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791 "Khazarian mafia families pretending to be Muslim or Jewish" - Benjamin Fulford

  "Khazarian mafia families pretending to be Muslim or Jewish" -
Benjamin Fulford

Newsletter published on 29 December 2015

(1) Don't fall for Disinformation
(2) Fake report from Debka: Chinese aircraft carrier docks in Syria to
join fight against IS
(3) Expert Shatters Rumors About Chinese Aircraft Carrier in Syria
(4) "Khazarian mafia families pretending to be Muslim or Jewish" -
Benjamin Fulford
(5) US withdrew Patriot missiles from Turkey (August 2015)
(6) Israel Receives 4 Patriot Batteries From Germany  (May 2015)
(7) U.S. approves sale of Patriot missiles to Saudi Arabia (August 2015)
(8) Saudi dissidents against the Monarchy organized through Saudhouse.com

(1) Don't fall for Disinformation
- Peter Myers, December 29, 2015

Whether or not the Saudi Royal Family are crypto-Jews I don't know. But
it's important not to accept such claims without proof. There ARE real
conspiracies, and one of the ways they hide is by peddling FAKE
conspiracy theories. Foolish and stupid people on the internet can't
tell the difference.

An example of fake news was a report of Sept. 26 2015 from Debka, that
China's aircraft carrier had docked in Syria to join the fight against
Islamic State. Chinese planes, based on the ship, were going to join
Russian planes in attacking Islamicists fighting Assad.

Debka is an Israeli disinformation site reportedly linked to Mossad.

The report was carried by other outlets, eg Infowars, Globalresearch and
Freerepublic. I was even going to put it out myself, but discovered in
time that it was a fake story.

What brought me to my senses was the realization that an aircraft
carrier is such a BIG object that it can't be hidden. If it HAD docked
in Syria, there should be other reports not derived from Debka. I
inserted "-debka" into my search strings, to weed out sites mentioning
Debka. Realizing that the report was fake, I canned it.

Debka now charge for this report, but you can read the extracts at
Freerepublic (item 2), and link to the original Debka file from there.

Benjamin Fulford is a conspiracy writer who some readers take seriously;
I don't. His articles are over-the-top but entertaining; they contain
just enough bits of truth and news to keep you guessing. Fulford does
cite Debka at times, and is no more reliable.

In item 4, Fulford talks of "Khazarian mafia families pretending to be
Muslim or Jewish". Here, he is referring to
- claims that the Saudi Royal Family are crypto-Jews
- claims that Turkey is run by Donmeh Jews (of course there are such in
Turkey, but not current leaders)
- claims that Khazar Jews, those that run Israel, are not "real" Jews
but descendants of converts

One interesting point that Fulford makes, that IS correct, is thast the
US withdrew Patriot missile from Turkey a few months ago. Implying that
the US and Russia are in cahoots against the above three kinds of
Khazars, Fulford says "the Pentagon has crippled all the Patriot air
defense missile systems in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel. At the same
time Russia has established a no-fly zone throughout the region."

Well, the US DID withdraw Patriot Missiles from Turkey (item 5) but not
from Israel (item 6) or Saudi Arabia (item 7).

Given the role of the Saudi Royal Family in spreading Islamic terrorism
around the world, it is interesting to find that there is a dissident
movement against them, one we did not know about, coming from Left wing
Moslems. They organized through Saudhouse.com, a website that has now
been shut down, but you can read an archive of their index page at item 8.

(2) Fake report from Debka: Chinese aircraft carrier docks in Syria to
join fight against IS


DEBKA FILE: A Chinese aircraft carrier docks at Tartus to support
Russian-Iranian military buildup
DEBKAFILE ^ | September 26, 2015, 1:17 PM (IDT) | DEBKAfile Exclusive

Posted on 09/26/2015 4:14:24 AM PDT by PIF


The Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning-CV-16 docked at the Syrian port of
Tartus, accompanied by a guided missile cruiser.

Our sources report that the Chinese will be sending out to Syria a
squadron of J-15 Flying Shark fighters, some for takeoff positions on
the carrier’s decks, the rest to be stationed at the Russian airbase
near Latakia. The Chinese will also deploy Z-18F anti-submarine
helicopters and Z-18J airborne early warning helicopters. In addition,
Beijing will consign at least 1,000 marines to fight alongside their
counterparts from Russia and Iran against terrorist groups, including ISIS.

