father. Make her the slave of her children cooking three meals a day from scratch. What's good about it is that in such service they will find that cheery oblivion a lot EARLIER. Nothing like the attention one focuses outside one's miserable self when one is slinging hash three times a day for the family table and serving the mate and children one adores. It is a time tested happy pill and it works, bitter though the flavor be. It is free of fantasy. It is structurally sound, based on reality. Man/Woman/ Babies. Roof. Work. Esclavitude. NOBODY has any time to remember one's DISNEY DREAMS. And that's good. And when the family moves on, hubby dies, kids go off to college, the habit of being a dray horse is embedded in the older woman and she easily plugs herself into community service, a second "ME-obliterating activity. Hadassah. Serving the community.

In Jewish culture, each group of senior woman organized into an ad hoc charity, a little unofficial, DPSS full of social workers, who ran around the village like heat-seekign missiles to find misery among the young and alleviate it. To protect the race.

But no such ethos exists in our culture. This Recession is ravaging, grinding, cruel, the number of its' victims immense. To wander out in the snow to pick up bodies, you'd be doing it all day and night. It's getting to be gothic times where you had to walk over bodies to go to the well.

And the spirit to do that isn't there in the modern girl. Weaned on Teen-TV romance dramas and 'what did you do last summer?' meaningless movies, without religion or faith, they can't even 'dress saints.' That's what spinster women did in the old world, they made tiny clothes for the Jesus, Joseph Mary figures in the church. Their faith was a narcotic. Well, religion is the opium of the masses. Classic, Catholic thought taught that our glory was in the next world, not to worry about this one, why indulge in dangerous activism and shake the oligarchs to give higher salaries, lower interest rates? Classic Marxist thought taught that the Church was created to lull you into sleep so you wouldn't revolt. The church will make you believe in a final Kingdom in the sky that so that you'd be a hard working non-complaining slave. You'd get in line to be serfs on the rich man's land. You'd line up to be low paid workers who can barely rent a room in cities blighted by the industrial revolution. Democratic Capitalism developed a final, life-capping thought. Get a credit rating, a student loan, a college education and anybody can make it big. Give THE MOUNTAIN your best try. "FAME" the movie. The TV show. You too can be a rock star.

And now the sad ones wash up on our beaches, gone mad, depressed or suicided. I'm not going to mention the "Lost Boys' who turn to drugs, crime, rape, murder, violence and believe the "ENEMY is out there message" and who join the Army to go wreak sorrow on people of other skin color. I'm just talking about the girls. What can we do for our women? Our single girls. Are they our Virgin MARYS or our COSMO girls. They are Our daughters, sisters, and mothers? These modern women are in a deep despair. There are no fathers to take care of them, no older brothers who care, no husbands who protect and no courting boyfriends who are sincere. There is no shoulder to weep on for these girls. They are truly alone. And when that big career just didn't work out as fantastically sumptuous as she'd seen it on TV, they want to curl up and die.

I've never been wary of solutions. I patched my broken life as best I could and have a recommended assortment of bandaids that really work. The theory being that a Bandaid can protect one until the primary wound heals.

Father Time is the best loving protector there is. Economies repair. Broken hearts repair. Time will make this bitter day into a better day. That wish to be free of surcease will actually go away as the pain will depart. Another more beautiful scenery can be created for you, and that one's rent free, debt free, credit card free. It is an interior island of refuge far from the Tsunami the false religion of TransNational capitalism created with its consumer culture, costly SUVS, flavorless mind-murdering entertainment.

Today, acute pain engulfs you, you are totally caught offguard, surprised and shocked that LIFE betrayed you. LIFE actually seems to have laid IN WAIT --letting you believe you could do it alone, letting you trap yourself in this cage of misery. Right now life has you cornered. She seems to attack, reject you, bite you, drag you under its currents intending to drown you. And you are alone drowning in debt, in broken dreams, your career plans in shambles, but dear girl, hold on by not succumbing, by finding others in the same quandry. SAD SISTERS do not make you worse. THE SAD SISTERS CLUB makes you HEAL and very quickly after you JOIN with your sisters as a group and organize to FIGHT THIS MADNESS, you will BE IN JOY AND BLISS. So make a vow to start with a single step. Today, go outside. An opportunity will come to share this thought, this aim. Doing it will serve your sad, suicidal sisters. Get a little HIVE MIND going.Find the club, yoga class, pilates class, the clerks at the Whole Foods, find the feeling nice people. Befriend the true winners. Create a HEALING GROUP.

