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816 Gaylib Backfiring: North Carolina bans Biological Men from Women's bathrooms & locker rooms

Gaylib Backfiring: North Carolina bans Biological Men from Women's
bathrooms & locker rooms

Newsletter published on 28 March 2016

(1) Gaylib Backfiring: North Carolina bans Biological Men from Women's
bathrooms & locker rooms
(2) There is more bullying of Gays now than 50 yrs ago, because of
Gaylib - Eric Walberg
(3) Pervert Sex Indoctrination a Gramscian strategy to destroy Western
Civ - Ron Corbyn

(1) Gaylib Backfiring: North Carolina bans Biological Men from Women's
bathrooms & locker rooms

    Eric Walberg<> 26 March 2016 at 23:54

Gaylib Backfiring

this is for transgenders, not transexuals. makes perfect sense but
treated as bigotry.

North Carolina Reins in Local Governments, Transgender Rule


RALEIGH, N.C. — Mar 23, 2016, 11:13 PM ET

North Carolina legislators decided to rein in local governments by
approving a bill Wednesday that prevents cities and counties from
passing their own anti-discrimination rules. Gov. Pat McCrory later
signed the legislation, which dealt a blow to the LGBT movement after
success with protections in cities across the country.

The Republican-controlled General Assembly took action after Charlotte
city leaders last month approved a broad anti-discrimination measure.
Critics focused on language in the ordinance that allowed transgender
people to use the restroom aligned with their gender identity.

McCrory, who was the mayor of Charlotte for 14 years and had criticized
the local ordinance, signed the legislation Wednesday night that he said
was "passed by a bipartisan majority to stop this breach of basic
privacy and etiquette."

Although 12 House Democrats joined all Republicans present in voting for
the bill in the afternoon, later all Senate Democrats in attendance
walked off their chamber floor during the debate in protest. Remaining
Senate Republicans gave the legislation unanimous approval.

"We choose not to participate in this farce," Senate Minority Leader Dan
Blue of Raleigh said after he left the chamber.

Senate leader Phil Berger of Eden said the Democrats' decision to leave
was a "serious breach of their obligation to the citizens that voted to
elect them."

Republicans and their allies have said intervening is necessary to
protect the safety of women and children from "radical" action by
Charlotte. There have been arguments that any man — perhaps a sex
offender — could enter a woman's restroom or locker room simply by
calling himself transgender.

"It's common sense — biological men should not me be in women's showers,
locker rooms and bathrooms," said GOP Rep. Dean Arp of Monroe before the
chamber voted 82-26 for the legislation after nearly three hours of debate.

Gay rights leaders and transgender people said the legislation demonizes
the community and espouses bogus claims about increasing the risk of
sexual assaults. They say the law will deny lesbian, gay, bisexual and
transgender people essential protections needed to ensure they can get a
hotel room, hail a taxi or dine at a restaurant without fear.

"McCrory's reckless decision to sign this appalling legislation into law
is a direct attack on the rights, well-being and dignity of hundreds of
thousands of LGBT North Carolinians and visitors to the state," Human
Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin said in a statement. Civil
liberties groups pledged to push for repeal and were weighing legal
options. A Thursday evening rally was planned.

GOP leaders scheduled the one-day session at the cost of $42,000 because
Charlotte's ordinance was set to take effect April 1. Otherwise, the
legislature wouldn't have returned until late April.

Current Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts, who pressed to get the
anti-discrimination ordinance approved, said she was appalled by the
legislature's actions.

"The General Assembly is on the wrong side of progress. It is on the
wrong side of history," Roberts said in a prepared statement. But
McCrory said in a release "the basic expectation of privacy in the most
personal of settings" was violated by "government overreach and
intrusion" by Roberts and the city council.

The law bars local governments statewide from prohibiting discrimination
in public places based on sexual orientation and gender identity. A new
statewide nondiscrimination law included doesn't contain those specific
protections. It directs all public schools, government agencies and
public college campuses to require bathrooms or locker rooms be
designated for use only by people based on their biological sex. They
can offer single-occupancy facilities.

Transgender people who have transitioned to the opposite sex wouldn't be
affected if they get their birth certificate changed.

Democrats said the measure makes North Carolina less inclusive and
interferes with local governments. They say the state could also risk
billions in federal education dollars with the school policy.

Ordinance supporters and opponents spoke to legislators in House and
Senate committees. They included Skye Thompson, 15, of Greenville, who
was born female but now identifies as male. He told senators they were
putting him in danger by requiring use of a women's restroom.

"I've dealt with bullying my whole life and now I worry that my own
state lawmakers are bullying me as well. I feel bullied by you guys,"
Thompson said.

Donna Eaton of Cary said everybody deserves to be treated with dignity
and respect but is worried that without Wednesday's legislation "it's
going to open the door for people with malicious intent who would
masquerade as transgenders to come in and actually take advantage and
have access to our kids."

