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619 Janet Yellen keeps the Fed in the Tribe: four leaders in a row

Janet Yellen keeps the Fed in the Tribe: four leaders in a row

Newsletter published on 10 October 2013

(1) Janet Yellen keeps the Fed in the Tribe: four leaders in a row -
Peter Myers, October 10, 2013
(2) Until  Zoellick retired, the World Bank also had three Jewish heads
in a row - Peter Myers, October 10, 2013
(3) Larry Summers misses out as head of Fed; he helped cause Financial
Crises - Eamonn Fingleton
(4) Martin Wolf recommends Janet Yellen to head the Fed
(5) Janet Yellen is Jewish too; is the Fed a Jewish institution?
(6) Jews at the head of the Fed and World Bank - Mike Stathis (2010)
(7) Mike Stathis worked for UBS and Bear Stearns
(8) Virtually every top economic position in Washington is headed by a
Jewish person - Mike Stathis (2010)
(9) More of Obama's Jewish appointees - Mike Stathis (2010)
(10) Jewish Mafia tied to death of America, by Mike Stathis (2013)
(11) Free Trade is cause of America’s persistently high Jobless Rate -
Mike Stathis (2012)
(12) Free Trade and the Jewish Mafia - Mike Stathis (2012)
(13) The Solution to America’s Great Depression: Eliminate Welfare- Mike
Stathis (2012)

(1) Janet Yellen keeps the Fed in the Tribe: four leaders in a row -
Peter Myers, October 10, 2013

It's no secret that Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Fed, and his
predecessor Alan Greenspan, are Jewish.

The new head, Janet Yellen is too, according to
http://www.jewishpress.com/ (item 5).

Prior to Greenspan, Paul Volcker was head.

He attended the Lutheran church, and Wikipedia makes no mention of his
Jewishness <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Volcker>.

But YnetNews (of Israel) names him as Jewish (and notes his link to J.


Obama mulls naming Jewish economist secretary of treasury

Former Fed chair, who headed committee tasked with securing Swiss
restitution funds for Holocaust survivors, shortlisted for two of new
administration's top financial positions

Roni Sofer
Published: 11.09.08, 08:38 / Israel Money

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker is on the shortlist for the
US secretary of the treasury position in the Obama administration, Ynet
has learned.

Should Volcker, 82, be passed for the position, he is likely to be named
head of the US Financial Council.

Volcker, who chaired the Federal Reserve for eight years, was appointed
head of the committee which probed the liability of Swiss banks to
holocaust victims, in 1995. The committee's effort yielded $1.5 billion
in restitutions to Holocaust survivors.

While spearheaded by Volcker, the committee met once a moth, usually in
Zurich. The committee was made up of five Swiss members, representing
the banks, and five Jewish members - Avraham Burg, Ron Lauder, Israel
Singer, Dr. Reuven Bracha and Attorney Zvi Barak. ...

Volcker headed the Federal Reserve between 1979 and 1987, under
presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. After leaving the Fed, he
went into private practice, becoming chairman of the prominent New York
investment banking firm, J. Rothschild, Wolfensohn & Co.; but he was
occasionally asked to head public committees – the most famous of all
probed possible corruption in the Iraqi Oil for Food program, in 2004.

Born to a Jewish family in New Jersey in 1927, Volcker attended
Princeton University, Harvard and the London School of Economics. In
January of 2008, he endorsed Barack Obama's presidency bid and was his
closest financial adviser.

(2) Until  Zoellick retired, the World Bank also had three Jewish heads
in a row - Peter Myers, October 10, 2013

The previous head of the World Bank, Robert B. Zoellick, succeeded James
Wolfensohn & Paul Wolfowitz, both Jewish.

Wikipedia lists him as Christian.

But the San Diego Jewish World, of Wednesday Evening, May 30, 2007, says
Zoellick is Jewish.

In the "Jews in the News" section, the Jewish names are highlighted.
Zoellick is highlighted. So is Wolfowitz:


San Diego Jewish World again lists Zoellick as Jewish, on June 26, 2007


Jews in the News
*Newly designated World Bank President Robert Zoellick went on a
two-week tour of Africa, Europe and Latin America to get ready for his
new position.  The Associated Press story by Jeannine Aversa is in
today's San Diego Union-Tribune.

Zoellick, when vice-chairman of Goldman Sachs, made these passionate
comments on Israel:

{start Zoellick comments}

"From the Shanghai Communiqué to Global Stakeholders"

Remarks by Robert B. Zoellick

Vice Chairman, International, Goldman Sachs Group

at the Barnett-Oksenberg Lecture on Sino-American Relations sponsored by
The Shanghai Association of American Studies

The National Committee on U.S.-China Relations

Shanghai March 21, 2007

One also needs to consider what Israel might do. Iran supports
terrorists who attack Israel. Iran’s President has spoken of wiping
Israel off the map. He questions the reality of the Holocaust. The
Chinese are proud of their sense of history; the Jewish people have a
strong historical memory, too. It is burned in their soul that Jews once
stood by as enemies threatened them with annihilation.

I hope this rendition of the stakes might lead China to cooperate more
actively with the United States, the EU-3, Russia, and others to
dissuade Iran from its course of uranium conversion and enrichment. The
Russians have found cause to stop work on the Bushehr nuclear plant.
China could help through vigorous enforcement of sanctions on dual use
technology and by urging full cooperation with the IAEA’s detailed
demands, as called for by UN Security Council Resolution 1737. As long
as Iran resists the cooperation called for by the UN Security Council,
it should be subject to additional pressure, applied in gradations.
{end Zoellick comments}

(3) Larry Summers misses out as head of Fed; he helped cause Financial
Crises - Eamonn Fingleton


  9/15/2013 @ 6:09PM

The Fed Succession: Goodbye Larry Summers -- And Good Riddance

Eamonn Fingleton

For those of us who view the American economy from abroad, one of the
biggest puzzles of recent years has been President Obama’s reported wish
to appoint Larry Summers the next chairman of the Federal Reserve. As
Mark Leibovich has pointed out in This Town, a hilarious new book on the
Washington eco-system of show-boating, social climbing, and financial
conflicts, the nation’s capital is noted for a tendency for people to
“fail upward”: those who fail in one job suddenly re-appear — often
within months — in a bigger job where they are unleashed to do even more
damage. Even by Washington standards, however, the idea that Summers had
any claim on the job of Fed chairman was straight out of Through the
Looking Glass. Certainly had he got the job, it would have been the
ultimate proof of John Maynard Keynes’s cynical maxim that “worldly
wisdom teaches that it is better for reputation to fail conventionally
than to succeed unconventionally.” Thus it is heartening that Summers
has just announced he is withdrawing from the contest (albeit it took
three Democratic members of the Senate Banking Committee — Jon Tester,
Sherrod Brown, and Jeff Merkley — to stare him down). Summers’s decision
seems to render Fed vice chairwoman Janet Yellen a shoo-in for the top job.

As Joseph Stiglitz has pointed out, few economists deserve more blame
for the financial trainwreck of the last five years than Summers. In a
blog for the New York Times a few days ago, Stiglitz, who won the Nobel
prize for economics in 2001, commented: “As a Treasury Department
official during the Clinton administration, Mr. Summers supported
banking deregulation, including the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act,
which was pivotal in America’s financial crisis. His great ‘achievement’
as secretary of the Treasury, from 1999 to 2001, was passage of the law
that ensured that derivatives would not be regulated — a decision that
helped blow up the financial markets.”

Stiglitz added: “Some of those who were responsible for these key policy
mistakes have admitted the fundamental ‘flaws’ in their analyses. Mr.
Summers, to my knowledge, has not.”

Stiglitz has also pointed out that Summers’s record of egregious error
goes back at least to the mid 1990s, when he encouraged East Asian
nations quickly to liberalize their capital markets, a development that
led straight to the Asian financial crisis.

To cap it all, Summers has seemed far too close to the seamier side of
Wall Street. According to Michelle Malkin, writing in the New York Post,
he received no less than $135,000 for one speech from Goldman Sachs in
2008. He also made out like a bandit from speakers’ fees from
JPMorganChase and Citigroup not to mention such outright disaster zones
as Merrill Lynch (the crippled “thundering herd” outfit that has had to
be ignominiously rescued by Bank of America ) and Lehman Brothers. As
reported by Clea Benson of Bloomberg , Summers’s net worth as of 2009
was at least $17 million, more than 40 times the figure he reported in
1999. What made the difference was Wall Street’s unerring generosity
towards those public intellectuals whose ideas sell the American public
interest down the river.