Thru a weekly or bimonthly potluck dinner group, you pass it on. You Pay it forward. Teach another to do those simple things and this hour of pain will 'break' like a fever and disappear. Your body will regain its natural strength. No fever lasts forever. Fevers cleanse the body to a great degree. You will be better for it, cleansed of your fantasies of making it big, having immense wealth. You will be more inclined to use your talents, your art to HELP OTHERS. And you will, post this trauma, really be able to help others, and be more inclined to doing so.

BEING A PERSON that 'forwards the action' happens to be the greatest narcotic on the shelf. So start doing that now. Brainstorm up ways that you can use your unique art, vision, speech, identity, location, friends, ideas to talk to others, support them, affirm for them this greater glory than just making it big. Go out intot he world today and I promise that you will accidentally bump into your true destiny. You will be able to meet people, talk, discuss, hear, empathize then remind and sustain.

Just as you are being talked out of death today, for another day of trying A FIX, you will find that WORKING FOR LIFE puts life in your veins. Help others as a life mantra, a few minutes a day then a few hours a day. No need to do it every hour you are awake. Give MOTHER PLANET AND HUMAN LIFE a few minutes a day.

PLUG your talent, mind, compassion and available media into doing this MISSION, THIS WORK of being a LIFE SAVER.Remember, any time you focus on the world outside your head, you get off your INTOXICATION with your own sad drama. And life begins to run through your veins again and make you happy and upbeat. GET OFF YOUR OWN THINKING OF SELF, Instead, plug into blogging your thoughts to others, or Twitteringto send the life affirming message. Send this message on, it has an URL, it has a NET ADDRESS. It is SAVE THE GIRLS. You will thusly be part of an adventure that will save lives. Plug into Craigs list to save lives. Plug that compassion, charisma and a sense of mission. Get those into your art work which was getting anemic maybe.

It too will gain strength, be meaningful. Who knows, maybe you could arrive on celebrity beach and find a posh cottage waiting for you but meanwhile you'll find your single room has glowing walls, covered with your stuff. Your rent will be paid if you forget about that OLIGARCH in your purse screaming at you, called a CREDIT CARD.

Treacherous friend like a dope dealer who gave you a taste of freedom, then bound you in chains. Let this evildoer dry up and blow away. He deserves it. YOU DO NOT. You will always earn enough for that room rent, to dine with your dear friends, to travel to see your family that still loves you so much, even though you have been anesthesized to them and maybe even they to you. That love is really there. Deep. Healing. Come home for Christmas.

1.) VOLUNTEER for HUMBLE care related JOBS. Do service jobs, part time but not for FREE. Charge a very low rate for SENIOR CARE a few hours a night. Make a card that says, "TV WATCHING WITH LONELY SENIORS -- I am not a nurse but I do companion hours for your seniors". These are folks on the verge of assisted living but still at home with their children. State that your rates are adjustable. Do another card for baby sitting children in your area. Do a third for teaching different simple arts like drawing, painting. Or put all three jobs on your single business card. Or pamphlet you do with desk top publishing. Hang it on every door in your building as couples may have friends nearby. Then get the tools, TV GUIDE. For seniors. Massage oil, a juicer to make them power cocktails. For the kiddies, scout down throw away paper in large quantitites, charcoal or markers, pencils, brushes, get donations of paint. Drawing is actually a better preliminary art after the vivid daubs of kindergarten as it prepares us for really seeing with the right brain.

1A. BAKE AND SELL COOKIES. Get a thrift store cookie sheet. Then an lb of butter, sugar, vanilla, nuts, make cookies. Take a cellophane covered plate to each door in your bldg. Try a cookie. I live upstairs. Here's my card, The DIETER's order is six cookies. The family is 12. Very inexpensive prices. We take special orders. My name is Mary. Bye." Nothing more. Leave them there chomping that cookie thinking about you. These above things will help you network your way to achieving some KINSHIP. It is the first life preserver. Immediately go bake some cookies!