... just as Russian marines will be instructed to single out rebel
militias with recruits from Chechnya and the Caucasus, the Chinese
marines will seek out and destroy Uighur fighters from the northern
predominantly Muslim Chinese province of Xinjiang.

In the same way that Putin has no wish to see the Chechen fighters back
in Russia, so too Chinese President Xi wants to prevent the Uighurs from
returning home from the Syrian battlefields.

(Excerpt) Read more at debka.com

(3) Expert Shatters Rumors About Chinese Aircraft Carrier in Syria


Sputnik News, September 28, 2015

A Chinese military expert has rejected reports about a Chinese aircraft
carrier which was allegedly on its way to Syria to take part in the
fight against Islamic State militants.

In an interview with the Chinese newspaper Huantsyu Shibao, Zhang
rejected "false rumors" about the Liaoning CV-16 being en route to the

"China's position is to respect the free choice of the Syrian people and
not to add to a military intervention in Syria or a forcible power
shift, which is why China could not send an aircraft carrier to Syria to
interfere in the internal affairs of the country," Zhang said.

He also pledged that China will not support any groups or individuals in
Syria, saying that Beijing adheres to a fair and objective approach to
this issue.

Also a Syrian military source told Sputnik that no Chinese naval vessel
has been observed in the territorial waters of Syria.

"The reports spread by some media in recent times, are just rumors and
are absolutely false," the military source said.

Earlier, the Lebanese news network Al-Masdar quoted a Syrian military
source as saying that the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning-CV-16 was
due to arrive at a Syrian military base in Latakia in the coming days.

Israeli military sources went even further, claiming late last week that
the Liaoning-CV-16 had already docked at the Syrian port of Tartus.

(4) "Khazarian mafia families pretending to be Muslim or Jewish" -
Benjamin Fulford


Persian, Ottoman empires collide as big Middle Eastern oil fight rages on

Posted by benjamin

December 8, 2015

Historical events continue to unfold in the Middle East as old empires,
the Ottoman (Turkey) and the Persian (Iran), look for allies in their
fight to seize oil fields and redraw maps of the region. The fighting in
the Middle East is also about control of petro-dollars and thus over the
world’s financial system. As such, it is a Western civil war using
proxies in the region.

The complex array of forces fighting over this oil prize makes the news
coming from the region confusing. So, it might be a good time to try to
identify the key players and their agendas before going further into the
latest developments in the war.

The first thing to understand is that revenue streams worth over $2
trillion per year are being fought over. Europe, for example, spent over
$600 billion on energy in 2013, according to statistics put out by Eurogas.

Most of this was imported from either the Middle East or Russia. China
and the US each spend similar amounts as does the rest of the world.

The so-called Neo-con faction of the Khazarian mafia was hoping to seize
all of this oil and thus keep their control over the planet intact for
at least another century, as can been seen in their own reports like
Project for a New American Century. That is why Khazarian inbred Mafioso
thug George Bush Jr. and his pals carried out their 911 “new Pearl
Harbor.” This was why the US and other Western armies were fooled into
stealing oil for these gangsters under the pretext of a “search for
weapons of mass destruction” and a “search for Bin Laden.”

We also know that Bush Jr. regime thug Donald Rumsfeld reported $2.3
trillion missing from the Pentagon’s budget immediately before 911. This
money was spent creating the mercenary army variously known as
Blackwater, Academi and now ISIS, according to Pentagon military
intelligence. This private army, at least 500,000 strong, has been
seizing the oil fields of the Middle East, especially Iraq and Syria.

We also now know from multiple, detailed reports, that the stolen oil is
being laundered through Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. They countries
are all ruled by Satan worshipping Khazarian mafia families pretending
to be Muslim or Jewish.

The other point that needs to be repeated here is that big oil companies
and their shareholders are deeply involved in this conflict. The big oil
companies duking it out over the region are BP (British Rothschilds),
Exxon Mobil (Rockefeller), Gazprom (Rothschild plus Russian oligarchs)
and the Saudi/Bush crime syndicate.

The seemingly opposed Khazarian mafia factions have been pretending to
fight each other while actually working together to create a Khazarian
controlled super-state in the region. This is what the entire so-called
Arab spring series of coups d’etat against governments of the region was
supposed to accomplish in the end.