Am I being too harsh? Not at all. Those of us who criticize Summers’s
record aren’t all merely wise after the fact. A lot of people over the
years have insisted on comprehensive financial regulation, not least the
architects of the 1930s Glass-Steagall system, which kept the U.S. banks
out of trouble for four decades — the best four decades in American
economic history. If you want to find contemporary policymakers who have
understood all along the case for financial regulation, you need go no
further than Canada, which did not follow the United States down the
road to deregulation. In contrast with the repeated crises which have
rocked U.S. finance for more than three decades, the Canadians have been
rewarded with a consistently efficient, crisis-free financial system. It
is a similar story in much of central and northern Europe, where for the
most part financial regulators have maintained a firm grip in the face
of constant exhortations from the United States and the United Kingdom
to deregulate. In my own case, I ridiculed new financial instruments in
In Praise of Hard Industries: Why Manufacturing, Not the Information
Economy, Is the Key to Future Prosperity, a book published in 1999. The
heading for my chapter on finance said it all: “Finance: A Cuckoo in the
Economy’s Nest.”

A final comment on Summers’s popularity on the speaking circuit. To say
the least, it is a fair bet that Wall Street would have been less
inclined to unload such largesse on him if he had a record of advocating
prudent financial regulation.

(4) Martin Wolf recommends Janet Yellen to head the Fed

We still live in Lehman's shadow

By Martin Wolf

Financial Times, September 17, 2013


[...] It is high time that the White House nominated the next chair of
the Fed. It needs to be someone who understands and believes in the only
policy available.

It should, of course, be Janet Yellen, the current vice-chair.

(5) Janet Yellen is Jewish too; is the Fed a Jewish institution?


Larry Summers Withdraws From Consideration to Head Fed

Summers removed his name from consideration, but the new chair of the
Federal Reserve may still incite anti-Semites to scream about Jews
controlling America's finances.

By: Lori Lowenthal Marcus

Published: September 16th, 2013

Larry Summers has removed himself from consideration to become the next
chairman of the Federal Reserve

Was it all the negative articles in which the other front-runner for
Federal Reserve Chair, Janet L. Yellen, was compared to Lawrence Summers
and Summers was found wanting? Was it that, plus the snarky articles
pointing out that despite what some saw as Yellen's superior
credentials, that Obama was intent on naming Summers to replace Ben
Bernanke as the head of the Federal Reserve? Was it the remaining
residue of sexism that plagued Summers when he was the president of
Harvard University that finally caught up with the politically correct
police guarding the gates in Washington?

According to the letter Summers released following his telephone call to
the White House to inform the president of his decision, he wanted the
job but recognized the deleterious sideshow that would ensue were the
president to name the prickly former secretary of the treasury.

But timing was probably the decisive factor in Summers' withdrawal. Had
the president not just gone through a bruising clash with the left wing
of his party over the potential use of military force in Syria, which
followed on the revelations of this administration's sanctioned
government snooping by the National Security Agency, the president might
have pushed hard for his choice, and Summers might have been willing to
take on whatever criticism would come his way in a confirmation hearing.
But this summer's one-two NSA-Syria punch sucked out all the air from
Summers' sails.

"I have reluctantly concluded that any possible confirmation process for
me would be acrimonious and would not serve the interest of the Federal
Reserve, the Administration or, ultimately, the interests of the
nation's ongoing economic recovery," was what the 58-year old Summers
wrote, according to an article posted to the Wall Street Journal website
late Sunday afternoon.

The Federal Reserve system, which sets monetary policy for the country,
is the central banking system of the United States. The chairmanship of
the Fed will be open after January 31, when the second term of the
current occupant, Ben Bernanke, concludes. Bernanke did not wish to
continue for a third term.

Mr. Obama accepted Summers' withdrawal, although it was widely believed
that the former secretary of the treasury and president of Harvard
University was the president's first choice.

Obama described Summers as "a critical member of my team as we faced
down the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, and it was in
no small part because of his expertise, wisdom, and leadership that we
wrestled the economy back to growth and made the kind of progress we are
seeing today."

While Summers was the first Jewish president of Harvard University, he
would hardly have been the first Jewish chairman of the Federal Reserve.

In fact, while the chairman of the Fed has been a Jew for more than the
past 25 years, with Alan Greenspan at the helm from 1987 – 2006, and
then Bernanke in the seat from 2006 until his term ends in early 2014,
there have been at least three other chairmen who have been Jewish.
However, there has never been a woman chair, and the likely choice now
for President Obama is Janet Yellen.

Yellen, 67 years old, is currently the vice-chair of the Fed. She is
also Jewish.

Is it likely the old anti-Semitic canards about Jews running the global
financial market will start up again if Yellen is named? No, because
they never stopped. Enter the words "Jew" and "Federal Reserve" in a
search engine and be prepared to see lots of hysterical rants from

About the Author: Lori Lowenthal Marcus is the US correspondent for The
Jewish Press. She is a recovered lawyer who previously practiced First
Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools.

(6) Jews at the head of the Fed and World Bank - Mike Stathis (2010)

{Update 2013: With the sacking of Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the
retirement of Robert Zoellick, the IMF and the World Bank no longer have
Jewish heads. Christine Lagarde is head of the IMF; a Korean-American,
Jim Yong Kim, now heads the World Bank - Peter M}


Elements Of The Jewish Global Banking Mafia

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

by {Mike} Stathis

I will be expanding this data over the next several months. For now,
have a look. I have presented this information for you to keep so that
he next time someone calls you an anti-Semite for saying Jews run the
world's banking system, you can back up your claims with facts. I will
be compiling similar data regarding the media, corporate America,
academia, Washington and other centers of Jewish power. In the 1944
Bretton Woods Conference, the World Bank and IMF were created. While
both are international organizations, they are headquartered in
Washington DC. The World Bank is led by Americans while the IMF is led
by Europeans.

World Bank is a Jewish-run international bank whose stated purpose is to
assist developing nations in need of humanitarian relief, with the
stated purpose of reducing poverty, although this serves as a front for
its power-grab. Headquartered in Washington DC, the World Bank is really
an extension of the Washington crime syndicate. Currently, the World
Bank president is Robert B. Zoellick, a Jew and former Goldman Sachs
managing director, PNAC and CFR member, former Deputy Secretary of State
and US Trade Rese stpresentative)

Former World Bank Presidents

Paul Wolfowitz 2005–2007 (JEWISH and former Deputy Secretary of Defense,
spearheaded Iraq War with PNAC)
James Wolfensohn 1995–2005 (JEWISH and former Solomon Brothers
executive, founder of Wolfensohn & Co)
Lewis T. Preston 1991–1995 (JEWISH and former president and CEO of JP
Barber Conable 1986–1991 (JEWISH and former congressman and US senator)
Alden W. Clausen 1981–1986 (JEWISH and former president, chairman and
CEO of Bank of America)
Robert McNamara 1968–1981 (not Jewish)
George Woods 1963–1968 (JEWISH former First Boston Bank Chairman)
Eugene R. Black, Sr. 1949–1963 (JEWISH and Former Chairman of the
Federal Reserve)
John J. McCloy 1947–1949 (not Jewish, but was very close to Paul Warburg
and other Wall Street Jews)
Eugene Meyer 1946–1946 (JEWISH former owner of the Washington Post and
Chairman of the Federal Reserve)

International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a Jewish -run bank designed to take
over the political power and societal norms of nations in financial
distress. Although it claims to be an international fund, it is really
an extension of Washington. The current president of the IMF is
Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a Jew. {2010; since forced to resign}

Former IMF Presidents
Rodrigo Rato 2004–2007
Horst Köhler 2000–2004
Michel Camdessus 1987–2000 (?)
Jacques de Larosière 1978–1987 (?)
Johannes Witteveen 1973–1978 (JEWISH)
Pierre-Paul Schweitzer 1963–1973 (JEWISH)
Per Jacobsson 1956–1963 (JEWISH)
Ivar Rooth 1951–1956 (JEWISH)
Camille Gutt 1946–1951(JEWISH)

The Global Jewish Banking Cartel (Primary Shareholders of the Federal
Reserve Bank)

Rothschild Bank of London – Jewish owned and run
Rothschild Bank of Berlin - Jewish owned and run
Goldman Sachs Bank of New York - Jewish owned and run
Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York - Jewish owned and run
American Express - Jewish owned and run
Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris - Jewish owned and run
Israel Moses Sieff Banks of Italy - Jewish owned and run
Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Germany - Jewish owned and run
Warburg Bank of Amsterdam - Jewish owned and run
Former Lehman Brothers Bank of New York - Jewish owned and run
Chase Manhattan Bank - Jewish owned and run
Former Bear Stearns - Jewish owned and run

"Give me control of the money of a country and I care not who makes her
laws." Meyer Rothschild

Wall Street was formerly controlled largely by the Italian mafia decades
ago, although there was still a significant but less conspicuous control
by Jews. Over the most recent decades, Italians have been pushed out,
retired and replaced with Zionist Jewish mafia.

