Tuesday, March 21, 2017

913 MH370 3rd anniversary; Sunrise in Maldives: 6.14am, Diego Garcia: 7.15am

MH370 3rd anniversary; Sunrise in Maldives: 6.14am, Diego Garcia: 7.15am

Newsletter published on 7 March 2017


Today is the third anniversary of MH370 going missing on March 8, 2014.

I received an email this morning from Field McConnell, the airline
captain who says MH370 was hijacked by the CIA.

And that 9/11 was a CIA job too.

A number of independent witnesses in the Maldives signed statements
attesting that they saw a plane matching MH370 about 6.15am on March 8,
2014. Official MH370 investigators did NOT send anyone to interview them.

Let's check the time of sunrise in the Maldives on March 8. Time zone: UTC+5


Male, March 8, 2017: 6.14am

Male, March 8, 2014: 6.14am

Let's check sunrise at Diego Garcia too. Its longitude is about the
same, so should be in the same time-zone as the Maldives, but, being a
US jurisdiction, is an hour advanced.  Time zone: UTC+6


March 8, 2017: 7.15am

Male, March 8, 2014: 7.15am

Malaysia time zone: UTC+8

See my updated webpage MH370 hijacked by CIA, to stop Technology
Transfer to China


Lenin said, "The capitalists will sell us the rope to hang them with".
The CIA coundn't block the sale, so it stole
the rope.

To prove this wrong, Malaysian authorities should release full details
of the cargo - in the hold, checked in and
carried-on, and of the passengers connected to Freescale and other
technology companies.


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