Wednesday, July 5, 2017

920 all Syrian Terrorism material now at one webpage


I have assembled all my Syria Terrorism material into one webpage:

The theme: Syrian Gas Attacks were False Flag, staged atrocities
stampeding us into war.

It links to the newsletters I have sent out over recent years; which you
can download.

October 2015 newsletters:

1. The CIA & State Dept funded, trained & armed Syrian terrorists from
2006. Neocon coup reversed Brzezinski policy:

2. Syria 2013 gas attack based on intelligence report from Israel. US
Media refused to publish Seymour Hersh expose of it as False Flag:

3. Israel's ties with al-Nusra (al Quaeda in Syria) and ISIS:

April 2017 newsletters:

4. Syria 2017 gas attack was a FALSE FLAG operation - Deutsche Welle,
Alex Jones, Robert Parry:

5. Swedish Doctors on White Helmets Video, staged Chemical Weapons
attack to justify No-Fly Zone:

6. Erdogan Welcomes US Attack on Syria. Rothschild's 'The Economist'
applauds Trump decisiveness, willingness to confront Russia:

7. Jared & Ivanka persuaded Trump to attack Syria; Trump preparing to
invade Syria & North Korea:

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