There is also a powerful faction fighting to completely end Khazarian
control in the region and elsewhere that is centered on the world’s
armed forces and intelligence agencies, especially those of the US,
Russia and China.

We must also recall that Russia, France, England, Germany, Iran, Turkey,
Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria, the Pentagon and others are all actively
participating, along with the ISIS mercenary army, in the fighting that
is raging in the region.

We can now see why it is not unreasonable to say that World War 3 has
started in the Middle East.

OK, so with that big picture reminder of what is going on, let us look
at the latest developments in this conflict. Last week, while Russian
President Vladimir Putin met with US President Barack Obama in Paris,
General Joseph Dunford, head of the Pentagon, called Valery Gerasimov,
Chief of Staff of the Russian armed forces. Dunford and Gerasimov
discussed how to “to take down Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia in the
real war on terror,” according to Pentagon sources.

As a part of this joint Russian/Pentagon campaign, the Pentagon has
crippled all the Patriot air defense missile systems in Saudi Arabia,
Turkey and Israel. At the same time Russia has established a no-fly zone
throughout the region.

“Israeli reports of airstrikes in Syria or countermeasures for Russian
S300 anti-missile systems in Greece are desperate lies to mask its
irrelevance, defeat, and grounded air force,” the Pentagon sources say.
The flow of oil to Israel has now been largely stopped and that country
is being forced, kicking and screaming, to give up the territory it
seized in 1967.

There is also a bank run going on in Israeli ally Saudi Arabia in
reaction to Yemeni troops entering that country and surrounding the
towns of Najran and Jizan near the Yemeni border.



The German government has now also joined the Russians and the Pentagon
as they openly moved against the Khazarians by publicly accusing the
Saudi Arabians of being among the world’s leading exporters of terror.


Meanwhile Russia has made big moves against Khazarian proxy forces in
Azerbaijan, according to the Pentagon sources. An Azerbaijani oil rig
was set on fire last week fire to stop a flow of oil to Israel that it
was using to finance arms export to the Azerbaijanian capital Baku.
Russia has also deployed missiles in Armenia to “ground the two secret
Israeli drone/airbases in Azerbaijan,” they said. “The message is
Shia-majority Azerbaijan must dump Israel, accept bear hug, stop Shia
crackdown, make nice with Iran or else,” one of them said.

Turkey has now reacted by sending troops into Iraq and openly allying
itself with the Sunni Muslims in that country. Sources in contact with
Nouri al-Maliki, until recently President of Iraq, say Maliki believes
there is a secret US/Turkish deal to split Iraq. Al-Maliki believes ISIS
is out of control and the US can do nothing to stop it, the sources said.

Other sources say Turkey’s regime is simply moving into the power vacuum
that exists in Iraq and is developing in Saudi Arabia in an effort the
stop what it views as a Persian offensive in the region. So, as
mentioned above, we have a war between the Ottoman Empire and its allies
and the Persian Empire and its allies. Right now, the smart money is on
the Persians.

However, now that the Turks realize NATO is not going to fight Russia on
their behalf, you can be sure they are secretly negotiating with Russia
and the Pentagon in the hopes of saving themselves from disaster. The US
military has already made it very clear it is unwilling to protect
Israel which means that country will be at the mercy of Turkey, Iran
and, most of all, Russia.

The fighting in the Middle East is part of a bigger plan by the US
military industrial complex planners for a worldwide takedown of the
Khazarian mafia control of the banking and financial systems. This
scenario calls for “$30 a barrel oil, an emerging market debt default,
the fall of the house of Saud and the use of the Chinese Yuan to pay for
Middle Eastern oil,” among other things. Taken together, these events
will cause bank collapses and the end of the Khazarian New World Order,
the planners envision. The trigger could be the expiry of oil hedges in
January and February that will suddenly leave some big players much more
exposed to the effects of collapsing oil prices, they say.

Inside the US, the military industrial complex is carrying out a purge
of “Israeli fifth columnists,” the sources said. One visible sign of
this was the conviction last week of former New York State assembly
speaker Sheldon Silver on seven federal corruption counts.


The conviction is part of a move to remove political protection for the
criminal Wall Street hedge funds and firms that are looting the US
economy, White Dragon Society sources in the US say.

