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127 Gaza children's court jails Abbas for life

(1) Gaza children's court jails Abbas for life
(2) Lasse Wilhelmson attacked by Swedish Trots & Zionists
(3) Waning love between American Jews and Israel
(4) Alan Dershowitz's "fraud, falsification, plagiarism" - Norman Finkelstein
(5) At least 139 of the Forbes 400 are Jewish

(1) Gaza children's court jails Abbas for life

From: Henry Norr <>  Date: 13.10.2009 05:27 PM

Published today (updated) 12/10/2009 21:40

Gaza – Ma'an – A children's mock court in Gaza sentenced President Mahmoud Abbas to life in prison and removed him from office for the crime of delaying international action on a United Nations report on war crimes.

This latest expression of public outrage at Abbas was staged by the Palestinian Child Parliament, an organization said to be linked to Hamas.

In early October Abbas’ envoy withdrew a motion from the UN Human Rights Council calling for further action on Judge Richard Goldstone’s report on Israel’s winter assault on Gaza which left more than 1,400 Palestinians dead. Palestinians have been outraged over the decision.

During the mock trial a child acting as “prosecutor” in the trial said Abbas was charged under Palestinian law with the crime of “high treason to the Palestinian people’s interests” under the Palestinian Basic Law and the Penal Code.

“Abbas insisted on withdrawing the resolution, despite support from 33 countries for report and this would clearly condemn Israel," the prosecutor said.

A child play the role of Abbas said little in his own defense.

Also offering testimony was the Pakistani delegate to the UN in Geneva, and also Ibrahim Khreisheh the Palestinian envoy, who said he had only followed orders.

"I engaged in a series negotiations to strengthen the support for the report. Moments before the vote [Chief Negotiator] Saeb Erekat phoned me and asked me, in a formal request, to postpone consideration of the report on orders from President Abbas,” Khreisheh testified.

“I was shocked and asked him a book written by the President and to you a copy of the fax I received from the president’s office in Ramallah. I will not be a scapegoat," he added.

The judge then heard arguments from human rights organizations who explained their efforts to compile and propose the report, and their shock when it was withdrawn from the Human Rights Council.

Finally a young girl testified on behalf of children who lost their arms and legs to the Israeli attack. She said she considered Abbas’ actions to be a “knife in the back” of the wars victims.

(2) Lasse Wilhelmson attacked by Swedish Trots & Zionists

{"Anti-Fascists" is the new name Trots call themselves}

From: Israel Shamir <> Date: 13.10.2009 12:31 AM

Our friend Lasse Wilhelmson, a long-time activist of the struggle for Palestine, became so marginalised that it aches. Now, on the Day of Jerusalem (El Kuds Day) he and his friend Mohammed Omar were attacked by a weird coalition of (1) Jewish antisionists, (2) antifascists, (3) exile Iranians-against-Ahmadinejad. Read his story in order to understand this most unusual combination of factors:

When I arrived in Sergels torg (Sergel’s Plaza) there was an ongoing manifestation against the current regime of Iran. The manifestation was dominated by exile Iranians and Iranian flags carrying the symbol of the Shah, and members of the Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI) who handed out leaflets.

There were many Swedes who sold the Trotskyist newspaper Internationalen, and different autonomous, anarchist and syndicalist groups in their characteristic clothing. I recognized leading persons from Palestinagruppperna (PGS) (Solidarity Movement for Palestine) and from ISM (International Solidarity Movement) in Sweden. Both organizations had denounced the Al Quds Day manifestation and urged all friends of Palestine not to take part on the grounds that the speakers, namely Mohamed Omar and Lasse Wilhelmson, had made “statements” that they were unable to support. They did not specify what those “statements” where. There were also Jewish Zionists familiar to me (the Zionist Jonathan Leman from eXpo (a Swedish anti-racist magazine) and SKMA (The Swedish Committee Against Antisemitism (Swedish: Svenska Kommittén Mot Antisemitism)) with his camera crew) who photographed the demonstrators for future identification. The groups mentioned stayed behind in order to protest against the ensuing Al Quds manifestation.

