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144 McDonald's, KFC and Pizza Hut agree to stop targeting kids

(1) Niki spells out her policies: how she'd run things if she was in a position of power
(2) McDonald's, KFC and Pizza Hut agree to stop targeting kids
(3) Communitarianism is impossible - because Internationalism can't defeat Nationalism
(4) We need a more Communitarian approach
(5) & (6) Climate chief Lord Stern: give up meat to save the planet
(7) Communism, one-world government and the climate

(1) Niki spells out her policies: how she'd run things if she was in a position of power

From: Niki Raapana <> Date: 29.10.2009 04:51 AM

Dear Peter,

> What ARE your policies ... how you'd run things ...
> It's time to Come Out.

At first I was going to explain to you that as an American I don't have any policies or plans for what I'd do if I was running my country. I have no desire to take on that job and most average Americans like me don't think in your sociological terms. But then I thought about it and wondered what I would do if I were somehow thrown into a position where Americans would ask me to lead them. This will never happen, but okay, I'll bite. Here's what I would do if I were running my country after my countrymen elected me:

What I would do if I were "running the country"

I would ask the duly elected representatives in our state legislatures to examine my charges against the communitarians during open, public hearings. I would ask them to vote for or against communitarianism. If 3/4 of our state legislatures vote against me and instead agree to ammend the US Constitution in favor of communitarianism, I would retire from public life, and immigrate.

If I'm still in "power" after the states decide to keep me as their temporary "emergency" leader, and nobody's assassinated me yet,

The first act of my public office would be to acknowledge the declaration of WAR against the United States by international communitarians.

I would declare null and void all US policy that places communitarian law over US constitutional law. If the communitarians resist our restoring the legitimate legal order, the ensuing bloodbath would be horrendous, and is to be avoided as much as possible, I agree, but actually fighting in this war is of vital importance and necessary for the future general welfare of our nation. Indeed, if we do not fight now, we will forever lose our children's rights to life, liberty and property.

I would void ALL international trade and security agreements that place communitarian law over US constitutional Law and restore the legitimate rule of law to the American people.

I'd put out arrest warrants upon every Americans suspected of implementing communitarianism in these United States to be tried in new American courts adhering to ONLY Constitutional law.

If I was granted the kinds of powers Peter Myers seems to think a president (or King) should have, I might go even further with my plans for restoring legitimacy here. Given the green light by my countrymen to pursue the communitarians until they are purged from our shores,

I would void any law enforcement authority bestowed upon government agencies or departments that adopted communitarian visions for achieving sustainable development.

I would restore separation of powers, as per constitutional requirements, right after the states replace every seditious congressional representative who clings to communitarian rule of law

I would forbid the continuance of American military/CIA covert operations in foreign nations.

I would withdraw US membership from the communitarian United Nations. I would revoke US support for the communitarian Earth Charter.

I would void every communitarian UN Local Agenda 21 Plan active in the United States.

I would dismantle the communitarian banking cartel starting with abolishing the Internal Revenue Service.

I'd freeze the federal budget and cancel every financial agreement tied to Wall Street.

I would ask the states for the money to hire 100 small town accountants (two from each state) to balance our federal budget, release the report to the public and ask them to suggest innovative, legal ways to quit using the communitarian's Federal Reserve Notes as our currency.

Yes, I would crash American participation in the world "free" market and bring the whole British Rothschild financial scam to a screeching halt. The pain and misery it would cause would be nothing compared to the death and destruction we will experience if we do nothing to stop them.

I would replace the Feds money with new American currency backed by gold, silver, copper, US oil and gas reserves, or any other tangible commodity available in the USA. I'd make every assurance that we as a nation will uphold our nation's legitimate debts to every nation and private contractor that can extablish evidence theirs was not a communitarian agreement with the now banished American communitarian traitors.

I would redesign the communitarians' 1992 Rebuilding America plan using the textbooks describing the American System of Political Economy as guides. I would outlaw any programs based in dialectical materialism or dialectical idealism. We would proceeed by way of observation and not by the communitarian way of illusion.

I would call out the state militias and deputize every law abiding citizen in the country who swears to uphold the constitution of their states. I would assign professional soldiers and private mercenaries to assist in building the militias into a well organized units prepared to protect American borders and homes from communitarian terrorists, both foreign and domestic.

I would end the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and pull our troops out of every other foreign conflict that involves ANY collaboration with communitarians from Israel or Great Britian.