Another sign is a campaign to oust Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel,
ostensibly over the cover up of the extra-judicial killing of an African
American teenager. This however, is just a legal pretext to remove this
Chicago gangster from power, the WDS sources say. There will be more
heads rolling as this develops, the US WDS sources add. The Khazarians
will react with more staged mass shootings.

Meanwhile, there have been developments in Japan as well. Japanese power
broker Chodoin Daikaku says the former Japanese finance minister Heizo
Takenaka has recently offered a bribe worth “over a billion dollars,” to
popular opposition politician Toru Hashimoto. Since Takenaka is the
Japanese traitor who handed over control of the Japanese financial
system to the Khazarian mob, this attempt to bribe Hashimoto is aimed at
making him serve the Khazarian mafia. If he accepts the bribe, he will
be promised to eventually be given the job of Prime Minister but only if
he agrees to allow the continued looting of Japan’s savings by the
Khazarian mafia.

The latest Bank of Japan reports note that the total amount of money in
circulation in Japan is decreasing while the latest Japanese GDP
statistics show the country is in recession. Both of these events prove
that so-called Abenomics, or mass money printing by the Bank of Japan,
is merely the theft of Japanese money with the aim of saving the
Khazarian mob and their banks. As the Japanese government’s own
statistics show, this BOJ money is not being spent in Japan.

Finally, Zhang Seung Shik, one of the claimants to the $30 trillion
Manchurian gold fortune, last week said the Bank for International
Settlements has promised him the money will be used to “restore the
Manchurian nation, divide China into 16 countries and divide Russia into
4 countries.” All we can say to Mr. Zhang is that he can dream on but he
is not going to be put in charge of $30 trillion by anybody.


(5) US withdrew Patriot missiles from Turkey (August 2015)


US plays politics with Patriot missile removal

It looks as though the departure of Patriot missiles from Turkey will be
at least as controversial as their arrival in 2013.

Summary: Patriot batteries deployed in Turkey against possible air and
missile threats from Syria are being withdrawn in controversy.

Author Metin Gurcan

Posted August 20, 2015

TranslatorTimur Göksel

The United States and Germany have decided to withdraw their Patriot
anti-ballistic missile systems, which were deployed in Turkey to defend
against possible air and missile threats from Syria. Germany’s intention
to remove its system from Turkey’s Kahramanmaras province has been known
for a while. But the US decision came as a blow to Ankara.

In explaining their actions, German and US officials have avoided any
mention of political motivation.

German officials said two factors influenced their decision: changes in
the Syrian threat situation and technical reasons. German Defense
Minister Ursula von der Leyen said on the ministry's website, “Since
2013 the structure of threats toward Turkey from Syria has changed. At
that time the primary threat was President Bashar al-Assad. Now the real
threat is the [Islamic State].” [...]

Turkey’s relations with the Assad regime became extremely tense in 2012
after the Syrian army shot down a Turkish RF-4 warplane in June and
killed five Turkish civilians in artillery fire in October. Turkey,
which was actively supporting the Syrian opposition against the Assad
regime, felt it did not have adequate defense against Syrian missiles,
especially those that might have been fitted with chemical warheads.
Turkey went to NATO with its concerns, which were amplified by intense
Syrian missile attacks against opposition forces in the country’s north.

In response to Turkey’s request, NATO in January 2013 launched the
Active Fence mission for Turkey’s air and ballistic missile defense,
under the coordination of Supreme Allied Commander Europe. As part of
the mission, the United States sent two Patriot batteries to Gaziantep
in southeast Turkey, Germany sent two batteries to Kahramanmaras, and
Holland sent batteries to Adana. Holland withdrew its batteries in
January 2015 and handed them over to Spain. These systems have never
been used, as there had been no direct air threat from Syria. [...]

According to major German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the
real reason for the withdrawal of the Patriots is Turkey’s divergence
from Germany and the United States on Syria. German media also have
cited Turkey’s air attacks against the PKK in northern Iraq, and
Ankara’s unwillingness to become actively involved in combating IS.

In the United States, an Aug. 15 article in The New York Times had a
major impact in Turkey. The story cited some information not contained
in official statements. Quoting unidentified US sources, the article
said the decision to withdraw missiles was made months ago, but to have
informed Turkey at the time could have imperiled negotiations in
progress with Turkey, notably over the use of Incirlik Air Base.
American officials, deeply worried about such a probability, delayed
informing Turkey until an agreement on the use of Incirlik was reached
July 22. When the Patriots decision was finally announced, Turkey was
livid, the story said. [...]