2.) HIVE PROTECTION is kinship is exhilaration. Scientists note that when people get together for any reason, lynchings, church, potluck dinners, communist radical mobs, right wing conservative groups, they become exhilarated! Through groups, we adopt (even if on the unconscious level,) mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers and often children and that is a mood elevator. Be smart enough to join groups you believe in and humble enough to talk to, attract and find friends there. Share your true self rather than show off. Stop with the boyfriends for a while. They're all just empty calories these days, anyway. Give time to humanity in general. Figure out what groups are going on near you.

3.) GO CHEM FREE. Quit sleeping pills and stop getting presrcriptions for them. Once you have a good life, the tremors that interrupt 8 hrs sleep and turn it into FIVE hours will stop. When you get a full 8 you'll embrace life not be plowed under by it. Quit the addictions.

4.) Healthfoods. Don't eat any animals that suffer, calves, lambs. The more vegan you are the more pain free you will be. EAT PERFECTLY and Binge responsibly. (substitute things, honey/yogurt instead of ice cream, raw pomegranate/ orange juice instead of wine.) Get a 30$ Walmart juicer and juice rainbow foods. Very little white food, some yogurt but no flour. Get BIBLE bread, keep in freezer.

5.) CAUSE LAUGHTER! Be your own private Idaho, be the star of this life-sustaining comedy called YOU IN THE BIG CITY. Get off the sad drama of your old life which you were starting to get stuck in and instead, choose Comedy! You are a flaming heroine like LUCY BALL, foiling the evil doers, battling the cruel masters of the Universe who intend sorrow to us all. Make your sword silliness and charm, wit and barbed, throwaway lines. Freud said horror and pain were at the center of all good comedy. Lenny and George Carlin talked about nothing but ugliness but they did it so we laughed at it. Battle the ugliness you find with wit! You'll see that Sorrow and Deathwish will shrivel up in your path and where you walked the blackened sod will turn to new, green growth of Springtime. And you, lady brought it to us! You are a winner!

6.) EMBRACE THE RAINBOW. Put all your black clothing into a bag, a few mothballs, store the thing in the back of your closet. From now on wear only springtime colors. Paint dark corners of apartment soothing cerulean blue, pink, lavendar.

7.) Listen to public radio. Every city has a great P.R. FM station. Radio pacifica, those FM stations with alternative talk shows, views AT LEAST are not the usual synthetic, commercial entertainment. AIR AMERICA will work, also. PC can grab a lot of these stations off the NET. Every minute you're at home, have the radio or PC radio on.. Stay away from TV shows, competitive reality/survivor dance/ perform shows, all celebrity shows, interviews, entertainment tonight type shows. And psycho entertainment in general. But do channel search for the night, line up a few good prime time shows, just not the ones that glorify tango dancers or Survival in Samoa.

8) Read up on history so you'll have something to compare MODERN TIMES TO! That'll give you a chance to compare your life to theirs. I'm currently reading History of Commerce by Braudel, all about the public marketplace from dark ages til now, an ultra dark time of barely surviving. Read LIFE IN LONDON in the l8th century. That was a grizzly life. And Read HISTORY OF CHILDHOOD. We are a century away from ordinary life in cities being worse than Auhzwitz !! Charles Dickens was seriously UNDER-exaggerating the cruelty and horror of London.. He didn't cover it by half. Things began to change when the Fabians came along, Read George Bernard Shaw. Go to your library and get them all, Shaw, both his plays and essays, get DICKENS, his "BLEAK HOUSE" and OLIVER TWIST. Get used books online for a buck each from ABE BOOKS. Which brings us to 'getting a library card' and using it real regularly. Then, rent the films made of DICKENS novels. No one could do a film of the real thing. Big cities were brutal. But then, read up on rural China before MAO if you want to see starvation, at inexplicable levels! Plagues, locusts and such. We are living as I said, in the time of the most spectacular blooming and evolution of humanity. Except for a few roving bands of bad boys in the Congo, life is pretty good. So pause a moment and create in your heart and words the ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE. Assume the pose. Fake it til you make it. Those who bitch are bitches. Take that first step to being a happy angel.