I arrived in Sergels torg on the “wrong” side, i.e. above the large and wide stairs towards Åhlen’s. Before I could walk around to the other side, where the speeches where to be made, a handful of young persons from ISM and possibly from the Swedish AFA (Anti Fascist Action) spotted me. They of course know who I am and what I look like. The biggest and most aggressive of them badmouthed me, violently pushed me and wrestled me down on the street. The others helped to squash the placards that I had brought with me. The placards said “Free Palestine”, “Boycott Israel”, “Shut down Israel”, “Long Live Hezbollah and Hamas”, “Warsaw and Gaza” (in a cross, in Swedish; ”Warszawa och Gaza”, with the Z as the common letter), “Zionism” (crossed over), “No to USrael’s War Politics – Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq, Somalia, the same occupation” and “Al Quds Jerusalem Day”.

I called for help from bystanders and especially one middle-aged Palestinian man resolutely and successfully interfered in my defense, but also a younger person. A band of boys in their lower teens discovered what was said on the placards, informed me that they where Palestinians, and that they wanted to “beat up” the hoodlums and asked me who they where. But I managed to dissuade this arguing that there were some really big guys there. They where, however, rather touching and warmed my old heart.

Shora Ismail (Andreas Malm’s woman), who has for a long time been a leading person within ISM in Sweden and who is of Iranian family background, afterwards approached me when I was collecting the remains of my plackards. She said that “[people] such as yourself should not be allowed here” (I recognize her very well since many years and we have also previously worked together in the Boycott Israel Network, and taken part in public debates). Then she walked over to the person who had jumped on me – I know him from before, he was standing four meters away – and gave him a hug and kisses on his cheek. Shora later took part in the counterdemonstration.

I wasn’t hurt but I filed a police report on the assault and the infliction of damage, on the prompting of a police officer who overheard me telling the organizers what had happened to me. I did this because the organizers asked me what had happened to my placards as they were broken. The officer explained that this was important in principle since what had happened had political motives and can be viewed as a hate crime, which is an aggravating circumstance.

The counterdemonstrators threw eggs and fruit even at women and children.

The counterdemonstrators were about 500 – somewhat more numerous than us. They had gathered in the wide stairs and on the “balcony” above the plaza, which was physically sealed off by a long line of police vehicles and by plastic ribbon fencing. They were chanting slogans against Islam and Arabs, so that it was difficult to hear our speeches. They even threw eggs and fruit at women and children, who were about half of the demonstrators.

The majority of the demonstrators where Muslim Arabs. Even so, the Al Quds manifestation was conducted as planned. Palestinian youths led the speech choirs.

I must confess that it was a rather strange experience to watch people from the organization for Palestinian solidarity in Sweden, and from the ISM and assorted leftists – who call themselves friends of the Palestinians –, together with Marxist and royalist Iranians hostile to the Islamic Republic disturbing a solemn manifestation for Palestine and booing when we chanted “Boycott Israel” and “Free Palestine”. What happened here will surely have far-reaching consequences for the anti-imperialistic work in Sweden, and especially for the solidarity work for the Palestinians.

It is only on the Al Quds Day that anti-Zionist manifestations are arranged in Sweden in support of Palestine, and so it is since several decades. On all other prior occasions the Zionist organization Jews for Israeli-Palestinian Peace Sweden (JIPF) has been allowed to control the main slogans which therefore never have included the most basic demand of the Palestinians evicted in Al Nakba, namely their inalienable right to return — which the UN made a condition of its decision to grant Israel membership in 1948.

PS1 I wish to express my sincere gratitude to those people who assisted me when I was attacked and I feel great happiness and honour to have been allowed to be one of the two main speakers at the Al Quds Day manifestation in Stockholm in 2009. I will never forget the tears flowing down the old Palestinian man’s face when he embraced me and thanked me for my speech. He told me how he had personally experienced al-Nakba 1948.

(3) Waning love between American Jews and Israel
From: leo schmit <>  Date: 13.10.2009 09:35 PM

> Web helps U.S. Jews lose that loving feeling, says historian

Re ‘that loving feeling’ (Ahren)

The need to maintain or restore American Jewish bonds with Israel would look quite ridiculous in the case of the American Poles, Germans, Scandinavians, Ukrainians, Italians and Dutch, to name a few, although the Irish may be an exception. 