Although Ankara had predicted the withdrawal of the German Patriot
systems, the US decision came as a shock. A decision made months ago was
not shared with Turkey until the US-Turkey accord on combating IS was
reached July 22. Turkey thus had no inkling of this decision because of
the US fear that earlier notification of Ankara could have adversely
affected the negotiations with Turkey on combating IS. American
officials cited a joint statement with the Turkish government as "proof"
that Turkey has no problem with the decision. [...]

In short, the US and German decisions to withdraw their Patriot
batteries from Turkey sent Ankara two clear political messages: From now
on, the priority threat in Syria is IS, and be ready to get involved in
combating IS, including cooperating with the Assad regime.

Washington, by publicizing its decision to withdraw its Patriots in a
joint statement with the Turkish Foreign Ministry, wanted to soften the
disappointment of Turkish decision-makers. The question now is: Has
Turkey received these messages?

(6) Israel Receives 4 Patriot Batteries From Germany  (May 2015)


Defense Minister Ya'alon: Israel Received 4 Patriot Batteries From Germany

Earlier, the Defense Ministry announced a deal with Germany for four
missile boats to protect offshore gas.

May 11, 2015 6:30 PM Gili Cohen

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon said Monday that Germany has transferred
four Patriot missile batteries to Israel as part of a military aid program.

Ya'alon made the statement at a joint press conference with German
Defense Minister Ursula Von Der Leyen at the Kirya military compound in
Tel Aviv. Israel received the PAC-2 batteries over the past few years as
part of a surplus deal between the two countries.

Earlier Monday, the Defense Ministry announced that it has signed a
contract to purchase four missile boats from Germany for the Israel
Navy, to be used to protect Israel’s offshore natural-gas drilling
platforms in the Mediterranean. A senior Israel Navy officer said in
recent weeks that the drilling platforms are considered a viable target
by Hezbollah.

The contracts were signed by ministry director general Dan Harel and the
CEO of Germany’s ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, Andreas Burmester. As part
of the transaction with the shipping firm, Israel will receive a special
115-million euro ($128-million) grant from the German government.

The entire purchase price is estimated at 430 million euros. Plans call
for the boats to be supplied over the next five years.

(7) U.S. approves sale of Patriot missiles to Saudi Arabia (August 2015)


U.S. greenlights sale of 600 Patriot missiles to Saudi Arabia

  by Clay Dillow

Fortune Magazine August 1, 2015, 11:54 AM EST

Saudi Arabia is having a tough summer; all while Lockheed Martin LMT has
a banner year. The latest confluence of these trends came Wednesday as
the U.S. State Department approved a $5.4 billion sale of 600
Lockheed-made PAC-3 missiles to Saudi Arabia, alongside an additional
half billion dollars in ammunition for various smaller weapons. The
deals still have to be approved by Congress, but such deals typically are.

“The proposed sale will modernize and replenish Saudi Arabia’s current
Patriot missile stockpile, which is becoming obsolete and difficult to
sustain due to age and limited availability of repair parts,” the
Pentagon said in it’s written notification to Congress of the pending
deal. “The purchase of the PAC-3 missiles will support current and
future defense missions and promote stability within the region.”

The sale of so many PAC-3 missiles—the most advanced missile for the
Patriot missile launcher and built by Raytheon RTN —is the latest in a
string of high-priced, high-profile arms deals between the U.S., Israel,
Saudi Arabia, and other Gulf Cooperation Council allies in the region.
It marks the first major arms deal since the Iran nuclear deal struck
earlier this month raised the prospect of reduced sanctions against the
state. The deal would lift Iran’s conventional arms embargo within five
years and leave the country free to pursue long-range missile
technologies within eight. [...]

Case in point: The ongoing Houthi rebellion taking place just across
Saudi Arabia’s southern border in Yemen, which Saudi Arabia’s air force
has intervened. It’s one of several conflicts simmering across the
region in places like Syria, Libya, and elsewhere that have toppled
governments, disbanded militaries, and circulated a whole lot of
weaponry and unrest around the entire Middle East. In June, Houthi
rebels in Yemen seized Yemeni government stores of Scud missiles and
launched at least one into Saudi Arabia in response to Saudi air
strikes. Saudi Arabia shot down that Scud with a Patriot missile.