Chairmen of the Federal Reserve Bank (Paul Warburg, JEWISH was also a
huge force behind the Fed)
Charles S. Hamlin (August 10, 1914 – August 10, 1916) JEWISH
William P. G. Harding (August 10, 1916 – August 9, 1922) JEWISH
Daniel R. Crissinger (May 1, 1923 – September 15, 1927) JEWISH
Roy A. Young (October 4, 1927 – August 31, 1930) ?
Eugene I. Meyer (September 16, 1930 – May 10, 1933) JEWISH
Eugene R. Black (May 19, 1933 – August 15, 1934) JEWISH
Marriner S. Eccles (November 15, 1934 – February 3, 1948) not Jewish
Thomas B. McCabe (April 15, 1948 – April 2, 1951) JEWISH
William McChesney Martin, Jr. (April 2, 1951 – February 1, 1970) not Jewish
Arthur F. Burns (February 1, 1970 – January 31, 1978) JEWISH
G. William Miller (March 8, 1978 – August 6, 1979) ?
Paul A. Volcker (August 6, 1979 – August 11, 1987) JEWISH
Alan Greenspan (August 11, 1987 – January 31, 2006) JEWISH
Ben S. Bernanke (February 1, 2006 – ) JEWISH

Federal Reserve Board of Governors runs the Federal Reserve

Benjamin S. Bernanke, Chairman - JEWISH
Donald L. Kohn – JEWISH
Kevin M. Warsh - JEWISH
Randall S. Kroszner - JEWISH
Tarullo (recently replaced Frederic S. Mishkin) – both JEWISH

Presidents of the 12 Federal Reserve District Banks

Boston: Eric S. Rosengren - JEWISH
New York: Timothy F. Geithner (now the Secretary of the Treasury for
Obama) - JEWISH
Philadelphia: Charles I. Plosser - JEWISH
Richmond: Jeffrey M. Lacker - JEWISH
St. Louis: James B. Bullard - JEWISH
Minneapolis: Gary H. Stern - JEWISH
Kansas City: Thomas M. Hoenig - JEWISH
Dallas: Richard W. Fisher - JEWISH
San Francisco: Janet L. Yellen (promoted to Board of Governors) - JEWISH
Cleveland: Sandra Pianalto - non-Jew
Atlanta: Dennis P. Lockhart - ?
Chicago: Charles L. Evans - non-Jew

Among the 12 Federal Reserve District Banks, the New York Federal
Reserve Bank is the one with all of the power.

Directors of the Federal Reserve Regional Banks (as of 2010)

John F. Fish - JEWISH
Michael T. Wedge - JEWISH
William D. Nordhaus – JEWISH
Kirk A. Sykes - JEWISH
Henri A. Termeer - JEWISH

JEWISH Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Regional Banks

{visit the link to see the graphic}

"We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only
question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or

Jewish Banker Paul Warburg, February 17, 1950, as he testified before
the U.S. Senate.

Please notify us with any errors, with supporting evidence.

(7) Mike Stathis worked for UBS and Bear Stearns


Mike Stathis is the chief investment strategist of AVA Investment
Analytics, a financial research firm catering to financial

He also serves as the managing principal of the venture capital firm
Apex Venture Advisors.[3]

At the height of the financial crisis of 2008, within days of the
seizure of Washington Mutual by the Office of Thrift Supervision,
Stathis issued a formal complaint to the Securities and Exchange
Commission, demonstrating evidence of insider trading. The complaint
also alleged that Washington Mutual was not insolvent, and several Wall
Street firms and hedge funds had conspired to short the stock. He also
stated that he spoke with a reporter from the Associated Press who told
him that he was contacted by a Washington Mutual executive hours before
the seizure, telling the reporter that it would happen for "political
reasons." In later criticisms, Stathis discussed that the neither the
FDIC nor OTS ever disclosed any evidence of Washington Mutual's

Stathis stated that within a few weeks of submitting his complaint, he
was visited by federal agents who held him in an interrogation room for
questioning. As a result of this, Stathis stated that he felt bullied
and did not release the SEC compliant into the public domain until a
year later.[5][6]

Stathis has written extensively regarding what he has documented as
corporate fascism in the United States.[7][8][9]

Most of these publications can be found only on his company website, but
several appear on Veterans Today.[10] He has also written about
financial and accounting tactics used by Washington,[11] written about
poverty,[12] Wall Street fraud, and focuses much of his writings on
social justice.

He has attributed the nation's economic decline primarily to the effects
of free trade and other aspects of globalization, as well as the
nation's poorly-structured and "inefficient" healthcare system.[13][14]

Stathis has written articles for the Iranian state-owned Press TV.
Stathis has shown substantial basis for his views in the role of the IMF
intentionally destroying the Greek economy, and he draws upon IMF data
and the organization's own admission that Southeastern European nations
began to experience significant economic difficulties immediately
following their inclusion into the European Union.

He anticipated the collapse of the United States housing market, the
financial crisis, including the bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,
the collapse of the Dow Jones Industrial Average to approximately 6200,
and the collapse of the global equities markets leading to a global
recession and depression in the U.S. in his 2006 book, America's
Financial Apocalypse.

He has stated extensively that he has been black-listed by the U.S.
media because he speaks the truth about the fraud on Wall Street,
corporate America, and the U.S. government. This began with the release
of his book, America's Financial Apocalypse in 2006. The book was banned
by all U.S. publishers despite the fact that it predicted nearly every
detail of the financial crisis and economic collapse in advance. He has
been interviewed only on rare occasion by a couple of mainstream media

Certain aricles fuel speculation that his views may be anti-Semitic,
particularly an article titled "Jewish Mafia Tied to Death of America"
where he is quoted as writing: "There is but one solution. The root
cause of this cancer must be extracted. This would be the Jewish Mafia.
The objectives of the Jewish Mafia include both Zionist and non-Zionist
elements. Their main goal is to extract all wealth from every nation and
seize complete control of the entire world. Until Americans come to
acknowledge the role of the Jewish Mafia in the subversion of their
nation, they will remain enslaved indefinitely. The same applies to
Canada, Australia and all of Europe." [16]

He has appeared on the Thom Hartmann Show,[17] Financial Sense,[18] and
the Jerry Doyle Show.

In July 2008, when interviewed by CNN, he was quoted as saying that
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac held "$1.4 trillion on their books." [19]

His Press TV biography indicates that he holds an MSc in Biological
Chemistry and Biophysics from the University of Pennsylvania and was a
National Science Foundation research fellow at UC Berkeley.[20]

He previously worked for UBS and Bear Stearns in asset management and
merchant banking. where he dealt with institutional investors, including
corporate treasury departments and pension funds. His investment
expertise spans several industries, but his technology focus in both the
public and private markets is healthcare (including healthcare IT) and

Published books [edit source]

  America's Healthcare Solution. 2010. ISBN 978-0-9822579-0-6

  The Wall Street Investment Bible. 2009. ISBN 978-0-9755776-9-1

  America's Financial Apocalypse: How to Profit from the Next Great
Depression. Condensed Edition. January 2008. ISBN 978-0-9755776-7-7

  Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble. 2007. ISBN 978-0-9755776-8-4

  America's Financial Apocalypse: How to Profit from the Next Great
Depression. 2006. ISBN 978-0-9755776-5-3

  The Startup Company Bible for Entrepreneurs. 2005. ISBN 0-9755776-0-3

References [edit source]

1.^ http://www.avaresearch.com
2.^ http://seekingalpha.com/author/mike-stathis
3.^ http://www.apexva.com






10.^ http://www.veteranstoday.com/author/stathis.html



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(8) Virtually every top economic position in Washington is headed by a
Jewish person - Mike Stathis (2010)


Obama, Puppet Of The Jewish Mafia (Part 1)

Monday, December 20, 2010

by {Mike} Stathis

[...] After facing intense pressure to axe his entire economic team due
to their strong ties with Wall Street and the Federal Reserve, Obama's
advisers basically opened the door for Larry Summers' departure.