This is how it would look for the Dutch (names and references fictional, except for Caldwell and HVV)*:

Waning love between American Dutch and the Netherlands - because HVV opens their eyes

“Since the advent of the Internet and exposure to more critical coverage of the Netherlands, the once-utopian view Dutch Americans held of their dyke-building ancestors and brothers has eroded, according to Theodore Elten, who sees himself as custodian of American Dutch history, Dutch costumes, Dutch bakery, Dutch dykes and Dutch frugality in the USA. Elten, founder of the Dutch Dyke Warden network, is currently on leave in the country of his ancestors to document the heroic struggle of the Dutch against their thousand years old enemy, the sea. ‘In fact the Dutch are between the anvil and the hammer’, he says, ‘being threatened by Islamic hordes aiming to drive them into the sea and by a rising sea ready to overtake their land’. 

In an article titled ‘Clear, Hold and Build’ released this week on the author’s Website, Elten quotes sociologist Hans Holland, who recently warned of "a growing distancing from the Netherlands of American Dutch." Elten, 59,  argues that while this trend is worrisome, another sociologist, Klaas Dijkgraaf, believes American-Dutch love for the Netherlands is not vanishing but transforming. Indeed this transformation does not only affect the American-Dutch-Dutch relationship but their entire relationship with Europe. Quoting Christopher Caldwell of the Weekly Standard who fear Europe will succumb to the green peril within the next generation, Dijkgraaf sees as the root problem the tendency of the Dutch to indulge in a dangerous mix of irresponsive hedonism and relativism in the face of an ‘anchored, self-confident enemy strengthened by a common doctrine’ that is ready to overtake their fertile pastures and put holes in their dykes.

Dijkgraaf maintains that what we have today is not as much tension between American Dutchry and the Netherlands, but American Dutch reflecting some of the same opposition [to Dutch policies] that you find in the Netherlands. Indeed, many of them are reading Dutch Web sites and are influenced by them," Elten told ‘The Dykewarden’ during a walking interview over the 32 kilometer long Dutch ‘Afsluitdijk’. He referred specifically to Het Vrije Volk (HVV) which he says often publishes articles critical of Dutch policies and attitudes.

"The Internet has made it possible for multiple voices to be heard," Elten said. He says that in the days when their sole source of news was the local Dutch paper in which their Dutch bakery was wrapped, the "Dutch of America spoke with one voice, mainly [belonging to] the Conference of Presidents of Major Dutch organizations - which basically followed the Dutch government's line." Aware today of the full range of views expressed in the Netherlands, he says American Dutch no longer buy into the notion that "in the Netherlands we're critical but out of the Netherlands we're supportive."

Until recently, American Dutch grew up with a utopian notion of the Netherlands, Elten  says. "Everybody was happy, people were rebuilding their country and fighting against the sea, people were in some ways more equal and egalitarian," he recalled of his own education. "The Netherlands was going to be that Little America in Europe, a country that shared the same values, a true commonwealth. The Netherlands was like America, only smaller."

Yet over time, American Dutch discovered their idealized perception of the Netherlands was at odds with reality, seeing, for example, the lack of a true separation of church and state and the danger of creeping multi-culturalism. "Gradually the utopian vision that had so exited the community was transformed into a more realistic Holland," Elten said.

Elten said the key to repairing the relationship between Dutch in America and the Netherlands lies in education. "Once upon a time the Dutch felt responsible for and related to one another. This feeling of "Oranje [Dutch devotion to their German Queen) has greatly declined. That a Dutchman in America should feel the pain of a Dutchman in the Netherlands who is on the brink of succumbing to the green peril - is strange to some American Dutch. There is a lot of evidence that roughly half of American Dutch don't quite feel the same sense of connectedness to all Dutch that once they did." (note LS: this may also be due to the lack of dykes in America, as is evidenced from the New Orleans disaster)

If the concept of "Oranje" were more emphasized in American Dutch schools, Elten said, it would be much easier to communicate the idea that Dutch Dutchmen and American Dutch are brothers and children of the same queen and therefore it is beneficial to support the one another. The Dutch Dyke Wardens have a special role in this endeavor, Elten added.