(8) Saudi dissidents against the Monarchy organized through Saudhouse.com

Until yesterday, I had no idea that there was an active dissident
movement against the Saudi Monarchy from the Left. Of course the Bin
Laden / Islamic State types were dissidents from the Right.

These Left dissidents accuse the Saudi Monarchy of being crypto-Jews.

They organized through Saudhouse.com. That website has now been deleted;
but here is an archive of its index page - Peter M.


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DISTURBING NEWS Arabian Rroyal cover used for STING : Often police in
the European Union and United States use a Saudi prince disguise...More!
Prince KHALID FAISAL SAUD arrested for illegal drugs : A member of the
Saudi royal family accused of possessing heroin, cocaine, Ecstasy and
cannabis...More! SAUD FAMILY bring corrupt practices to Germany and
Scotland: Police are investigagting "70 million" in bribes passed around
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brothers-in-law, Turk and Fahd Al Fassi...More! Sheik ALLAL AL-FASSI
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was arrested as he attempted to sell a stolen ring...More!


by the Saudi Regime for the following findings:

1. Are the Saudi Family members belonging to the Tribe of ANZA BEN WA'EL
as they allege to be? 2. Is Islam their actual religion? 3. Are they of
an ARAB ORIGIN at all?

In the year 851 A.H. a group of men from AL MASALEEKH CLAN, which was a
branch of ANZA Tribe, formed a caravan for buying cereals (wheat and
corn) and other food stuff from IRAQ, and transporting it back to NAJD.
The head of that group was a man called SAHMI BIN HATHLOOL. The caravan
reached BASRA, where the members of the group went to a cereal merchant
who was a Jew, Called MORDAKHAI BIN IBRAHIM BIN MOSHE'. During their
bargaining with that merchant, the Jew asked them : "Where are you
from?" They answered: "From ANZA TRIBE; a clan of AL MASALEEKH." Upon
hearing that name, the Jew started to hug so affectionately each one of
them saying that he, himself, was also from the clan of AL MASALEEKH,
but he had come to reside in BASRA (IRAQ) in consequence to a family
feud between his father and some members of ANZA Tribe.

After he recounted to them his fabricated narrative, he ordered his
servants to load all the camels of the clan's members with wheat, dates
and tamman; a remarkable deed so generous that astonished the MASALEEKH
men and aroused their pride to find such an affectionate (cousin) in
IRAQ- the source of their sustenance; they believed each word he said ,
and , because he was a rich merchant of the food commodities which they
were badly in need, they liked him (even though he was a Jew concealed
under the garb of an Arab from AL MASALEEKH clan).

When the caravan was ready to depart returning to NAJD, that Jewish
Merchant asked them to accept his company, because he intended to go
with them to his original homeland, NAJD. Upon hearing that from him,
they wholeheartedly welcomed him with a very cheerful attitude.

So that (concealed) Jew reached NAJD with the caravan. In NAJD, he
started to promulgate a lot of propaganda for himself through his
companions (his alleged cousins), a fact, which gathered around him a
considerable number of new supporters; but, unexpectedly, he confronted
a campaign of opposition to his views led by SHEIKH SALEH SALMAN ABDULLA
AL TAMIMI, who was a Muslem religious preacher in AL-QASEEM. The radius
of his preaching area included Najd, Yemen, and Hijaz, a fact which
compelled the Jew (the Ancestor of the present SAUDI FAMILY to depart
from AL QASEEM to AL IHSA, where he changed his name (MORDAKHAI) To
MARKHAN BIN IBRAHIM MUSA. Then he changed the location of his residence
and settled at a place called DIR'IYA near AL-QATEEF, where he started
to spread among the inhabitants a fabricated story about the shield of
our Prophet MOHAMMAD (p.b.u.h), that it was taken as a booty by an Arab
Pagan in consequence of OHOD Battle between the Arab pagans and the
Muslems. "That shield, he said, was sold by the Arab Pagan to a Jewish
Clan called BANU QUNAIQA' who preserved it as a treasure! He gradually
enhanced his position among the Bedouins through such stories which
indicated how the Jewish clans in Arabia were so influential and
deserved high esteem. He gained some personal importance among the
Bedouins, and decided to settle permanently there, at DIR'IYA town, near
AL QATEEF, which he decided to be his (Capital) on the Persian Gulf. He
aspired to make it his spring board for establishing a Jewish Kingdom in

  In order to fulfill his ambitious scheme, he started to approach the
desert Arab Bedouins for support of his position, them gradually, he
declared himself as their king!