I would cease the War on Terror, both domestically and overseas. I would command our Armed Forces personell in combat zones to make plans to return home in 90 days. I would ask them to search their hearts for what's right and just, and to remember what they swore to defend and uphold. I would plead to them to do their part in healing the terrible rift the communitarians have caused using our country's strength and bravery. I would ask our soldiers to become our emmisaries of real peace by buying all their goods from local merchants wherever they're stationed, to help establish a firm, friendly trading foundation for their children's future, while under command to shoot anyone who continues to take up arms against them.

I would issue the final above directive to every American who, under their constitutions, is required to participate in their own defense. I would also run this drastic idea past every loyal American military professional under my command. I would need moral men capable of taking on the challenge of making my last ditch effort plan work.

I would quit NATO. I would not allow our nation to depend on NATO for assistance in any disaster. No foreign troops would be allowed on American soil, every country with troops staioned in the US would have 30 days to pull every last one out. The only Rapid Defense we need right now is aganst the communitarians.

I would make sure FEMA is fired for their role in Katrina. Using the same power, I would delete The Department of Homeland Security and DARPA from legitimate government operations. We need professional Americans to take back the reigns of American government. All legitimate law enfocrcement programs at the local and state levels would be returned to lawfully elected local law enforcement personel. The FBI would be encouraged to mend their ways. I'd open a new investigation into 9/11, Waco, and Oklahoma under the judicial direction of rank and file professional and volunteer American firefighters and demolition experts.

I would cancel all government no-bid contracts and sever all financial ties to the state of Israel. Americans caught sending money to Israel would be deported to Russia.

I would impose ridiculously high National Tariffs on all foreign imports; Chinese, and all other communist made goods would be stamped MADE by SLAVE LABOR.

I would remove all federal taxes from American made goods and eliminate bureaus and agencies that survive by extortion.

I would politely suggest Americans buy up all the goods they can from large scale, foreign made manufacturers because everything will be legal barter after the Fed collapses and the Tariffs are imposed. I would suggest Americans think of things they can learn to produce for themselves and their neighbors once the foreign goods left on American shelves or in the hands of local scalpers are insanely expensive. Our people will have to become self producing and completely self-sustaining before our nation is healthy and strong enough to re-enter the global market. We must recreate what our enemy Lenin complained was a solid equilibrium between agriculture and industry before we can begin importing foreign made goods again. Only after we are no longer weak and dependent (like only a British colony can be) can we allow foreign competition into US local markets.

I would revise the communitarian's call to "national and local service and volunteerism "and ask our people to volunteer 2 years or 4000 hours to helping their neighborhoods repair the damage communitarianism has wreacked on American towns, farms, forests, cities, rivers, and people from all races, religions and classes. It will require all of America to dismantle local Agenda 21 at the local levels. American hands-on collaboration with foreigners dismantling LA-21 and establishing a protected economy in their home countries would be encouraged and rewarded.

I would shut down, banish the members and confiscate the properties of all academic institutions, think tanks, civil society organizations, churches, law firms and NGOs registered to do buisness in the USA connected to the UN who introduced seditious communitarian programs into the USA, to be divided equally between every American state citizen who files for a piece of it.

I would dismantle the communitarian program called Community Oriented Policing and all it's branches, Fusion Centers, Mapping, Interdepartmental Information Gathering et. al.

I would empty the prisons of all victimless criminals, starting with marijuana possession, DUIs, and all communitarian driving regulations. I would restore 2nd Amendment rights to American men charged and convicted under the communitarian's Domestic Violence Act of 1995.

I would give orders for law abiding, armed Americans to detain for questioning any police officer who arrests law abiding Americans for communitarian crimes. I would ask the counties, boroughs and parishes to form republican citizen's courts operating under state constitutional laws to try, convict and sentence, if found guilty, any federal or state prosecutor in the country who continues to prosecute Americans for committing communitarian crimes.

I would recall all grants to communitarian environmental and earth stewardship agencies and cancel all communitarian based Conservation Land Ownership contracts.

I would open up all communitarian controlled lands to US state citizens for economic redevelopment, starting with National Parks designated as UN Heritage Sites. I would open all public lands to rebuilding new towns, organic farms, using the fresh water supply, homesteading, logging operations, hunting, fishing, mining and other natural resource extractions. I would put back the management of these lands and operations under elected state and local officials.

I would command the FBI to "bring in" Dr. Amitai Etzioni on charges of treason and sedition.

I would command the FBI to expand their investigation of "Mega," (the high ranking Israeli spy the FBI suspects of being in the White House), to include Dr.Amitai Etzioni.