Obama has narrowed down his choices to replace Zionist Jew and Wall
Street insider, Larry Summers as the next Director of the National
Economic Council. Let's take a look at Obama's remaining candidates.

First, we have Zionist Jew Richard Levine, currently serving as Yale's
president, a position he has held since 1993. Levine has spent most of
his life in academics. As an academic economist, Levine brings no real
business sense to the table.

Next, there's Zionist Jew Gene Sperling, a Washington insider. Sperling
previously served as deputy director of the National Economic Council
headed by Robert Rubin under Clinton's first term. In Clinton's second
term Sperling served as Treasury Secretary and director of National
Economic Council. Thus, Sperling has experience under the regime that
removed the most critical portion of the Glass-Steagall Act, spearheaded
by Robert Ruben, Larry Summers, Alan Greenspan and Phil Gramm.

In addition, as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and current
advisor to Secretary of Treasury Tim Geithner, Sperling brings the kind
of leadership to ensure criminal activity by Wall Street, the Federal
Reserve and the elite scum.

Obama's final candidate for NEC Director is Zionist Jew Roger Altman,
founder and head of Evercore Partners. Most recently, Evercore advised
General Motors in its bankruptcy reorganization plan, charging a total
of nearly $70 million; funds that came from tax payers. Many experts
have called these fees absurd. But what does it matter? It wasn't GM's
money to hand out. It was yours.

Altman was previously the Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury under
President Carter, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury under President
Clinton, an executive at Lehman Brothers, and Vice Chairman of the
Blackstone Group, making him a career politician and indisputable Wall
Street vulture.

Adding to his candidacy for a top position in America's fascist regime
is Altman's membership in the Council on Foreign Relations and his
attendance at the Bilderberg Group.

So there we have it. Regardless who is selected, it will be just another
lose-lose situation for the American people. Perhaps if Obama opened his
platform to non-Jewish candidates, he might be able to receive some
guidance that actually benefits working-class Americans instead of
corporate oligarchs and Wall Street scum.

But this is not possible due to the tremendous power held by AIPAC and
some 300 Israeli lobbies, all of which have bought off Washington. For
if Obama does not abide by AIPAC's demands, similar to all other
politicians, he will face the wrath of this, the most powerful lobby in
the U.S. This is a fate no politician would wish on his worst enemy.

Many Americans want to see U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner replaced
as well due to his close ties to the Federal Reserve Bank. However, you
can bet that if Geithner were to leave, another Jew (most likely
Zionist) would be selected according to the demands of AIPAC.

A few months ago, Jewish economist Peter Orszag (I do not think he is a
Zionist) abruptly resigned as Director of the Office of Management and
Budget. Previously, Orszag served several economic positions under
Clinton, then Director of the Congressional Budget Office. Immediately
upon leaving the White House, Orszag joined the CFR as a distinguished
visiting fellow.

Recently, he joined Citigroup's Senior Strategic Advisory Group, where
his estimated compensation is expected to be around $3 million annually
despite the fact that he has no real experience in this area. Orszag
follows the long tradition of departing office via the revolving door
between Washington and corporate America.

How can Americans ever expect to have any confidence in Washington when
they are rewarded with fortunes by those they are supposed to police
when they leave office? The examples of this activity are endless.

So who did Obama replace Orszag with? Take a guess.

Jacob Lew, a Zionist Jew. Lew previously served as Special Assistant to
the President under Clinton, several positions in the OMB including
Director under Clinton.

Prior to being selected as the new head of the OMB, Lew served as the
Deputy Secretary of State and Management of Resources under Obama. Like
so many of Obama's Jewish Cabinet, Lew is a Wall Street insider, having
served as the COO of Citigroup's Alternative investments unit in 2006.
Something smells fishy here.

What that means is that Lew quite possibly (alternative investments may
or may not include exotic derivatives such as those that helped implode
Citigroup) had a role in the destruction of the bank, costing tax payers
billions of dollars.

What about the Congressional Budget Office. Care to guess who heads this
important economic position?

The Director of the CBO is Douglas W. Elmendorf, another Jew.

If it seems like virtually every top economic position in Washington is
headed by a Jewish person that's because it is. With no more than 2% of
the U.S. population, Jews are overrepresented by anywhere from 15 to up
to 50 times in key industries and the federal government, Wall Street
and the Federal Reserve Bank, to the media, Hollywood, corporate America
and the legal system.

But that's certainly not all. We see similar levels of
overrepresentation in some of America's top universities. That's what
you call some major networking not even rivaled by the most corrupt

As you might imagine, with this level of control over the U.S., Israel
receives more financial aid from America than the rest of the world
combined. In essence, tax payers are funding the ethnic cleansing of
Israel. Ironically, while millions of Americans have lost their homes
due to the collapse caused by Wall Street and the Federal Reserve,
Israeli homeownership is being subsidized in the West Bank with U.S. tax

But a good part of this U.S. aid to Israel is shuttled back to AIPAC,
enabling it to purchase even the most reluctant politicians. Thus, your
tax dollars are being spent buying off Washington in order to support
Jewish appointments and to pass laws favorable to Israel.

And of course we cannot forget about Wall Street because this is the
primary source that feeds the Zionist mafia. Wall Street is able to buy
off Washington, ensuring that it is able to continue ripping off
investors. And we all know who most of the big Wall Street players are.

Everywhere you turn in the U.S. you will see Jewish individuals (most of
them Zionists) in top positions. This is by neither coincidence nor
merit-based. It's due to the tight network of power and money utilized
by the Zionist Jewish mafia.

And we cannot forget about the kosher tax on food items, which brings in
an estimated $10 to $15 billion dollars worldwide each year to Jewish
Rabbis. Amazingly, with more than 42 million Americans on food stamps,
this unfair tax has never been questioned by anyone in Washington or the
Zionist-controlled media.

In Part 2, I will present to you some other important positions held by
Jews and appointed by Obama's Jewish handlers. Thereafter, you should
have no doubt whatsoever who runs Washington.

(9) More of Obama's Jewish appointees - Mike Stathis (2010)


Obama, Puppet Of The Jewish Mafia (Part 2)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

by {Mike} Stathis

I continue where I left off from Part 1.

So let's have a look at more of Obama's Jewish appointees.

David Axelrod – Special Adviser to the President; Axelrod, a Zionist Jew
serves as Obama's political strategist. He is also very well connected
in the business and political area, as well as within the big Jewish
money in Chicago such as the large Pritzker family of billionaires.

Jared Bernstein – Chief Economist and Economic Policy Adviser to the
Vice President. Bernstein comes from the Jewish-led right-wing think
tank, the Economic Policy Institute. Although the EPI claims it is
non-partisan, the facts arguably reveal a different story. The EPI has
been known for its research into the economic impacts of free trade.
However, ever since Bernstein moved to the White House, the EPI has
stayed clear of the subject.

Rahm Emanuel - White House Chief of Staff; son of a Zionist terrorist;
dual-citizen of Israel and America. Yet, when it came time for serving
his nation, Emanuel didn't join the U.S. military during the Gulf War.
He served in served in Israel's military. Similar to most U.S.-Israeli
dual citizens, it's clear that Emanuel's top loyalty is with Israel. I
consider such a mentality to present a threat to U.S. national security.

Prior to entering Washington, Emanuel utilized Jewish Mafioso networking
to secure a lucrative job at an investment bank, although he had no
prior experience in business. But that didn't matter because he was
Jewish. And if you are Jewish and you work on Wall Street, you will make
a huge sum of money. Emanuel lived up to this reputation, pulling in
over $15 million in less than 3 years at the firm.

While serving in Congress, Emanuel was the top House recipient of
donations from Wall Street, hedge funds, private equity fund, banks, and
the overall financial industry during the 2008 election cycle, all while
the financial crisis was collapsing. It looks like Wall Street knows
where its money is best-spent.