At that juncture, AJAMAN Tribe together with BANU KHALED Tribe became
fully aware of that Jewish cunning plan after they had verified his true
identity, and decided to put an end to him. They attacked his town and
conquered it, but before arresting him he had escaped by the skin of his

That Jewish Ancestor of the SAUDI FAMILY, (MORDAKHAI), sought shelter in
a farm called at that time AL-MALIBEED-GHUSAIBA near AL-ARID, which is
called at our present time : AL-RIYADH.

He requested the owner of that farm to grant him an asylum. The farmer
was so hospitable that he immediately gave him sanctuary. But that Jew
(MORDAKHAI), no longer than a month had he stayed there, when he
assassinated the land lord and all members of his family, pretending
that all were killed by an invading band of thieves. Then he pretended
that he had bought that real estate from them before that catastrophe
happened to them! Accordingly, he had the right to reside there as a
land lord. He then gave a new name to that place: He named it AL-DIRIYA
- the same name as that he had lost.

That Jewish Ancestor of the SAUDI FAMILY (MORDAKHAI), was quick to
establish a "GUEST HOUSE" called "MADAFFA" on the land he usurped from
his victims, and gathered around him a group of hypocrites who started
to spread out false propaganda for him that he was a prominent Arab
Sheikh. He plotted against Sheikh SALEH SALMAN ABDULLA AL TAMIMI, his
original enemy, and caused his assassination in the mosque of the town
called (AL-ZALAFI).

After that, he felt satisfied and safe to make (AL-DIRIYA) his permanent
home. There he practiced polygamy at a wide scale, and indeed, he begot
a lot of children whom he gave pure Arab names.

Eversince his descendants grew up in number and power under the name of
SAUDI CLAN, they have followed his steps in practicing under ground
activities and conspiracies against the Arab Nation. They illegally
seized rural sectors and farm lands, and assassinated every person who
tried to oppose their evil plans. They used all kinds of deceit for
reaching their goals: they bought the conscience of their dissidents;
they offered their women and money to influential people in that area,
particularly to those who started to write the true biography of that
Jewish Family; they bribed writers of history in order to purify their
ignominious history, and make their lineage related to the most
prominent Arab Tribes such as RABI'A, ANZA and ALMASALEEKH.

A conspicuous hypocrite in our era whose name is MOHAMMAD AMIN AL
TAMIMI- Director/Manager of the contemporary Libraries of the SAUDI
KINGDOM, made up a genealogical tree (FAMILY TREE) for this JEWISH
FAMILY (THE SAUDIS), connecting them to our Great Prophet, MOHAMMAD
(P.B.U.H) For his false work, he received a reward of 35 (THIRTY FIVE)
in the year 1362 AH.- 1943 A.D. The name of that Ambassador is : IBRAHIM

As aforementioned, the Jewish Ancestor of the SAUDI FAMILY, (MORDAKHAI),
practiced polygamy by marrying a lot of Arab women and begot many
children; his polygamous practice is, at the present time, being carried
out " to the letter" by his descendants; they cling to his marital heritage!

One of MORDAKHAI'S sons called AL-MAQARAN, arabized from the Jewish root
(MACK-REN) begot a son called Mohammad, then another son called SAUD,
which is the name of the present day SAUDI DYNASTY.

Descendants of SAUD (the present day SAUDI FAMILY )started a campaign of
assassination of the prominent leaders of the Arab Tribes under the
pretence that those leaders were apostates; renegading from the Islamic
Religion, and deserting their Koranic doctrines; so they deserved the
SAUDI condemnation and slaughter!