I would tell all known associates and followers of Etzioni's to leave this country immediately or face criminal charges for conspiracy to overthrow the lawful government of the United States. This would eliminate the Clintons, the Bushes and Obama from the American political scene, which would put a big crimp in the Rothschilds' communitarian control in the US.

I would dismantle the entire communitarian system in the US, starting with public education and all the other communitarian programs used to dumb my country down.

Then I would think that's probably enough for my first week on the job. My next week's activities would be determined by American reaction to the first.

Comment (Peter M.):

That's more like it. This is the first time I've seen you say what should be done.

Before your email arrived, I was thinking of some "test cases" to put to you. One concerned MacDonalds and other "junk food" purveyors. They are causing obesity and diabetes type II. They are reaching into homes via ads on TV, enticing children to eat their junk instead of home-cooked meals. They are supplying toys to children, with the junk food, to get them to pressure their parents to keep coming back.

Before thse Fast Food chains became entrenched, people either ate at home, or ate at Cafes which were separate small businesses rather than Franchises of a big chain. Those Cafes were all different; they served more wholesome food, without the hype and the pressure of TV ads, and without roadside signs producing salivating Pavlovian reactions in those conditioned to eat this food.

Suppose that you took action against MacDonalds and the like, they would say that you were infringing their "individual rights" (and those of their customers). Their right to undermine your children; to reach into your house and appeal to your children over your head; to spread health problems like obesity and diabetes, leaving the public purse to foot the bill.

You may recall that George W. Bush signed a bill granting these Fast Food chains immunity from prosecution over the harm they've caused to individuals.

In your committment to the US Constitution, you spoke of the defence of individual rights. But what of cases where there's a conflict of rights - MacDonalds' "rights" vs the right of (dare I say it) Society?

You may recall that Margaret Thatcher said, "There is no such thing as Society". But I'm arguing that there's a Public Interest issue here: that MacDonalds are undermining the good of Society - the Common Good - and using the concept of "individual rights" in their defence.

The Communitarians you'd bring into line might also appeal to their "rights", and say they were protecting other "rights", namely the rights of Women, Gays, Children, threatened species etc.: a litany of "minorities". So, each side would appeal to "rights".

That's why I wanted you to go beyond abstract terms, to "Come Out". And you have, as a would-be Joan of Arc.

(2) McDonald's, KFC and Pizza Hut agree to stop targeting kids
Lara Sinclair | June 25, 2009,28124,25689435-36418,00.html

FAST food restaurants including McDonald's, KFC and Pizza Hut have signed up to new rules preventing them from advertising unhealthy food products to children aged under 14.

But the rules do not ban the use of premiums, or toys sold with food - a major complaint of parents' groups - as long as the food, not the toy, is the focus of the marketing.

Seven fast food chains _ also including Hungry Jack's, Oporto, Red Rooster and Chicken Treat _ have signed up to the rules, which state that any food or beverage advertising to children must be for healthy food, as determined by national nutritional guidelines, and must encourage a healthy lifestyle.

The fast food restaurants are nine months behind food companies, which last year announced a similar initiative.

The Australian Association of National Advertisers said the companies represented the majority of television fast food advertisers in Australia.

"It would be fair to say that between the Australian Food and Grocery Council initiative and this Quick Service Restaurants initiative we have a fairly comprehensive solution for the issues around responsible advertising of healthier food choices to children," AANA chief executive Scott McClennan said.

The move pre-empts a report from the federal government's Preventative Health Taskforce, due next week, that could go further and recommend bans on junk food advertising in popular children's and family television programs.

The taskforce was set up to find ways to reduce increasing child obesity rates and address associated lifetime health issues and treatment costs for obese or overweight adults.

The restaurants have banned the use of popular personalities and licensed characters to market unhealthy foods, but companies may still use characters they own to promote their brands.

The new rules appear to ban product advertising in schools, but they leave open the possibility when a school administration agrees or the marketing is associated with healthy lifestyle activities.

(3) Communitarianism is impossible - because Internationalism can't defeat Nationalism

From: Mark MacCuish <> Date: 29.10.2009 05:59 PM

I must say until I've read your recent topics on "Communitarianism" that I honestly have not heard the word.  Although, I do recognize that this is only a word for an ideology that has existed for centuries.  In contemporary times, this could be viewed similarly with Marxism or Trotskyism.

And to hear Mr. Clinton speak of such words!  It brings me to remember the Red Symphony "confession" in which it is revealed that the West's ideology is actually subjective Capitalism, but objective Communism.  This is the Marxist version of "Dialectic Materialism" in which thesis (Capitalism) and anti-thesis (Communism) are both subjugated by the synthesis -- which in this argument could be presented as "Communitarianism"

However, everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

Personally, I believe that Communitarianism is as impossible to achieve as world peace or world government (the latter of which would surely be needed in order for such an ideology to take hold in the world).

