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887 Soros' MoveOn Organizes Anti-Trump Protests, in conjunction with "our allies" ie Trots

Soros' MoveOn Organizes Anti-Trump Protests, in conjunction with "our
allies" ie Trots

Newsletter published on 11 November 2016

(1) You did not mention Soros ’s ... Colour Revolution
"Regime Changers"?
(2) Moveon "members and our allies" ie Trots, mobilize demonstrators
against Trump
(3) MoveOn Organizes Anti-Trump Protests 'against misogyny, racism,
Islamophobia, and
(4) Anti-Trump Protests continue across the US overnight: Burn American
Flags, Smash Windows
(5) Soros Funded Moveon.Org Takes Credit For Violence In Chicago (March)
(6) Soros' Avaaz (global version of MoveOn) says "build a global
movement to stop them"
(7) John Pilger interviewed by RT: ‘The truth is… there was no one to
vote for’

(1) You did not mention Soros ’s ... Colour Revolution
"Regime Changers"?

From: Lancenet christian <> Subject: Re: Left
treated Hillary's war plan against Russia as a non-issue Date: Fri, 11
Nov 2016 09:41:13 +0900

You did not mention Soros ’s

Anti-Trump Students Demonstrating...
are these demonstrators being handled by Colour Revolution "Regime

Okay folks, I've been watching and listening to the newz on the Canadian
Broadcasting Corporation...our taxpayer funded neocon propaganda
machine.  There is non-stop highly inflammatory anti-Trump rhetoric on
what passes for the nightly newz, combined with non-stop regurgitation
of the street demonstrations going on in the US.  It's as if "someone"
is trying to get Canadians on board with the refusal of SOME Americans
to accept the outcome of the democratic election of yesterday.

Having watched how these things usually go down.  Here's a word to the
wise.  If anyone sees Victoria Nuland handing out cookies to the
demonstrators...that's a very BAD sign.

Just sayin'.

NOTE:  Those who are blindly "following orders" or are being paid to
demonstrate against President-elect Trump should use their time more
wisely by watching this video.  An interview with journalist and
documentary film maker John Pilger.  It's called "No one to vote for."

(2) Moveon "members and our allies" ie Trots, mobilize demonstrators
against Trump

Peaceful gatherings of solidarity, resistance, and resolve - Attend

MoveOn members and our allies will gather peacefully tonight, November
9, in cities and towns across the nation. We will affirm our continued
rejection of Donald Trump's bigotry, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and
misogyny, and we will demonstrate our resolve to fight together for the
America we still believe is possible.

Enter your zip code to find an event near you:

(3) MoveOn Organizes Anti-Trump Protests 'against misogyny, racism,
Islamophobia, and xenophobia'

America on Edge: MoveOn Organizes Anti-Trump Protests Around Country

by Breitbart News

9 Nov 2016 released the following press release Wednesday afternoon:

     Americans to Come Together in Hundreds Peaceful Gatherings of
Solidarity, Resistance, and Resolve Following Election Results

     Hundreds of Americans, dozens of organizations to gather peacefully
outside the White House and in cities and towns nationwide to take a
continued stand against misogyny, racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia.

     Tonight, thousands of Americans will come together at hundreds of
peaceful gatherings in cities and towns across the nation, including
outside the White House, following the results of Tuesday’s presidential

     The gatherings – organized by and allies – will affirm a
continued rejection of Donald Trump’s bigotry, xenophobia, Islamophobia,
and misogyny and demonstrate our resolve to fight together for the
America we still believe is possible.

     Within two hours of the call-to-action, MoveOn members had created
more than 200 gatherings nationwide, with the number continuing to grow
on Wednesday afternoon.

     WHAT: Hundreds of peaceful gatherings of solidarity, resistance,
and resolve nationwide

     WHEN / WHERE: Find local gatherings here. Major gatherings include
in New York City’s Columbus Circle and outside the White House in
Washington, DC.

     RSVP: Please email to confirm attendance.