He believes that Dyke Wardens who oppose Dutch policies can "help their relatives and friends in America to understand why they still love the Netherlands, why they remain in the Netherlands, why they fight for the Netherlands in Afghanistan , notwithstanding their dissent. After all, American Dutch often dissent from the policy of their government and still love America."

*** On HVV and the green peril perhaps another note later.

(4) Alan Dershowitz's "fraud, falsification, plagiarism" - Norman Finkelstein

From: ReporterNotebook <>  Date: 13.10.2009 01:55 AM

Dershowitz–Finkelstein affair

The Dershowitz-Finkelstein affair was a public controversy involving academics Alan Dershowitz and Norman Finkelstein and their scholarship on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict in 2005.

Shortly after the publication of the book The Case for Israel, by Alan Dershowitz, Norman Finkelstein alleged that it was "a collection of fraud, falsification, plagiarism and nonsense".[1]Finkelstein charged that Dershowitz had engaged in plagiarism in his use of Joan Peters' bookFrom Time Immemorial.[2] Finkelstein expanded his claims in a book entitled Beyond Chutzpahand has received support from some other academics.

Finkelstein argued in a letter to the Harvard Crimson published on October 3, 2003, that Dershowitz reproduced exactly two of Peters' mistakes, and made one relevant mistake of his own.[21] In quoting Mark Twain, Finkelstein argued, "Dershowitz cites two paragraphs from Twain as continuous text, just as Peters cites them as continuous text, but in Twain’s book the two paragraphs are separated by 87 pages."[21] While still quoting Twain, although Dershowitz cited a different edition of Twain's Innocents Abroad than Joan Peters cites, Finkelstein continues, "the relevant quotes do not appear on these pages in the edition of Twain’s book that Dershowitz cites." Finkelstein points out that these quotations do, however, appear on the pages that Joan Peters cites for her edition of Innocents Abroad. Finkelstein asserted: "Quoting a statement depicting the miserable fate of Jews in mid-19th century Jerusalem, Peters cites a British consular letter from 'Wm. T. Young to Viscount Canning.' Dershowitz cites the same statement as Peters, reporting that Young 'attributed the plight of the Jew in Jerusalem' to pervasive anti-Semitism. Turning to the original, however, we find that the relevant statement did not come from Young but, as is unmistakably clear to anyone who actually consulted the original, from an enclosed memorandum written by an 'A. Benisch' that Young was forwarding to Canning." He concluded: "It would be impossible for anyone who checked the original source[s] to make th[ese] error[s]."[21]

Comment (Peter M.):

Dershowitz, not a man to be exposed lightly, subsequently had Finbkelstein removed from his job.

(5) At least 139 of the Forbes 400 are Jewish

From: IHR News <> Date: 10.10.2009 09:00 AM

At Least 139 of Forbes 400 Richest Americans Are Jewish

Jewish Telegraphic Agency

By Jacob Berkman · October 5, 2009

I've spent the past couple of days buried in Google, going through Forbes' recently released list of the country's 400 richest citizens and trying to figure out who is Jewish.

This list is by no means an exact science. But those who we considered Jewish were those who were of Jewish descent or those who openly identified as Jews either personally or in thier giving. There are a number of folks on this list below that we were unsure about, and they are denoted with asterisks.

Some quick stats: We are reasonably certain that 139 of the richest 400 Americans are Jewish, including 20 of the richest 50. Those top 20 control some $211.8 billion in personal wealth.

Those of particular interest: Sheldon Adelson continued his drop on this list. After being ranked the third wealthiest American in 2007, and publicly stating that he wanted to overtake Warren Buffet, who was then ranked second on the Forbes 400, Adelson watched his personal wealth drop by $13 billion in 2007, then another $4 billion for this ranking.

The Google guys, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, both moved up a couple of slots on the Forbes list, from 13 and 14 respectively to a tie for 11 this year. But both saw their wealth drop a bit. Brin was worth $15.9 billion last year and is now worth $15.3. Page droppd from $15.8 billion to $15.3. The richest American Jew, Larry Ellison, saw his wealth and his spot on this liest stay level, while our second wealthiest member, Michael Bloomberg, managed to lose $2.5 billion but maintian his spot at number 8 on this list.