The reason why "Marxism" or "Communitarianism" or "Communism" or "World Socialism" is impossible to achieve? the reason is very simple: it has to do with a word called NATIONALISM.  Nationalism is the norm of human nature, human civilization and basic human collective instinct.  Nationalism has never been defeated, nore will it in any future world.  Yes, for the better part of the last hundred years, and even today, you see Nationalism threatened by it's enemy "Internationalism", however, the possibility of Internationalism ever defeating nationalism is so remote that I don't think I even have a reference to it....

Mark from Canada

(4) We need a more Communitarian approach

From: Iskandar Masih <> Date: 29.10.2009 06:33 PM

Libertarianism or any extreme individualism have been shown to be inadequate for the human condition. Our needs for a sense of belonging, security and identity are much more important.

Most of the modern ideologies, including nationalism, libertarianism and socialism and communism are founded firmly in an unrealistic utopian idealism, which has led to so much conflict, war and misery.

Political philosopher John Gray has been talking about the need for a communitarian liberalism for the past several years. He really makes a lot of sense. The multicultural and multi-valued world we life in today demands a more communitarian approach, without also neglecting to account for people's real need for autonomy. Gray calls for a more mature understanding, not limited by the catch-cries of yesterday, or projects for resurrecting any past ideals, but a thoughtful response to and acceptance of the realities of today.

Refer to almost any of Gray's books, particularly 'Endgames,' 'Enlightenment's Wake,' and 'False Dawn.'

(5) Climate chief Lord Stern: give up meat to save the planet

From: Howard Miller <>  Date: 28.10.2009 07:07 AM

> The idea that all grazing lands could be turned over to
> tillage agriculture could only come from a City-slicker.
> Anyone who has roamed the Australian rangelands, and
> similar arid lands in other countries, knows that crops
> cannot be grown in such places, because there's too little
> rain and the soil is too hard. ...

Thank you Peter, for the first sensible answer to the rabid geenies who have this deluded idea that returning to a vegetarian lifestyle that did not suit the Neanderthal tribes will solve the Planets wows.

The logic in their argument is shot to pieces when you visit a Woolworths Supermarket in Australia and actually read where a great deal of the "Fresh Fruit and vegetables", come from.

Grapes from the USA in controlled atmosphere containers at sea for months with refrigerators running day and night. Garlic from China that has been Gamma irradiated to control diseases not prevalent in Australia and kill the food value?. Oranges from California, (USA) again 14,000 klm sea voyage.( controlled atmosphere again) Prawns from Thailand.(snap frozen - no real food value?) Fish from New Zealand.(mostly snap frozen) Citrus Jam from Denmark (Marked" Woolworths Own") While Australian citrus growers pull out trees.

Need I go on ?? Read the labels on the produce, tins and bottles and get an unpleasant surprise? I would have to say, "Woolworths is perhaps unpatriotic, or perhaps anti-Australian. All of these rural products can be grown in Australia and the farmers are subsidized heavily in the country of origin.

What are are our Nation's Leaders doing?

So please explain to me, how the World can go vegetarian when, we, a first world nation with massive resources cannot feed our own population. Rural Australia and agriculture is in such massive decline because of the " Financial Robbers" in our, out of balance urban strips, ( 80% of our population live in the coastal strip) that I see a future where most of Australia's food needs are going to be sourced overseas, UNLESS the Nation's Leaders stop listening to the demands of women and the Green Lobby and force decentralization on the now urban based society we have developed in the last fifty years.

This urban based society has coincided with the rise in "Women's Rights", and it would be a very brave and fearless male who suggested these two might in some way be connected, BUT a warning does go out that some changes in society can lead to situations best decribed as "failed experiments". "Free love and drugs" springs to mind as an example.

We need to boost our rural population or starve to death, that is the bleak future. All this clap trap about poor services in rural areas is nothing else but blatant lies by greedy developers who want to squeeze more and more money out of home owners, because if they lived in country areas they might even grow some of their own food. Shock horror?? A good block of ground in most country towns in NSW, ranges from 25 to $55,000, not the $500,000+, we see in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth.