     "This is a disaster. We fought our hearts out to avert this
reality. But now it’s here," staff wrote to members on
Wednesday. "The new president-elect and many of his most prominent
supporters have targeted, demeaned, and threatened millions of us—and
millions of our friends, family, and loved ones. Both chambers of
Congress remain in Republican hands. We are entering an era of profound
and unprecedented challenge, a time of danger for our communities and
our country. In this moment, we have to take care of ourselves, our
families, and our friends—especially those of us who are on the front
lines facing hate, including Latinos, women, immigrants, refugees, Black
people, Muslims, LGBT Americans, and so many others. And we need to make
it clear that we will continue to stand together."

(4) Anti-Trump Protests continue across the US overnight: Burn American
Flags, Smash Windows

From: Lancenet christian <> Subject: Re: Left
treated Hillary's war plan against Russia as a non-issue Date: Fri, 11
Nov 2016 09:41:13 +0900

by Tyler Durden

Nov 10, 2016 12:28 PM

Having started on election night, and continuing into Wednesday, tens of
thousands of mostly young Americans across major US cities protested the
election of Donald Trump as the 45th US president into Wednesday night
and Thursday morning, with the protests at times turning into controlled
riots. Some demonstrators burned flags and smashed store windows. Dozens
of arrests have been made following the rallies.

As Bloomberg put it, the "raw divisions exposed by the presidential race
were on full display across America on Wednesday, as protesters flooded
city streets to condemn Donald Trump's election in demonstrations that
police said were mostly peaceful", although video evidence showed

   From New England to heartland cities like Kansas City and along the
West Coast, many thousands of demonstrators carried flags and anti-Trump
signs, disrupting traffic and declaring that they refused to accept
Trump's triumph.

   In Chicago, where thousands had recently poured into the streets to
celebrate the Chicago Cubs' first World Series victory in over a
century, several thousand people marched through the Loop. They gathered
outside Trump Tower, chanting "Not my president!"

   In Manhattan, a protest drew about 1,000 people. Outside Trump Tower
on Fifth Avenue in midtown, police installed barricades to keep the
demonstrators at bay.

   In Washington DC., marchers protesting Trump's election chanted and
carried signs in front of the Trump International Hotel. Media outlets
broadcast video Wednesday night showing a peaceful crowd in front of the
new downtown hotel. Many chanted "No racist USA, no Trump, no KKK."

   In Philadelphia, protesters gathered near City Hall despite chilly,
wet weather. Participants — who included both supporters of Democratic
nominee Hillary Clinton and independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who
lost to Clinton in the primary — expressed anger at both Republicans and
Democrats over the election's outcome.

   In Boston, thousands of anti-Trump protesters streamed through
downtown, chanting "Trump's a racist" and carrying signs that said
"Impeach Trump" and "Abolish Electoral College." Clinton appears to be
on pace to win the popular vote, despite losing the electoral count that
decides the presidential race.

   In Minnesota, a protest that began at the State Capitol Tuesday night
with about 100 people swelled at is moved into downtown St. Paul, the
Minneapolis Star Tribune reported. Protesters blocked downtown streets
and traveled west on University Avenue where they shouted expletives
about Trump in English and Spanish.

   In Des Moines, Iowa, hundreds of students walked out of area high
schools at 10:30 a.m. to protest Trump's victory, the Des Moines
Register reported. The protests, which were coordinated on social media,
lasted 15 to 45 minutes.

   In Dallas activists gathered by the dozens outside the city's sports
arena, the American Airlines Center.

   In Oregon, dozens of people blocked traffic in downtown Portland,
burned American flags and forced a delay for trains on two light-rail
lines. Earlier, the protest in downtown drew several Trump supporters,
who taunted the demonstrators with signs. A lone Trump supporter was
chased across Pioneer Courthouse Square and hit in the back with a
skateboard before others intervened.

   In Oakland, CA, several thousand chanting, sign-waving people
gathered in Frank Ogawa Plaza, once again smashing windows and harming
public and private property like a night before.