Tim Geithner – Treasury Secretary and formerly President of the New York
Fed (which is by far the most powerful and influential branch of the
Fed). But you shouldn't assume that he is a winner just because he holds
a high office. Most individuals in the U.S. in positions of power got
there because they have done the right things for the wrong people. This
applies to the private sector as much as in the public. Geithner was one
of the key architects of the Bear Stearns giveaway to JP Morgan, as well
as TARP. Like virtually all of Obama's appointees, Geithner has been a
complete disaster and has been a total failure at every position he has

Mary Schapiro – Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission;
Schapiro was Chairman of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
since 2007. As a reward for her role in negligence resulting in the
global economic collapse, Schapiro was appointed to head the SEC by
Obama. Despite the PR campaign rolled out by the SEC since missing the
Madoff Ponzi scheme, I can assure you there will be no change from this
criminal organization. It's all hot air. I know this from personal

Schapiro is no more than a career politician, having served in every
Presidential administration since Reagan. But she is also a former
executive for Duke Energy and Kraft Foods, introducing additional
conflict of interest. As an exercise, you might want to examine the
Board of Directors of each of these companies and count how many members
are Jewish.

If you've often wondered why it is that Wall Street and commercial banks
get away with so much fraud, you might want to ask yourself why it is
that Jews are so often appointed the role of regulating Wall Street and
the banks. You don't think that the powerful Jewish networking and
comradery plays a role in this?

I'd like to point to the case of Bernie Madoff as a recent example. We
can also examine the fate of junk bond king and insider trading crook
from the Savings and Loan scandal, Michael Milken. In addition to the
SEC, more important, Milken had the help of his colleagues in the
Department of Justice. Perhaps this is why he only spend a couple of
years in club fed, and reentered the free world with hundreds of
millions of dollars.

Below is a list of SEC chairmen and commissioners during the time period
that Milken committed securities fraud and was investigated thereafter.
Surprise, surprise, virtually every top SEC official during that period
is Jewish. Notably, Mary Shapiro was an SEC commissioner at the time of
Milken's investigation. Is everything beginning to make sense now?

{visit the link to see the rest}

(10) Jewish Mafia tied to death of America, by Mike Stathis (2013)


Thursday Sep 05, 2013 12:08 PM GMT

Jewish Mafia tied to death of America

Thu Jan 3, 2013 11:20AM

By Mike Stathis

A 21-year-old American looks for food in a garbage can on October 11,
2012 in Camden, New Jersey, US.
{end photo}

The United States has endured many challenges since having reached its
economic peak several decades ago. The wealth generated during the 1940s
and 1950s carried the nation through several economic downturns. By the
1970s, much of this excess wealth had been depleted.

As America's economic decline was becoming more apparent, the nation's
ruling class convinced Washington officials to introduce a series of
levers designed to reduce or even reverse the decline. I have discussed
each of these levers in previous articles.

The first lever introduced was the petrodollar in the early 1970s. The
next was free trade. This economic pillar of globalization was advocated
in the 1980s, but was not pushed through Congress until the early 1990s.
Since then, it has spread throughout much of the world.

The final lever was the creation of numerous asset bubbles by the
Federal Reserve Bank and Wall Street, both run by the Jewish Mafia. The
Fed's ability to create these bubbles is based largely on the financial
attributes of the petrodollar.

Irrespective of these gimmicks, the United States currently finds itself
in a depression. This depression is in many ways more severe and will be
more difficult to escape than that seen during the 1930s. I have written
several articles in support of these claims.

While things might begin to look better in a few years, the United
States is likely to proceed through its socioeconomic decline until the
American Empire has been dissolved. Certainly there will be many
additional attempts to resurrect this empire. More wars will be fought,
more oil will be taken from abroad, and more asset bubbles will be
created. But these tricks will only delay, not prevent the continued
decline of the United States. The winding down process is likely to take
several decades. In exchange for these delays, the total damage will be
more severe.

America's Second Great Depression was triggered by massive Wall Street
fraud involving trillions of dollars of grossly overvalued real estate
securities. Many of these securities were not worth the paper they were
printed on, but were marketed to institutional investors as "safe
investments." When the house of cards collapsed, an unprecedented
financial crisis engulfed the entire world. These predictions were
detailed in America's Financial Apocalypse, two years before the
financial crisis.

Hundreds of millions of people from around the world suffered the
greatest financial loss of their lives as a result of the widespread
fraud perpetrated by the Jewish Mafia. Tens of millions of jobs and
homes were lost, while trillions of dollars were stolen from pensions,
IRAs and other retirement accounts. Now we see entire nations in Europe
being raped by the Jewish Mafia.

There were no bailouts for the victims of this heist, but the banks were
bailed out. The bankers, mortgage brokers and everyone else behind the
scam retained the profits extracted as a result of fraud. Incompetent
pension fund managers using other peoples' money bought these toxic
assets. They had a legally-binding fiduciary responsibility to act with
prudence but failed to do so. Yet, they kept their jobs after making
these irresponsible and poorly thought-out investments.

And still, not a single one of the thousands of criminals responsible
for this colossal charade is in prison. This highlights the sheer power
of the Jewish Mafia. Perhaps even worse is that the scams continue to
this day. Unfortunately, the Jewish Mafia will continue to defraud Main
Street indefinitely because nothing has been done to prevent securities
fraud. In fact, the moral hazard has been strengthened due to the
absence of criminal prosecution.

Rather than serving as the root cause of America's Second Great
Depression, the financial crisis merely revealed the true face of an
economy that had been in gradual decline for many years. As detailed in
America's Financial Apocalypse, America's three decade-long period of
declining living standards has been masked by three principle forces;
the shift from one- to two-income households; rapid growth of consumer
credit; and the influx of illegal aliens. But these economic crutches
have resulted in devastating societal consequences.

Let's have a brief look at America's Golden Era, and then contrast it
with what we see in the United States today.

America's Golden Era

During the early part of the 20th century the United States was
challenging the United Kingdom for the title of the leading economic
superpower. The US was able to ascend to this position rather quickly
due to its vast supply of untapped natural resources and budding
entrepreneurial spirit that emerged from this relatively new nation.

By the 1940s, the United States had established itself as the preeminent
superpower. The nation exited the war with the world's most dominant
military. And it proved to the world that it was the leader in
innovation and manufacturing.

The post-war period was very prosperous for the United States. By the
1950s, it was difficult to find goods that were not "Made in the USA."
Everyone from around the world lined up for American-made products. They
were the best in quality, design and durability. Of course the United
States did not face much competition at the time since most of the world
remained in shambles from World War II. Nevertheless, this period of
tremendous economic growth enabled America to pay off its enormous
wartime debt and amass a huge level of wealth.

America's dominant manufacturing sector gave rise to job security and
generous benefits because it produced goods demanded by the world. This
led to large annual trade surpluses which added to the nation's wealth.
This made Americans strong consumers.

During America's Golden Era consumers were not owned by banks. They did
not rely on credit cards. In fact, credit cards were quite rare at the
time. Americans typically bought only what they could pay for in cash.
This was possible because the majority of jobs paid living wages. Other
times they used layaway plans. These installment plans had no interest
payments and kept consumers out of debt.

There was no need for financial trickery and credit bubbles during
America's Golden Era. America's export trade was very strong and good
jobs were plentiful. This was a time when the United States was also the
world's largest creditor and the world's largest exporter of crude oil.
It was a nation whereby production exceeded consumption.

During the Golden Era, Americans could actually afford medical care.
There were no medical bankruptcies because the nation's
medical-industrial complex was in its infancy and had not yet formed
strong partnerships up with Wall Street.

The societal elements during America's Golden Era were also on more
solid ground. The family unit was strong. Americans had a sense of who
they were and where they came from. The United States permitted
immigration but made sure to emphasize and preserve the cultural, racial
and ethnic origins of the country. By no means was America perfect
during its Golden Era. There were racial, gender and economic
inequalities. And the Banking Cartel was working with the corporate
infrastructure to seize complete control over the nation. But overall,
it was a great time to live in America.

Modern America

There have been numerous radical changes in the United States since
having reached the end of its Golden Era. By the late-1960s, several
changes had already taken place that would determine much of the
nation's forward trajectory.