Legislation requiring transgender students to use bathrooms
corresponding with their birth gender have failed recently. South
Dakota's legislature failed to override Gov. Dennis Daugaard's veto and
a similar bill in Tennessee bill died Tuesday.

The new law also would also make clear local governments can't require
area businesses to pay workers above the current minimum wage, with some
exceptions. McCrory said that although items beyond the bathroom-related
provisions in the legislation should have waited until later this spring
for debate, he signed it anyway because it doesn't change existing
rights under state or federal law.

(2) There is more bullying of Gays now than 50 yrs ago, because of
Gaylib - Eric Walberg

Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2016 02:26:13 +0000 (UTC)
From: Eric Walberg <>
Subject: Re: Compulsory Gay indoctrination of schoolchildren under the
  misnomer "Safe Schools"

great debate on gaylib and news of the government review by louden.

two shockers:

 >One lesson where students are asked to role-play what it would be like
to be same-sex attracted was considered problematic for students "from
conservative cultural groups" who might feel isolated by the lesson.

 >Openly gay Liberal senator Dean Smith said he was pleased with the
response and that it was a "very responsible decision by the Government".

so the gay (right wing) liberal  mp is defending the censorship of the
sex stuff, and the straight (left wing) labour mp is criticizing it? it
shows how meaningless the right/ left slots are.

that corresponds to my experience here in toronto. i went to a play
intended to tour high schools, 'outside', about a gay being bullied in
high school and how some straight kids open a 'gay and straight
alliance' to stop such bullying. (he was a wimp.)

the subtext is 'force the entire school to watch something that affects
2.5%. also 'come out' in high school.
i listened to q&a and saw an intelligent man my age who said he'd
counselled kids. so i went to ask him about his experience. i suspect
there is more bullying of gay types now than 50 yrs ago, precisely
because of gaylib.
i suggested the gay-straight alliance clubs are counterproductive. that
it is dangerous to open a gay pandora's box at high schools. he made
clear he was straight. he countered by saying 'if i were a gay student,
i'd like to go to a club like that just to see who went.'
uh, hu. me, i wouldn't be caught dead at one. what kind of counselling
is that?

the lesbian teacher-organizer even boasted that they showed it to gr 6
students who loved it.
sure, they're very impressionable, and no doubt felt like adults were
taking them seriously, regardless of the content.
the lesbian organizer overheard my discussion with the counsellor and
jumped in and told me 'this discussion doesn't belong here', with
daggers in her eyes. so i left.
the play was well performed and well written. it just shouldn't be used
as propaganda in schools.

i like your coalition mp Christensen
 >the program should be suspended because he did not want to see young
people "sexually liberated"."I don't want to see sexual liberation of
young people, I don't want to see young people sexualised at all," he said.

(3) Pervert Sex Indoctrination a Gramscian strategy to destroy Western
Civ - Ron Corbyn

Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2016 10:26:28 -0300
Subject: Re: Compulsory Gay indoctrination of schoolchildren under the
  misnomer "Safe Schools"
From: Ron Corbyn <>

Peter, you probably already know that pervert sex indoctrination is just
one of the things the Frankfurt School Jews do to break down western
civilization in preparation for the communist New World Order.  Google
these articles/books if you have not seen them:  1.  "Cultural
Communism/Marxism" (particularly the article by William S. Lind) by the
American Free Press (2002).  2.  "Prison Notebooks" by Antonio Gramsci,
the darling of western university social science and humanities
departments, who said famously "The destruction of Western Civilization
will require a long march through its institutions."  3. "45 Goals of
Communism" placed by Albert Herlong, Fla. congressman, in the
Congressional Record (1963). It is reproduced in Sklausen's "The Naked
Communist" and by Henry Makow on his website.

I might add that Herlong's list is an expansion of the communist goals
set forth by the Illuminati (1776) and later by Marx (1848). The reason
for the expansion is that Marx's prediction of a working class takeover
of industry during WWI failed, which was interpreted by communist Jew
apologists as meaning that the influence of Western Civilization
(Christian for most of its history) was still too strong and that it had
to be systematically destroyed.

The destruction of Western values was and is still seen as paramount, as
well as the need to break down the cohesiveness of society by means of
class warfare (e.g. deconstructionists vs. classicists, feminists vs.
housewives, blacks et al. vs. whites, biblical literalists vs. biblical
liberalists, gays vs. straights, gmoicists vs. organicists, freetradists
vs. protectionists, corporatists vs. small businessmen, urbanicists vs.
ruralists, relativists vs. absolutists, cosmopolitanists vs.
parochialists, warmongers vs. pacifists, interventionists vs. mind our
own businesscists, young vs. old, progressives vs. luddites, gun
controllers vs. gun nuts, global warmers vs. skeptics, etc.)

So anytime you see someone promoting pervert sex, right down to
elementary school kids, you can bet he is a communist or communist dupe.

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