   In San Francisco, hundreds are marching along Market Avenue, one of
the city's main avenues, to join a vigil in the Castro District, a
predominantly gay neighborhood.

   In Los Angeles, protesters on the steps of City Hall burned a giant
papier mache Trump head in protest, later, in the streets they whacked a
Trump piñata.

   In Seattle, many held anti-Trump and Black Lives Matter signs and
chanted slogans, including "Misogyny has to go," and "The people united,
will never be defeated." Five people were shot and injured in an area
near the protest, but police said the shootings and the demonstration
were unrelated.

Courtesy of RT, we have the following assorted video footage of
America's protests [...]

(5) Soros Funded Moveon.Org Takes Credit For Violence In Chicago (March)

From: Lancenet christian <> Subject: Re: Left
treated Hillary's war plan against Russia as a non-issue Date: Fri, 11
Nov 2016 09:41:13 +0900

Soros Funded Moveon.Org Takes Credit For Violence In Chicago

A precursor to activity the organization will engage in as the election

Kurt Nimmo | - March 12, 2016

Ilya Sheyman, a failed Illinois contender for Congress and the executive
director of Political Action, has taken credit for the
violence at a cancelled Trump event last night in Chicago. He promised
similar violence and disruption will occur at future Trump political
events leading up to the election.

.@JohnKingCNN on #MoveOn‘s support of student leaders who organized
protest of #TrumpRally in #Chicago.

— (@MoveOn) March 12, 2016

Donald #Trump scraps Chicago rally after protests #TrumpChicago

— Al Arabiya English (@AlArabiya_Eng) March 12, 2016

"Mr. Trump and the Republican leaders who support him and his
hate-filled rhetoric should be on notice after tonight’s events," the
George Soros funded MoveOn web page states. "To all of those who took to
the streets of Chicago, we say thank you for standing up and saying
enough is enough. To Donald Trump, and the GOP, we say, welcome to the
general election."

MoveOn has consistently functioned as a lobby group for the policies of
the Obama administration, including the disaster of Obamacare and the
continuation of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the escalation of
the war on terror that has turned America into a police and surveillance
state. In 2007 it backed a bill trotted out by then Democrat Speaker of
the House Nancy Pelosi to continue financing the occupation of Iraq.

The group acts as a front for wealthy Democrats. It was founded with the
help of the financier George Soros who donated $1.46 million to get the
organization rolling. Linda Pritzker of the Hyatt hotel family gave the
group a $4 million donation.

Many of the Democrat and "progressive" candidates supported by MoveOn
have failed to be elected since the organization was formed in 1998.

The violent demonstration in Chicago on Friday may represent a precursor
to the sort of activity the organization will engage in as it tries to
"shut down" its political enemies and elect either Hillary Clinton or
Bernie Sanders.

On Friday night many of the protesters shouted "Bernie!" and held
placards announcing their support for the socialist Democrat.

(6) Soros' Avaaz (global version of MoveOn) says "build a global
movement to stop them"

Subject: The world vs Donald Trump
From: Ricken Patel - Avaaz <>
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2016 20:56:23 -0500

Dear friends,

The unimaginable has happened. President Trump.

And worse, there are Trumps in every town. Threatening all our democracies.

What's most important now is to build a global movement to stop them.
Over 2 million of us have signed the open letter, below, from the world
to Trump, and it's been covered across major media. Now it's a manifesto
for the next 4 years -- one that will run as a full page ad in major
papers and project onto Trump Tower in New York. Help it become an even
more powerful message -- forward it widely and sign below:

Dear Mr. Trump,

This is not what greatness looks like.

The world rejects your fear, hate-mongering, and bigotry. We reject your
support for torture, your calls for murdering civilians, and your
general encouragement of violence. We reject your denigration of women,
Muslims, Mexicans, and millions of others who don’t look like you, talk
like you, or pray to the same god as you.