Today, multiculturalism, feminism, gay and lesbianism, affirmative
action and political correctness have overwhelmed America. The result of
this war on US society has been socioeconomic decay, gender confusion
and the breakdown of the family unit. The Jewish Mafia's
media-entertainment complex has been the primary weapon utilized in this
socioeconomic war against America.

The masses have been coerced by various means to accept dangerous ideals
which threaten the nation. For decades, the Jewish Mafia has been
reengineering the nation's institutional infrastructure in order to wage
a political and economic war exclusively against Americans of White,
Christian, European ancestry. Black pride, Mexican pride and Asian pride
are emphasized and encouraged in the school system. In contrast, White
Americans are discouraged from developing a sense of pride and
self-worth. Under the rule of the Jewish Mafia, America's educational
establishment is now teaching students that race does not exist.

The truth is being stifled through a variety of mechanisms such as
defamation, hate speech and public intimidation. Children are
indoctrinated with various ideals from within the political correctness
agenda, from pre-school through college. Thereafter, this brainwashing
continues throughout their lives in both the public and private sector.
These ideals and behaviors are being introduced and reinforced by the
Jewish-run media-entertainment complex on a daily basis.

The United States has exhibited numerous hallmark signs of a nation in
crisis for many years. But Washington refuses to acknowledge the crisis
because Americans would eventually come to realize the source of the

American females are having a more difficult time finding husbands
because they have been told that they should focus on preparing for and
establishing a career before forming a family. As a result, many females
who spent their early years focusing on their career are finding it
difficult to find a suitable partner for marriage.

Married couples no longer remain married in America. The previous legal
hurdles required to obtain a divorce have been removed. And divorce has
been made socially acceptable. As a result, the nation's divorce rate is
very troubling and embarrassing. Again, this has been the work of the
Jewish Mafia through its support of feminism and the reengineering of
gender roles. And they have used their control over the nation's
educational system and media to anchor destructive ideas into the minds
of females young and old.

The spread of trash TV, hip-hop and rap "music" has glamourized
immorality, filthy and disrespectful behaviors, pornography, low
self-esteem and violence. As a result of this propaganda tsunami,
teenage girls think it's "cool" to be known as "whores" and "sluts."
They take nude pictures and post them online. They film themselves
having sex and upload the videos onto the Internet.

These behaviors are being reinforced by the Jewish Mafia's
media-entertainment complex on a daily basis. Sadly, American parents
are not demanding an end to this media filth and corruption of their
children. Instead, they too are soaking up the same filth. As a result,
America has relinquished its moral, ethnic and cultural foundations at
the hands of the Jewish Mafia.

The level of violence and inhumanity in America continues to reach new
heights. New born babies are left in garbage dumps, parents are
murdering their infants, teens are killing teens, as well as their
parents. Metal detectors are found in most inner city public schools
serving as a daily reminder of America's degeneracy.

The economic decay of the nation mirrors its societal decay. Today, the
United States is the world's largest debtor and the world's largest
importer of oil. It's also the world's largest exporter of jobs. Other
countries stop at nothing to achieve domestic job growth. But in the
United States, corporate profits dictate economic and trade policy. This
is precisely what one would expect from a nation governed by corporate

As a result of the uncompromising quest for optimal corporate profits,
job security is a relic from past generations. Today, corporate America
continuously seeks out nations offering the best pool of slave labor
acting under the auspices of so-called free trade.

Meanwhile, in the name of "capitalism," buyout firms search for the next
corporate takeover so they can gut employee pensions and slash wages in
order to make huge profits selling off a "leaner, more efficiently-run"
business. This is just one of many methods of extortion taught in
American business schools.

Largely as the result of neoliberalism, the America of today is in stark
contrast to what was once viewed as the envy of the world. Free trade,
open markets and deregulation were marketed to the people as a means by
which to achieve better jobs and higher living standards. This was yet
another lie created to enhance the corporate state. In reality, the
private sector has been enriched at the expense of workers and tax
payers. In the past decade alone, millions of American jobs have been
sent overseas in the name of corporate profits.

Today, much of what is made comes from Asia, from personal computers and
furniture, to tennis shoes and building materials. While living
standards in Southeast Asia and Latin America continue to rise each day,
living standards of the working- and middle-class in the United States
continue to fall. At the same time, the living standards of America's
wealthiest 5% continue to rise.

The costs of medical care in the United States are astronomical. And if
you are unable to pay your bill, you could end up in jail. Even
veterinarians now charge enormous fees for routine services.

With the nation's healthcare system now under siege by Wall Street, one
million Americans file for medical bankruptcy every year. Perhaps even
more striking is that most of those who filed for medical bankruptcy had
full health insurance. This fact alone demonstrates the inadequacy of
America's medical insurance system, which resembles an overpriced
pre-paid medical plan. In contrast, illegal aliens are provided with
free medical services funded by US tax payers, many of which who cannot
afford medical insurance.

The Wall Street business model has adversely impacted every aspect of
medical care in the United States. America now has the most inefficient
healthcare system in the world. It also leads the world in medical
errors and fatalities due to negligence.

For more than three decades America has been a nation of excessive
consumption that relies on credit. In order to maintain their living
standards, most Americans have blindly accepted the gimmicks designed by
the nation's criminal banking system. With the assistance of the
media-entertainment complex, Americans have been transformed into
impulsive consumers. Many end up as hoarders of junk. And they struggle
with a mountain of debt for much of their lives.

The dumbing down of the American public has taken place primarily to
fuel the profits of corporate America. But it has also occurred as a way
to keep the population controlled and distracted, so the criminal
activities and exploitation at the hands of officials and their
corporate partners continues unabated.
The nation's most dominant corporations from every key sector have
formed illegal partnerships with Washington. These corporate giants do
the bidding for Washington cronies in exchange for tax breaks and
industry subsidies so that wealthy shareholders are rewarded handsomely.
This revolving door is filled with bribes, fraud and countless other
criminal activities.

- Telecommunications: AT&T and Verizon (government spying);

- Oil Exploration & Production: Exxon-Mobil and Chevron (feeding
business and war engines, environmental destruction and massive fraud);

- Oil Services: Schlumberger, Halliburton and Baker Hughes
(military-industrial complex, environmental destruction and massive fraud);

- Information Technology: Microsoft and IBM (government spying);

- Digital Media: Apple, Google, Facebook and Yahoo (government spying
and manipulation of the public);

- Traditional Media: Time-Warner, News Corp., Comcast and New York Times
(manipulation of the public, social reengineering and massive fraud);

- Pharmaceuticals: Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Pfizer and Eli Lilly (mind
control and massive fraud);

- Defense: Lockheed-Martin, Boeing and General Dynamics
(military-industrial complex and massive fraud);

- Food & Beverages: McDonalds, Yum Brands, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Monsanto
(control and manipulation of the global food supply);

- Banking: JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs
(control of commerce, money laundering and massive fraud);

Role of the Education System

America's educational system has served an important role in
brainwashing the population through media censorship and revisionist
history. As it stands today, the nation's K-12 educational system has
reached the point of diminishing returns. Instead of preparing the youth
for the New Economy, the educational system serves as their first point
of indoctrination.

Children learn one way or another that they must do as they are told but
never raise questions. If they question the official version of history,
their parents are told their children have a mental or personality
disorder, and they are sent to psychiatrists. If these children seem
rebellious or are unwilling to accept the mandates of political
correctness, they are medicated with amphetamines and other toxic
"medications," such as Lithium, Zyprexa or Prozac, which over time
transforms them into virtual zombies.

The nation's massive public education system also provides a source of
jobs for administrators and other bureaucrats who keep the system in
chaos. Many of these individuals are incompetent, and would have a
difficult time finding a job in the private sector. I call these welfare
jobs because they are funded by tax payers, and most are not needed.
Finally, most of the recipients of these jobs are effectively
unemployable outside of the public sector.

You don't need a quality educational system when you can hire workers in
China and India for 80% less than what you would pay to get the same
work done in the United States. In fact, when you are running a fascist
regime it is to your disadvantage to educate the population because a
nation of educated citizens is more difficult to control.

The real purpose of the US educational system is to keep the population
dumbed down, deluded and docile. This makes it much easier for the
masses to accept mandates set forth by the establishment, such as
political correctness, affirmative action, feminism, homosexuality and
other themes intended to weaken gender identity, individuality, the
family unit and the entire society.