If you can do any of the above or all of it now, today, the suicide feelings will just pass away. The first step in a healing is the big ones. The vow to do it. Say , 'what I'm doing isn't working for me, lemme try a new path.' I vow to be a humble angel, demand less, ask less, charge less, give more. Order your soulular self to take over, and this complaining mind to shut down. Find the miracles in the moment, today, out there. Cuz UP here in the brain hasn't been all that sweet! Brains are treacherous friends. Egos are enemies. Both want nothing more than for you to collapse and die. Your heart, entertained by the sight of a kitten, child, butterfly is the only place where you can find rapture, bliss, all the things you sought in the city and never found. You will find it now.

9) PRIVATE TIME HOBBIES. Your gardening, blogging, your sewing, photography, cookies.

Got a tenth idea for me? Anita Sands, astrology at

(2) Embryo Mix-ups Stun Parents in La., Ohio

NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 25, 2009

New Orleans Fertility Center Suspects Embryos were Mislabeled; Ohio Woman Carrying Another Woman's Baby After Clinic Error

A suburban New Orleans hospital has suspended operations at its in-vitro fertilization center due to concerns that dozens of frozen embryos were mislabeled.

Ochsner Health System spokeswoman Amiee Goforth said Friday that hospital officials have no reason to suspect embryos were implanted in the wrong mother.

But the hospital is contacting around 100 couples that may have been affected by the apparent labeling mix-up at the Elmwood-based in-vitro fertilization center.

According to Ochsner officials, the problem occurred at the point in the IVF process when embryos that are to be stored for later use are placed in freezers filled with liquid nitrogen, reports CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann. They are supposed to be bar coded, color coded, and labeled so nothing can go wrong.

"There are embryos that appear to be mislabeled or others cannot be accounted for," said Chief Medical Officer Joseph Bisordi.

Ochsner admits some of the patients they talked to have requested genetic testing to be sure. Doctors say that will be done at Ochsner's expense.

Today's news comes on the heels of another remarkable mistake at a fertility clinic, Strassmann notes. In Ohio, Carolyn Savage revealed that she was implanted with an embryo belonging to another couple. She plans on giving the baby over to the biological parents.

"You just can't believe you're in a situation where this is unfolding the way it is, it's unreal," Savage said.

The 40-year-old woman from the Toledo suburb of Sylvania is due to give birth within the next two weeks. The couple say they will give the baby boy over to his biological parents, who live in Michigan.

In Louisiana, Ochsner's chief executive officer, Dr. Pat Quinlan, said in a statement that the center will not be accepting new patients while the center conducts an internal audit of the program.

Other than DNA tests, all Ochsner can offer their patients is an apology, Strassmann reports.

"We are disappointed in ourselves and what we have learned today and we are deeply sorry," Quinlan said.

(3) Mexican and South American women give birth in USA

From: GB Date: 16.09.2009 02:11 AM

American tax payers spend millions of dollars every year--probably every month--to satisfy the needs of Mexican and South American women who slip over the border into USA just before their babies are born so that they can be born  free of charge in American hospitals and become American citizens. Of course this is illegal, but they get away with it. This will be one of our biggest expenses in any health program congress approves.

(4) Human rights advocates criticise Tonga for not ratifying global women’s protocol

18:03 September 25, 2009Articles, Pacific Headlines, Tonga 0 comments

'Ofa Likiliki ... Tongan government "out of touch" with reality. Photo: UN Radio

By Josephine Latu

Human rights advocates have strongly criticised the Tongan Parliament’s refusal to ratify the UN Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women earlier this month.

The Legislative Assembly had voted 18 to 1, with four abstentions not to ratify CEDAW at this time.

‘Ofa Likiliki, general manager for the Tonga National Centre for Women and Children (TNCWC), slammed the decision as “out of touch” and “hypocritical at the deepest level”.

Meanwhile in NZ, Labour Party MP and spokesperson for Pasifika affairs Luamanuvao Winnie Laban criticised Tongan pro-democracy MP ‘Akilisi Pohiva’s vote against the convention as “appalling”.

However, the Tongan government is refusing to budge, insisting that while it does support women’s human rights, ratifying CEDAW interferes with Tongan law and customs  especially those affecting the inheritance of land and chiefly titles, same sex marriages and abortion.

(5) Are female students 'a perk of the job'?