I am a proud red meat producer who lives in a rural area and in the face of the worst drought in the nations settled history, still manage to annually produce 6,000 kg of the best red meat in the world to a unappreciative market. To produce this 6,000 kg of red meat we have removed way in excess of 60,000 kg of carbon from the atmosphere and turned it into grass, more than 54,000 kg of a carbon based product is returned to the soil as manure, a natural process in nature, where is the problem with our "Carbon Cycle". This does not take into account the millions of kg of carbon that the property absorbs by tree shelter belts or simply allowing grasses to go through an annual cycle.

Ask some of these vegetarian urban dwellers how much carbon do you remove from the atmosphere each year.?

The answer most certainly will be in bright red which should be the colour of their faces, SHAME, SHAME.

In an earlier reply, I mentioned the LIARS, CHEATS and FRAUDS the Climate Change and Carbon debate would generate, I really dislike being a Prophet because all of these creeps have crawled out of hiding and now genuine good hearted people are faced with a litany of lies, almost a nation of liars, the like the Planet has never seen before. And just because any of these people have a meaningless handle on their name or some other claim to fame, does not make them in any way credible.

"Just a poor dirt farmer" that's good enough for me, H.M.M.

(6) Climate chief Lord Stern: give up meat to save the planet

From: Brian Salter <> Date: 28.10.2009 03:42 AM


Lord Stern is creating an alarmist climate in which it will be seen as 'beneficial' for meat to become prohibitively expensive, whether by direct or indirect means. 

This is at a time when many, including the working and middle-classes of the western world, will be at increasing risk of poverty and malnutrition during a rapidly worsening global depression.  These classes of people are the main base of potential opposition to the imposition of a world government by the ruling-class fellow travelers of Lord Stern.

It is possible to achieve good nutrition and adequate intake or protein on a vegetarian or highly meat-restricted diet.  But it takes know-how and practice.  An individual needs to be willing and ready, and have the time and mental space to make very careful lifestyle changes to achieve this change successfully without causing harm to their health.  In fact I have been drastically reducing my own meat consumption in the past several years for health reasons, to great benefit, and have been very lucky to live in a place where food costs are low and appropriate alternate food items are readily available. 

But we are heading into a situation where poverty and spiraling inflation are going to cause people to restrict meat consumption 'cold turkey', without careful planning and while they are stressed out and out on a limb just trying to keep their families surviving from day to day, let alone getting their heads around such a fundamental lifestyle shift.  Lord Stern's style of fearmongering based on increasingly dubious climate alarmism, evoking a sense of eleventh-hour panic and haste, would be absolutely certain to worsen this outcome greatly.

The real-world result, if Lord Stern and the greens get their way and meat becomes drastically unaffordable over a short span of time, is that we will see, if only temporarily while people learn to adjust, unprecedented malnutrition in the form of protein deficiency, even in the middle classes of the West.  What are some of the symptoms of protein deficiency?

General weakness and lethargy
Crankiness, moodiness
Severe depression
Lack of energy, no desire to do things

Sounds like just the kind of symptoms which ruling class zionist Lords would like to see debilitating and enervating the masses while they charge forward full-throttle to build their messianic World Government.  After all, the brain and our higher cognitive functioning are among the most critically protein-dependent systems in our bodies.

Imagine these malnutrition symptoms in combination with the potential side-effects of mass-vaccination.  Who is going to be healthy, energetic, and motivated enough to oppose world government?

In the very least, Lord Stern's rants reveal the fundamental reactionary, regressive nature of the climate alarmism cause as a whole -- blame for the world's ills, framed in predictably Malthusian terms, increasingly falls disproportionately on the masses (unfairly pathologized, with aristocratic contempt, as 'consumers'), rather than the wealthy few.  The same message conveyed by the recent UK Govt. TV commercial which blames 40% of carbon emissions on ordinary household consumption by people like you and me.  That has always been the intended message of this doomsday cult.

All 'climate change' solutions on the table are inherently regressive.  Cap-and-Trade (ruling class speculation casino), Carbon Tax (regressive tax, like ALL consumption taxes), and even the 'left' solution of massive weath transfer from the 'global North' to the 'global South' (a clever trick which looks 'progressive' but seems instead to be all about buying off the pro-NWO loyalty of ruling elites in the developing world with gobs of free cash looted from the remnants of the Western middle classes, in order to lure them away from favoring alliances with the Eurasian powers China, Russia, & India).

(7) Communism, one-world government and the climate

From: The Patriot Dames <>  Date: 29.10.2009 09:01 AM

“On October 14, Lord Christopher Monckton gave a presentation in St. Paul, MN on the subject of global warming. In this 4-minute excerpt from his speech, he issues a dire warning to all Americans regarding the United Nations Climate Change Treaty that is scheduled to be signed in Copenhagen in December 2009.”

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