According to Forbes, some of the names that the Jewish philanthropy world knows best had rough years.

Lynn Schusterman's Samson Resources lost $1 billion over the past year, according to Forbes, but Schusterman is still worth $1.5 billion and 236 on the Forbes list.

Edgar Bronfman is ranked 123 on the Forbes list with assets of $2.5 billion, while his brother, Charles Bronfman is not on the list. Last year, the 400th ranked American had $1.3 billion in assets. This year the lowest ranked on the list has $960 million.

Here is the list of Jewish entries that I culled from the Forbes list. The lists includes where they rank on the  Jewish list, followed by their rank on the general Forbes list, their net wealth in millions of dollars, followed by their age, location and the source of their wealth. This is just the Forbes list with the rest of the names deleated. (Click here for Forbes complete list, which includes short bios. If you see anyone who we missed, please let us know, and if you see anyone on here eroneously, again, please let us know.)

Over the coming months, we'll be taking a deeper look at how each of these people give their money away.

Here's the list:
1. 3 Lawrence Ellison 27,000 65 Redwood City Oracle
2. 8 Michael Bloomberg 17,500 67 New York Bloomberg
3. 11 Sergey Brin 15,300 36 Palo Alto Google
4. 11 Larry Page 15,300 36 San Francisco Google
5. 13 Michael Dell 14,500 44 Austin Dell
6. 14 Steven Ballmer 13,300 53 Seattle Microsoft
7. 15 George Soros 13,000 79 Westchester hedge funds
8. 16 Donald Bren 12,000 77 Newport Beach real estate – father is jewish
9. 22 Carl Icahn 10,500 73 New York leveraged buyouts
10. 23 Ronald Perelman 10,000 66 New York leveraged buyouts
11. 24 George B. Kaiser 9,500 67 Tulsa oil & gas, banking
12. 26 Sheldon Adelson 9,000 76 Las Vegas casinos, hotels
13. 29 James Simons 8,500 71 East Setauket hedge funds
14. 36 Steven Cohen 6,400 53 Greenwich hedge funds
15. 42 Eli Broad 5,400 76 Los Angeles investments
16. 44 Len Blavatnik 5,000 52 London Access Industries
17. 44 David Geffen 5,000 66 Malibu movies, music
18. 44 Ira Rennert 5,000 75 New York investments
19. 49 Charles Ergen 4,900 56 Denver EchoStar **
20. 50 Stephen Schwarzman 4,700 62 New York investments
21. 52 Samuel I. (Si) Newhouse Jr. 4,500 81 New York publishing
22. 56 Micky Arison 4,300 60 Bal Harbour Carnival Cruises
23. 61 Ralph Lauren 4,200 70 New York fashion
24. 65 Lester Crown & family 4,000 84 Wilmette investments
25. 65 Richard LeFrak & family 4,000 64 New York real estate
26. 65 Donald Newhouse 4,000 79 Somerset County publishing
27. 65 Daniel Ziff 4,000 37 New York inheritance, hedge funds
28. 65 Dirk Ziff 4,000 45 New York inheritance, hedge funds
29. 65 Robert Ziff 4,000 43 New York inheritance, hedge funds
30. 77 Henry Kravis 3,800 65 New York leveraged buyouts
31. 77 Paul Milstein & family 3,800 87 New York Emigrant, real estate
32. 77 Samuel Zell 3,800 68 Chicago real estate, private equity
33. 84 Leonard N. Stern 3,600 71 New York real estate
34. 85 Stanley Druckenmiller 3,500 56 Pittsburgh hedge funds
35. 85 Bruce Kovner 3,500 64 New York hedge funds
36. 85 George Roberts 3,500 66 San Francisco leveraged buyouts
37. 97 Riley P. Bechtel 3,000 57 San Francisco engineering, construction**