A vice-chancellor is encouraging lecturers to enjoy gazing at, even fantasising about, attractive female students

Terence Kealey: 'Look but don't touch'. Photograph: Martin Argles

We've had a week of sex scandals in schools. Now Terence Kealey, vice-chancellor of Buckingham University, seems intent on stirring things up on the academic front.

Female students, he declares, are a perk of the job for male university lecturers – though they should look, not touch.

In an article for the Times Higher Education magazine on lust, part of a feature on the seven deadly sins of universities, Kealey wrote: "Normal girls – more interested in abs than in labs, more interested in pecs than specs, more interested in triceps than tripos – will abjure their lecturers for the company of their peers, but nonetheless, most male lecturers know that, most years, there will be a girl in class who flashes her admiration and who asks for advice on her essays. What to do?

"Enjoy her! She's a perk."

Flashing a few literary allusions, he continued: "She doesn't yet know that you are only Casaubon to her Dorothea, Howard Kirk to her Felicity Phee, and she will flaunt you her curves. Which you should admire daily to spice up your sex, nightly, with the wife."

Displaying a more surprising familiarity with the etiquette at lapdancing clubs, Kealey added: "As in Stringfellows, you should look but not touch."

The magazine's academic readers were outraged, including otototototoi who wrote: "I'm amazed that Terence K has a position in any university, and I'll be damn sure never to apply for a job at Buckingham. Why did the THE print this awful, ugly nonsense?"

Kealey, who has been vice-chancellor at Buckingham, the country's only independent university, for eight years, said it was a myth that an affair between student and lecturer was an abuse of power, saying accountability has meant that "the days are gone when a scholar could trade sex for upgrades".

But he added that some female students still fantasised about their lecturers.

Kealey's comments were attacked by Olivia Bailey, women's officer at the National Union of Students.

She told the Telegraph: "I am appalled that a university vice-chancellor should display such an astounding lack of respect for women.

"Regardless of whether this was an attempt at humour, it is completely unacceptable for someone in Terence Kealey's position to compare a lecture theatre to a lapdancing club, and I expect that many women studying at Buckingham University will be feeling extremely angry and insulted at these comments."

Should Kealey be allowed to have his fun? Or has he badly misjudged how students and staff feel about this issue?

(6) Andrea Dworkin calls Heterosexuality "totalitarian", but condones Bestiality & Incest

From: Dave <> Date: 28.08.2009 07:47 AM

    Dworkin forgets that, among all species mentally higher than herself, new individuals are created by nature’s ‘totalitarian’ requirement that two polar opposites unite.  That ultimate magic and danger requires two different genders and mentalities to overcome differences and become mentally and physically one.  That meaning is onomatopoetic in the word ‘sex,’ which refers to something way more than the mere stimulus-response of ‘pleasuring’ oneself, others, or animals.  The term ‘homosexual’ is an oxymoron.

    In the structure of society, the uniting of gender opposites is the meaning of ‘marriage.’

    The taboo on incest guards against inbreeding, but it is mainly a protection against the ultimate imbalance of power over helplessness, a certainty of the ultimate exploitation.  Removing this well-learned ‘taboo’ would be equivalent to rescinding laws against rape.

    In the case of Andrea Dworkin, her writings should be accompanied by full-figure photographs, to provide essential context.  A healthy member of one’s own gender becomes a feasible alternative, as does an ordinary goat or sheep, but those would all be sterile acts, not ‘sex.’

    Andrea Dworkin is a mere loony; why does anyone care what she says?

(7) "Totalitarianism and homosexuality belong together" - Theodor Adorno

From: Michael Hogan <> Date: 28.08.2009 07:51 AM
Subject: RE: Dworkin and "Totalitarian" Heterosexuality

The article on Dworkin reminded me of this contrary view from the Neo-Marxist writer Theodor Adorno:

"Tough baby. There is a certain gesture of virility, be it one's own or someone else's, that calls for suspicion. It expresses independence, sureness of the power to command, the tacit complicity of all males. Earlier, this was called with awed respect the whim of the master; today it has been democratized, and film heroes show the most insignificant bank clerk how it is done. Its archetype is the handsome, dinner-jacketed figure returning late to his bachelor flat, switching on the indirect lighting and mixing himself a whiskey and soda: the carefully recorded hissing of the mineral water says what the arrogant mouth keeps to itself: that he despises anything that does not smell of smoke, leather and shaving cream, particularly women, which is why they, precisely, find him irresistible...(and) each glass of whiskey, each inhalation of cigar smoke, still recalls the repugnance that it cost the organism to become attuned to such strong stimuli, and this alone is registered as pleasure. He-men are thus, in their own constitution, what film plots usually present them to be, masochists. At the root of their sadism is a lie, and only as liars do they truly become sadists, agents of repression. This lie, however, is nothing other than repressed homosexuality presenting itself as the only approved form of heterosexuality ... Totalitarianism and homosexuality belong together. In its downfall the subject negates anything which is not of its own kind. The opposites of the strong man and the compliant youth merge in an order which asserts unalloyed the male principle of domination. In making all without exception, even its supposed subjects, its objects, this principle becomes totally passive, virtually feminine." Minima Moralia, pgs. 45-6

(8) "Born that way" theory - new Ex-Gay Website

"Born that way" theory

New Ex-Gay Website

Updated: 13 March 2008

Several successful reparative therapy "graduates" and others who have experienced profound change from a homosexual past have created a new website, (click on the web address to go directly to the site). The purpose of the site, according to its founders, is to tell their own personal stories and to describe what was (and what was not) helpful in the change process.

"There is so much 'noise' in the media about the impossibility of change," says Ben Newman, who helped initiate the site. "There is even the idea that talking about the possibility of change is tantamount to hate speech."

"So we've created the site to give hope to those who want to find their way out of homosexuality," he explained, "and to point out the way that worked for us." ...

An excerpt from the website:

"Gender-Affirmative Therapy" Can Help

Gay-affirmative therapy is supposed to be the "cure" for unwanted homosexual desires, according to gay activists and the major therapeutic associations (whose professional motto seems to be, "If we can't figure out how to fix it, it must not be broken"). The problem, they say, is not with the desires, but with the fact that they are unwanted.

But we didn't want to be affirmed as gay. We wanted to be affirmed as MEN.

Call it "gender-affirmative" therapy: learning to experience at last, in non-sexual ways, the masculine love and affirmation we had secretly longed for all our lives. In many ways, that is what those of us who sought out reparative therapy or inner-child therapy experienced.

Gay activists have lambasted and politicized reparative or sexual re-orientation therapy and persuaded the major therapeutic professional associations, out of political correctness, to vilify and condemn it. Deliberate mis-characterizations of reparative therapy abound.

But those of us who went through reparative therapy found it to be a deeply healing experience. It helped bring us out of shame. It helped us release anger. It helped us heal lifelong hurts and emotional wounds. It taught us how to "repair" childhood yearnings for male affirmation and acceptance by fulfilling them, often with new heterosexual male friends and mentor-father figures, instead of repressing them. Instead of focusing on our sexual orientation, reparative therapy focused on healing with other men (especially our fathers and peers) and with ourselves as men.

As the clients, we directed the therapy. We were never coerced. We were never shamed. (And we certainly never received electric shocks, as some myths claim!) And because good reparative therapists act more as a compassionate mentor than an aloof, disinterested professional, we began to learn to trust men and overcome our defensive detachment from them, sometimes for the first time in our lives...

So what could be so wrong with such healing reparative therapy? Only that it is politically incorrect in today's society for someone who experiences homosexual urges to not want to be gay.

But we are not talking about politics. We are talking about our very lives, and our freedom to heal. "Going straight" is not a hate crime. For us, it is an affirmation of our true identity as men. ==

Library Asked To Stock 'Ex-Gay' Literature

Date: 11-Aug-2009

A Wisconsin library which was attacked earlier this year for stocking a book about a gay teenager, has now come under fire from an ex-gay group which says it is “discriminatory” for not stocking books by ex-gay authors.

In June, the Christian Civil Liberties Union attacked the West Bend library for stocking Francesca Lia Block’s Babe Be-Bop, a novel aimed at young adults.  In the novel the protagonist, Dirk, struggles to come to terms with his identity and is beaten up by a group of homophobic men.

Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) is saying that “material written by ex-gays or with a heterosexual slant has been ignored” by the library while books with a positive outlook on homosexuality are welcomed.

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