In the History Book of the SAUDI FAMILY pages (98-101), their private
family historian declares that the SAUDI DYNASTY considers all the
people of NAJD blasphemous; so their blood must be shed, their
properties confiscated, and their females be taken as concubines; no
muslem is authentic in his /her belief unless he/she belongs
(affiliates) to the sect of MOHAMMAD BIN ABDUL WAHAB, (whose origins are
also Jewish from TURKEY.) His doctrines give authority to the SAUDI
FAMILY to destroy the villages with all their inhabitants-males
including children, and to sexually assault their women; stab the
bellies of the pregnant, and cut off the hands of their children, then
burn them! They are further authorized by such a BRUTAL DOCTRINE to
plunder all the properties of whom they call renegades (not following
their Wahabi Sect).

  Their hideous Jewish Family has, in fact, done all that kind of
atrocities in the name of their false religious sect (the Wahabi), which
has actually been invented by a Jew so as to sow the seeds of terror in
the hearts of people in towns and villages. This Jewish Dynasty has been
committing such brutal atrocities eversince 1163 A.H. They have named
the whole Arabian Peninsula after their family name (SAUDI ARABIA) as if
the whole region is their own personal real estate, and that all other
inhabitants are their mere servants or slaves, toiling day and night for
the pleasure of their masters (THE SAUDI FAMILY).

They are completely holding the natural wealth of the country as their
own property. If any poor person from the common people raises his/her
voice complaining against any of the despotic rules of this Jewish
Dynasty, (the Dynasty) cuts off his/her head in the public square. A
princess of theirs once visited FLORIDA, USA, with her retinue; she
rented 90 (NINETY) Suite rooms in a Grand Hotel for about One Million
Dollars a night! Can anyone of their subjects comment about that
extravagant event If he/she does, his/her fate is quite known: DEATH

  Witnesses on the Jewish Ancestry of this Saudi Family: In the 1960's
the "SAWT AL ARAB" Broadcasting Station in Cairo, Egypt, and the YEMEN
Broadcasting Station in SANA'A confirmed the Jewish Ancestry of the
SAUDI Family.

King FAISAL AL-SAUD at that time could not deny his family's kindred
with the JEWS when he declared to the WASHINGTON POST on Sept. 17, 1969
stating: "WE, THE SAUDI FAMILY, are cousins of the Jews: we entirely
disagree with any Arab or Muslem Authority which shows any antagonism to
the Jews; but we must live together with them in peace. Our country
(ARABIA) is the Fountain head from where the first Jew sprang, and his
descendants spread out all over the world." That was the declaration of

HAFEZ WAHBI, The SAUDI Legal Adviser, mentioned in his book entitled:
1953, had said : "Our Message (SAUDI MESSAGE) encountered the opposition
of all Arab Tribes; my grandfather, SAUD AWAL, once imprisoned a number
of the Sheikhs of MATHEER Tribe; and when another group of the same
tribe came to intercede for the release of the prisoners, SAUD AWAL gave
orders to his men to cut off the heads of all the prisoners, then, he
wanted to humiliate and derogate the interceders by inviting them to eat
from a banquet he prepared from the cooked flesh of his victims whose
cut off heads he placed on the top of the food platters!! The
interceders became so alarmed and declined to eat the flesh of their
relatives; and, because of their refusal to eat, he ordered his men to
cut off their heads too. That hideous crime was committed by that self
imposed king to innocent people whose guilt was their opposition to his
most cruel and extremely despotic rules.

HAFEZ WAHBI, states further that King ABDUL AZIZ AL-SAUD related that
bloody true story to the Sheikhs of the MATHEER Tribe, who visited him
in order to intercede for their prominent leader at that time, FAISAL AL
DARWEESH, who was the king's prisoner. He related that story to them in
order to prevent them from interceding for the release of their Sheikh;
otherwise, they would face the same fate; He killed the Sheikh and used
his blood as an ablution liquid for him just before he stood up for his
prayer (after the false sect doctrine of the Wahabi); The guilt of
FAISAL DARWEESH at that time was that he had criticized King ABDUL AZIZ
AL-SAUD when the king signed the document which the English Authorities
prepared in 1922 as a declaration for giving PALESTINE to the Jews; his
signature was obtained in the conference held at AL AQEER in 1922.

That was and still is the system of this Regime of the JEWISH FAMILY
(SAUDI FAMILY): All its goals are : plundering the wealth of the
country, robbing, falsifying, and committing all kinds of atrocity,
iniquity, and blasphemy-all are executed in compliance with their self
invented Wahabi Sect which legalizes the chopping of the heads of their
opposing subjects.

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