38. 97 Stephen D. Bechtel Jr. 3,000 84 San Francisco engineering, construction**
39. 97 Leonard Lauder 3,000 76 New York Estee Lauder
40. 97 Theodore Lerner 3,000 84 Washington real estate
41. 97 Steven Spielberg 3,000 62 Pacific Palisades movies
42. 97 Warren Stephens 3,000 52 Little Rock Stephens Inc. **
43. 97 David Tepper 3,000 52 Milburn hedge funds
44. 110 Stephen Ross 2,900 69 New York real estate
45. 113 Daniel Och 2,800 48 New York hedge funds
46. 113 Haim Saban 2,800 65 Beverly Hills television
47. 118 Joan Tisch 2,600 83 New York Loews
48. 123 Edgar M. Bronfman 2,500 80 New York liquor
49. 123 Ronald Lauder 2,500 65 New York Estee Lauder
50. 123 Mitchell Rales 2,500 53 Washington Danaher Corp **
51. 123 Steven Rales 2,500 58 Washington Danaher Corp **
52. 123 David Rubenstein 2,500 60 Bethesda leveraged buyouts
53. 139 Mark Cuban 2,400 51 Dallas
54. 139 Malcolm Glazer & family 2,400 81 Palm Beach sports teams, real estate
55. 141 Steve Wynn 2,300 67 Las Vegas casinos, hotels **
56. 147 Tom Gores 2,200 45 Beverly Hills leveraged buyouts
57. 147 Bruce Wasserstein 2,200 61 New York Wasserstein Perella, Lazard
58. 158 Nicolas Berggruen 2,000 48 New York Investments
59. 158 Leon Black 2,000 58 New York leveraged buyouts
60. 158 William Gross 2,000 65 Laguna Beach bonds **
61. 158 Michael Milken 2,000 63 Los Angeles investments
62. 158 Sumner Redstone 2,000 86 Beverly Hills Viacom
63. 158 Leslie Wexner 2,000 72 New Albany Limited Brands
64. 158 Mark Zuckerberg 2,000 25 Palo Alto Facebook
65. 183 Stewart Rahr 1,950 63 New York Kinray
66. 193 Alan Casden 1,850 63 Beverly Hills real estate
67. 196 Thomas Pritzker 1,800 59 Chicago hotels, investments
68. 196 Jerry Speyer 1,800 69 New York real estate
69. 204 Israel Englander 1,700 61 New York hedge funds
70. 204 Penny Pritzker 1,700 50 Chicago hotels, investments
71. 204 Sheldon Solow 1,700 81 New York real estate
72. 212 Robert Friedland 1,650 59 Singapore mining
73. 212 Henry Samueli 1,650 55 Newport Beach Broadcom
74. 220 Thomas Friedkin 1,600 74 Houston Gulf States Toyota
75. 220 Alec Gores 1,600 56 Beverly Hills leveraged buyouts
76. 220 Irwin Jacobs 1,600 76 La Jolla Qualcomm
77. 220 Anthony Pritzker 1,600 48 Los Angeles hotels, investments
78. 220 Jay Robert Pritzker 1,600 44 Evanston hotels, investments
79. 230 John Morgridge 1,550 76 Portola Valley Cisco ** (NETA with Jewish Agency)
80. 230 Isaac Perlmutter 1,550 67 Palm Beach Marvel
81. 230 Wilma Tisch 1,550 82 New York Loews
82. 236 Neil Bluhm 1,500 71 Chicago real estate
83. 236 Robert Kraft 1,500 68 Brookline New England Patriots
84. 236 Stephen Mandel 1,500 53 Greenwich hedge funds
85. 236 Daniel Pritzker 1,500 50 Marin County hotels, investments
86. 236 James Pritzker 1,500 58 Chicago hotels, investments
87. 236 Jean (Gigi) Pritzker 1,500 47 Chicago hotels, investments
88. 236 John Pritzker 1,500 56 San Francisco hotels, investments
89. 236 Karen Pritzker 1,500 51 New Haven hotels, investments
90. 236 Linda Pritzker 1,500 55 St. Ignatius hotels, investments
91. 236 Marc Rich 1,500 74 Meggen commodities
92. 236 Lynn Schusterman 1,500 70 Tulsa oil & gas, investments
93. 236 John Sperling 1,500 88 Phoenix Apollo Group
94. 236 Mortimer Zuckerman 1,500 72 New York real estate, media