A dumbed down population can also be fooled into thinking they have a
real democracy, individual freedoms and liberties. If they believe these
illusions to be reality, they will never attempt to tear down their
fascist government.

Even when the people feel their freedoms and liberties are being
threatened, the establishment always has hero that it sends to "rescue"
the people so that they will continue to support the fascist political
regime instead of tearing it down. Ron Paul serves as an excellent
example of this controlled opposition scheme.

Preparing for Free Trade

Once America's shadow government sensed the commencement of the nation's
decline, they ramped up plans to introduce neoliberal economics to the
people. This philosophy was largely compatible with the economic pillar
of globalization, so it gained widespread support from officials in the
Zionist-controlled Western world. In the first stage, the concept of
free trade was pitched to the American people with the promise of more
jobs and higher living standards.

The early architects of free trade introduced several welfare programs
in order to smooth out the transition. For instance, President Lyndon B.
Johnson's "Great Society" significantly expanded upon the nation's
welfare state with the launch of Medicare, Medicaid, expansion of Social
Security, the food stamp program, formation of Freddie Mac and other
housing subsidies, community action funds, educational and related
funding such as Head Start, and several other programs.

Johnson's Great Society was a contemporary version of President Franklin
Delano Roosevelt's New Deal. Each served as a Trojan horse to the
American people. But the Great Society was more focused on selling the
idea of expanding the nation's welfare state as a perceived means to
combat poverty and racial injustice.

By and large, the welfare programs introduced by Johnson would serve two
main objectives. First, they would add enormous government subsidies to
corporations, thereby strengthening the rise of fascism within America.
Second, tens of millions of Americans who might otherwise stand up and
revolt against fascist elements of the US government would be pacified
by these handouts. While FDR's New Deal had the same objectives,
Johnson's welfare program was executed on a more grandiose scale.

Consequences of Free Trade

Shortly after America's welfare state had been fortified, the corporate
state was strengthened further. Free trade was marketed to American
voters in the late 1980s under Reagan and pushed into law under Clinton.
Although it promised better living standards, free trade has largely
been responsible for the widening wealth and income gap between
America's wealthy and working class. The real winner of free trade has
been corporate giants and their wealthy shareholders.

Free trade has been a complete economic disaster. It has cost Americans
millions of good jobs. It has led to the disposition of a substantial
amount of critically important US assets and intellectual property. It
has lowered the competitive stance of the US economy. It has diminished
the scientific research capabilities of the US. It has wasted enormous
amounts of human capital. It has led to misappropriation of tax payer
funds. It has lowered the quality of manufactured goods which increases
the average lifetime cost of durable goods per consumer.

Finally and perhaps most important of all, free trade has stripped away
the political and economic autonomy of the United States. But it has
achieved its real objective; delivering excessive profits to shareholders.

Prior to the introduction of free trade, engineers and scientists were
highly valued professionals. Today the US economy is pushing these
professionals out of their traditional roles as creators and innovators
of new products and novel ideas. With few alternatives, many scientists
have defected for lucrative careers on Wall Street. There, they help
investment firms and hedge funds scalp assets from investors. This
represents a tremendous loss of human productivity and adds to the
criminality of the nation's financial system.

America's modern day mafia recruits Ph.Ds in physics, chemistry,
engineering and math. Instead of guns and bullets, they are armed with
complex algorithms and computer programs specifically designed to extort
money from stock, bond, foreign currency and commodity markets, robbing
the retirement and wealth of millions of people.

This massive fraud occurs on a daily basis, yet goes largely undetected.
On the rare occasion when securities fraud is detected, a low-level
scapegoat most often takes the blame. Meanwhile, the real criminals get
away and the entire criminal operation is permitted to continue.

America's New Industries

Prior to free trade, the fruits of the nation's productivity were being
more evenly distributed to workers, executives and shareholders. As a
result, the United States offered an ample supply of good, secure jobs
with generous employee benefits. These jobs were funded by strong export
trade, which also fueled domestic demand. Today, the vast majority of
wealth gained from the nation's productivity is funneled to corporate
executives and shareholders.

Numerous changes in economic policy over the past several decades have
done much to transform the nation into a two-class society. In exchange
for its former manufacturing base, the United States is now home to an
army of valets, who will park your car when you go to a restaurant, mall
or hospital; fitness trainers who will help you lose weight or stay in
shape; massage therapists who have added to the nation's healthcare
bubble; landscapers, who will tend to your lawn; personal chefs,
nannies, maids and pet sitters/handlers.

These occupations don't offer job security. And they certainly don't
provide employee benefits. But these are among the more legitimate
careers in the United States. Many of these occupations are also found
in third world nations. Such economies are focused on domestic labor for
criminals, otherwise known as the "wealthy elite." The vast majority of
these individuals obtained their wealth through bribery, theft and

The "land of opportunity" is also home to a countless number of life
coaches, money gurus, investment gurus, relationship gurus, real estate
gurus, and dozens of other designations used by con men and women who
target the large and growing population of desperate Americans.

I suppose the definition of "opportunity" depends on one's frame of
reference and moral compass, or lack thereof. Regardless, these
charlatans could not achieve such a high level of penetration into
millions of households without the assistance of the media-entertainment

Finally, the labor dedicated to these occupations does nothing to
generate foreign demand. With fewer exports and more imports, the United
States continues to record large trade deficits. In reality, America's
trade deficit has become a permanent feature of the US economy due to
profound changes made to its economic infrastructure. Consequently, it
is a well-known fact that prolonged trade deficits almost always reflect
job exportation and/or the replacement of high quality jobs to jobs of
lower quality.

Looking into the Future

As corporate America moves forward with record profits, the majority of
Americans will continue to be left out of this economic feast. But
things are only going to get worse. Now that US consumers have been
tapped out and will never again provide the purchasing power required to
maintain robust earnings growth, corporate America is planning its next
phase of economic treason.

With more than 1.3 billion consumers boasting the highest savings rate
in the world, China represents the next gravy train for corporate
America. Within the next decade, Chinese consumers will fuel corporate
America's earnings growth. We are already seeing this transition take
place. Moving forward, corporate America will dedicate much more effort
and money to target Chinese consumers. And this will by necessity lead
to a greater exportation of US jobs. These changes will adversely impact
America's already weakened economy.

As we review the events from the past few years, it is clear that
Washington had numerous opportunities to respond to the challenges
facing the nation. Instead of providing real solutions, America's
elected officials have once again failed on the most important issues;
Wall Street reform, healthcare reform, trade policy and foreign policy.
They have not even called for the heads of the Wall Street criminals who
destroyed the global economy, perhaps because they themselves are just
as guilty.

During this period of historic loss and human suffering, corporate
America and the banks have managed to do quite well. Hopefully by now
everyone understands that America's "highly trusted" officials have been
bought off by the banks and corporations. As a consequence, those who
are waiting, hoping and praying for things to change will be sadly
disappointed, again.

As I have discussed in the past, most Americans will be fooled into
thinking that the economy has recovered once a new bubble has been
created by the Jewish Banking Cartel. But this will represent just
another gimmick. Although most Americans have been led to believe that
the current economic downdraft is only a temporary phase of the economic
cycle, I can guarantee there will be no real recovery so long as
America's fascist regime remains in power. This has obvious implications.

There is but one solution. The root cause of this cancer must be
extracted. This would be the Jewish Mafia. The objectives of the Jewish
Mafia include both Zionist and non-Zionist elements. Their main goal is
to extract all wealth from every nation and seize complete control of
the entire world. Until Americans come to acknowledge the role of the
Jewish Mafia in the subversion of their nation, they will remain
enslaved indefinitely. The same applies to Canada, Australia and all of

As corporate America continues to focus more overseas, there will be
little left for most Americans. In coming years, an increasingly higher
percentage of the US population will rely on welfare. They will never
have the opportunity to contribute to society. They will become the
biggest casualties of America's crony capitalism and corporate fascism.

Millions of others will work as cashiers and burger flippers, while
drawing government assistance to supplement their slave wages. Most of
the remaining Americans will serve the wealthy as maids, valets, fitness
trainers, pet sitters and nannies.

They are not likely to get much of a retirement plan or healthcare
benefits. They will struggle to make ends meet. They will work until
they are no longer able. If they are lucky, they will die flat broke.
Others will die in debt, with nothing to leave to their heirs.