Facing your fear we choose compassion. Hearing your despair we choose
hope. Seeing your ignorance we choose understanding.

As citizens of the world, we stand united against your brand of division.


Sign now with one click

Sometimes in the darkest moments the brightest lights shine. Let's make
Trump a force that brings the world together, to fight for everything we

With hope,

Ricken, Alice, Emma, Christoph and the whole Avaaz team.

PS - Here's a letter with some more thoughts on the moment we're in, and
the plan going forward:

We wanted to write from the heart about what just happened in the US,
and what's happening around the world.

The shock is justified - the most powerful nation in the world will be
led by a breathtakingly ignorant, bigoted, violent, pathologically
lying, sexually predatory, vengeful, authoritarian, corrupt reality TV
star. Those aren't insults, they're facts. [...]

Ricken and the Avaaz team.

Avaaz is a 44-million-person global campaign network that works to
ensure that the views and values of the world's people shape global
decision-making. ("Avaaz" means "voice" or "song" in many languages.)
Avaaz members live in every nation of the world; our team is spread
across 18 countries on 6 continents and operates in 17 languages. Learn
about some of Avaaz's biggest campaigns

(7) John Pilger interviewed by RT: ‘The truth is… there was no one to
vote for’

John Pilger: ‘The truth is… there was no one to vote for’ (Going
Underground US election special)


Published time: 10 Nov, 2016 22:17

Award-winning journalist John Pilger says that Donald Trump’s election
victory "could be seen from miles away," and has blamed a union of
political, financial and media figures for standing behind a "grotesque
campaign" to elect the "corrupt" Hillary Clinton.

"The only people who are surprised are those who allowed it to happen –
and I am speaking about the liberal class in the US," Pilger told RT’s
Afshin Rattansi during a lengthy interview on RT UK’s Going Underground.

"They told us that only the status quo – a corrupt, war-mongering
candidates will be acceptable to the majority. We will have their
hyperventilating, and their frustration, and their frenzied reaction for
a long time. But, they’ve created Trump…"

He added that the shock surprise is similar to that which occurred after
Brexit – "how dare these people vent their frustrations at the ballot box?"

The 77-year-old journalist believes that the arrogance was on display as
far back as when Clinton was given a straight run to the nomination
during her primaries, with her only real challenger, the outsider Bernie
Sanders, treated with contempt.

"They corrupted a voting system, within the Democratic Party that
ensured that another populist, Bernie Sanders – though I don’t think he
would have beaten Trump – could not win, and instead the embodiment of
the status quo, who has declared the whole world a battlefield was made
out to be the ‘candidate of sanity’ or ‘the candidate for women.’"

Pilger criticized Clinton’s entourage, noting that she was backed not
only by Wall Street heavyweights, but nearly all of the major arms
manufacturers in the US, creating an unappealing image for a woman those
at home and abroad already saw as a "warmonger."

"Most of the world regards that kind of behavior from the most powerful
country in the world as abhorrent, and she has been the personification
of that," said Pilger.

Pilger, who has won multiple international prizes for his
documentary-making and activism, also said that US media, in which all
but one national newspaper backed Clinton, acted as "anti-journalists,"
looking to catch out and "demonize" Trump, without even attempting to
weigh up his message.

"One of the most revealing things about the campaign has been the
exposure of journalism as the extension of the same established power.
They are not independent, they are echo chambers… And the most respected
are the worst. The New York Times has become a sort of Cold War
propaganda sheet," said Pilger, who also criticized the tactic of
blaming Russia and Julian Assange’s Wikileaks, for exposing genuine
email communications related to Clinton.

Despite praising the President Elect for "articulating the frustrations
of ordinary Americans very well," Pilger remains cautious about the next
four years.

"Whether Trump will be any better is unclear. He says he is
anti-establishment, but he will come with his own establishment. I don’t
believe for a moment that he is against the establishment of the US in a
wider sense – indeed he is a product of it," said Pilger. "The truth is,
there was no one to vote for."

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