95. 272 George Lindemann & family 1,450 73 Palm Beach investments
96. 272 Bernard Marcus 1,450 80 Atlanta Home Depot
97. 277 S. Daniel Abraham 1,400 85 Palm Beach Slim-Fast
98. 277 John Arrillaga 1,400 72 Palo Alto real estate
99. 277 Alfred Mann 1,400 83 Los Angeles medical devices
100. 277 Michael Moritz 1,400 55 Mountain View venture capital
101. 277 Michael Price 1,400 57 Far Hills investments
102. 277 Tamir Sapir 1,400 62 New York real estate
103. 277 Alfred Taubman 1,400 85 Bloomfield Hills real estate
104. 289 Ken Fisher 1,350 58 Woodside Money management **
105. 289 David Gottesman 1,350 83 Rye investments
106. 289 Marc Lasry 1,350 49 New York hedge funds (92nd Street Y)
107. 296 Edmund Ansin 1,300 73 Miami Sunbeam Broadcasting
108. 296 Ron Baron 1,300 66 New York money management
109. 296 Leon Charney 1,300 68 New York Real estate
110. 296 Glenn Dubin 1,300 52 New York hedge funds
111. 296 Donald Fisher 1,300 81 San Francisco Gap
112. 296 Doris Fisher 1,300 78 San Francisco Gap
113. 296 Jeremy Jacobs Sr. 1,300 69 East Aurora sports concessions
114. 296 Gary Michelson 1,300 60 Los Angeles medical patents
115. 317 Arthur Blank 1,250 67 Atlanta Home Depot
116. 317 Jeffrey Greene 1,250 54 Miami Beach real estate, investments
117. 317 Thomas H. Lee 1,250 65 New York leveraged buyouts
118. 317 Herbert Simon 1,250 74 Indianapolis real estate
119. 317 Peter Sperling 1,250 49 Phoenix Apollo Group
120. 326 John E. Abele 1,200 72 Shelburne healthcare **
121. 326 Norman Braman 1,200 77 Miami art, car dealerships
122. 326 John Fisher 1,200 48 San Francisco Gap
123. 326 Nicholas Pritzker 1,200 65 Chicago hotels, investments
124. 326 Alexander Rovt 1,200 57 Brooklyn fertilizer
125. 326 Margaret Whitman 1,200 53 Atherton Ebay
126. 341 Leon Cooperman 1,150 66 Short Hills hedge funds
127. 341 Barry Diller 1,150 67 New York IAC/InterActiveCorp
128. 341 Joseph Mansueto 1,150 53 Chicago Morningstar **
129. 347 Marc Benioff 1,100 45 San Francisco
130. 347 A. James Clark 1,100 81 Easton Construction **
131. 347 Robert Fisher 1,100 56 San Francisco Gap
132. 347 Alan Gerry 1,100 80 Liberty cable television**
133. 347 James Irsay 1,100 50 Carmel Indianapolis Colts (Father, Bob was Jewish)
134. 347 Michael Krasny 1,100 56 Highland Park CDW Corp 3
135. 347 Daniel Snyder 1,100 44 Potomac Washington Redskins
136. 347 Henry Swieca 1,100 52 New York hedge funds
137. 366 Peter Lewis 1,050 75 Coconut Grove Progressive Corp
138. 366 Nelson Peltz 1,050 67 Bedford Investments
139. 371 William Fisher 1,000 52 San Francisco Gap
140. 371 Pincus Green 1,000 74 Jerusalem commodities
141. 371 Jeffry Picower 1,000 67 Palm Beach investments
142. 371 Steven Schonfeld 1,000 50 Westbury Proprietary Trading
143. 371 Walter Shorenstein & family 1,000 94 San Francisco real estate
144. 371 Evgeny (Eugene) Shvidler 1,000 45 London Millhouse LLC
145. 371 Charles Zegar 1,000 61 New York Bloomberg LP
146.  394 Jeffrey Lurie 980 58 Haverford Philadelphia Eagles
147. 396 Nancy Lerner 960 49 Cleveland inheritance
148. 396 Norma Lerner 960 73 Cleveland inheritance
149.  396 Randolph Lerner 960 47 Cleveland inheritance

Thanks to Gil Shefler for helping with the research.

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