So long as America's fascist regime remains in power, the best
opportunity for upward mobility in the United States will come from
white collar crime. Others will keep playing the lotto, heading to
casinos, and gambling in the stock market as they desperately search for
a way out of the misery created by free trade and the Jewish Mafia.

God help America.


Mike Stathis is the head of equities research and trading as the Chief
Investment Strategist of AVA Investment Analytics. Prior to that, he
spent several years in asset management and merchant banking at UBS and
Bear Stearns. His work in the public and private markets has positioned
him as one of America's most insightful and creative financial minds.
Although he is the only expert who predicted the financial apocalypse in
detail, he has been banned by the U.S. media. He is the author of
America's Healthcare Solution, The Wall Street Investment Bible,
America's Financial Apocalypse, Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble,
and The Startup Company Bible for Entrepreneurs. More of his analysis
can be found at avaresearch.com

(11) Free Trade is cause of America’s persistently high Jobless Rate -
Mike Stathis (2012)


Saturday, December 29th, 2012 |  Posted by Mike Stathis

Solving the Mystery of America’s Persistently High Jobless Rate

Mike Stathis, Chief Investment Strategist, AVA Investment Analytics

[...] The main reason for the persistently high jobless rate in the U.S.
is due to poorly structured trade policies which have reduced the
incentives for domestic job creation. Thus, the solution to the high
unemployment rate is the same as it has been for many years. Free trade
must be restructured to make it fair trade.

The effects of America’s misguided trade policy have kept demand low
during the current recession, but real demand has been in decline for
over two decades. The real estate-credit bubble hid this reality and
created artificial demand. Now that this bubble has imploded, Americans
are exposed to the real face of the U.S. economy.

Suppression of the Truth by the Media

The critical need to restructure trade policy was one of the main themes
behind America’s Financial Apocalypse. I concluded that U.S. trade
policy has been the number one factor most responsible for America’s
decline. I also stated that free trade was the primary factor
responsible for the wealth and income disparity in the U.S.

Criticism of the destructive effects of U.S. trade policy would upset
those who control politicians; banks and corporations. Thus, as you can
imagine, the book was not well-received by the publishing world or the
media. As a result, shortly after America’s Financial Apocalypse was
released in late 2006, I was black-listed by the U.S. media, both
mainstream and so-called alternative.

You will never hear the trade issue accurately portrayed by economists,
politicians and Wall Street fund managers and analysts who have been
inducted into the media club. Instead, the media embraces those who make
false claims about or distract from free trade, healthcare and other
critical issues; Paul Krugman, Ben Stein, Peter Schiff, Nouriel Roubini,
Robert Reich and several others, most of which are Jewish. Meanwhile,
others who are not part of the tribe are left out of the debate. This is
all being done intentionally.

America’s media monopoly is controlled by corporate America and
Washington. The purpose of this monopoly is not to report news, as most
people assume. Its only purpose is to control public perception. It
achieves this control over the masses through selling ads to
corporations, which in turn receive favorable propaganda in the
media-entertainment complex. This business relationship also helps
fulfill the objectives of Washington because Washington and corporate
America are one in the same.

Washington does not want Americans to understand the real economic
problems facing their nation because it’s all about maximizing corporate
profits at any expense, as one would expect from a fascist nation. This
is specifically why profits have remained near record-highs throughout
the current recession, now entering its 59th month.

Meanwhile, U.S. jobs continue to be shipped overseas. This explains why
there has been no increase in real median wages since 1999. Why raise
salaries when you can hire workers overseas for lower wages?

In conclusion, the persistently high jobless rate seen in the U.S. is
not due to structural factors. At the same time, it cannot be explained
fully by economic cycle theory. America continues to suffer from its
longest and most severe economic recession in over 130 years. This
recession is the first of what will surely be more to come over the next

Once historians and economists figure out what has happened and find the
courage to document it accurately, this period will eventually be
referred to as America’s Second Great Depression. Unfortunately, by that
time it will be too late for those who stand to lose the most.

Originally published on Press TV

(12) Free Trade and the Jewish Mafia - Mike Stathis (2012)


Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 |  Posted by Mike Stathis

Free Trade and the Jewish Mafia

Mike Stathis, Chief Investment Strategist, AVA Investment Analytics

Among the various mechanisms of fraud carried out by the Jewish Mafia,
the one most responsible for the economic decline of the United States
has been its exploitative trade policy, otherwise known as free trade.

As always, the Jewish Mafia has bought off an army of Gentile puppets to
carry out much of its fraud, so as to escape detection. For instance,
during the height of the Financial Crisis of 2008, President Bush was
instructed by his handlers to denounce protectionism so as to implicitly
reinforce the continuation of so-called free trade policy. Sure enough,
when Obama entered the White House, rather than restructure free trade
as he had promised, he expanded trade into South Korea.

Despite evidence pointing to the contrary, Obama told the American
people that the U.S.-Korean Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) would
protect and create thousands of U.S. jobs. This was the same song and
dance President Bush fed to the American people when he expanded trade
into Central America (CAFTA-DR), and the same hot air preached by
Clinton when he signed off on the North American Free Trade Agreement
(NAFTA) a decade earlier.

After receiving further orders from his handlers, Obama is pressing
forward with the secretive and controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership
(TPP), claiming once again that it will benefit Americans and create
U.S. jobs; more lies from Washington.

Understanding Free Trade

Free trade is the economic pillar of globalization. Although it was
marketed to American voters as an engine of job growth and better living
standards, just the opposite has happened. In fact, free trade has
largely been responsible for the widening wealth and income gap between
America’s wealthy and working class. For partnering nations the results
have varied. The consistent winner of free trade has been corporate
giants. [1]

Free trade was devised by Jewish business and economics professors,
corporate executives and Wall Street tycoons in order to exploit
economic and other policy differences between the U.S. and its trading
partners for the purpose of boosting corporate profits. Although this
system of commerce had been planned for decades, it only became
practical during the technology revolution of the 1990s.

The United States launched the first phase of globalization with the
passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in the early
1990s. Europe soon followed with the official formation of the European
Union (EU). Since then, global trade has been expanded many times, and
in each case the results have been the same; higher corporate profits
and fewer American jobs.

While free trade has been a boon for large corporations and their
wealthy shareholders as intended, it has cost Americans millions of good
jobs paying middle-class wages, but not due to free market forces as
claimed. American jobs have been lost due to unfair advantages seen in
partnering nations, ranging from government subsidies to lack of
regulatory barriers and associated costs. As a result, this system of
so-called “free trade” is really one of unfair trade.

By imposing a Westernized, so-called capitalist system of commerce and
labor into developing nations, foreign corporations from the advanced
world can exploit differences in social and economic policy to capture
superficial economic gains. Meanwhile, the side effects of this
arrangement, exploitation of the labor force and political corruption
expand into their own dimension.

As a consequence of free trade, consumers from the advanced world will
have access to less expensive goods produced in less developed nations.
However, many of these same consumers will have lost their jobs or be
forced to work for lower wages in jobs that do not fully leverage their
experience and abilities, as a result of job migration to nations which
offer lower cost of labor. [2]

Finally, these goods which are produced in less developed nations are of
lower quality. Thus, they have been embedded with an obsolescence
factor, which assures further “economic growth” because the goods will
wear out prematurely, causing consumers to purchase more. [3]

The negative economic effects of free trade have been evident from the
start. But most Americans have only noticed the impact after an asset
bubble has imploded. For instance, just over a decade ago when the
dotcom bubble finally popped, the ill effects of free trade became
apparent. As economic demand plummeted, inventories piled up and jobs
vanished. But even when the economy began to expand, the vast majority
of these jobs never returned because they were fueled by a credit bubble
in order to mask the effects of the chronic job migration that had been
accumulating ever since NAFTA was signed.

Washington’s response to this recession was for the Federal Reserve,
then under the “leadership” of Alan Greenspan to engineer another asset
bubble. Fueled by false demand, this bubble led to millions of jobs in
construction, real estate, banking, finance, and related industries.
Things looked good to those who were unaware what was really going on.
They simply focused on their incomes, home values and stock portfolios.

Wall Street banks reaped huge profits from this scam. But when the
bubble burst there were no claw-backs from the Wall Street crooks. They
kept their outrageous bonuses, and the banks were bailed with the tax
dollars of those who were defrauded. There were no prison sentences.
Consumers got hosed while the crooks were rewarded. This has been a
repeating cycle ever since the formation of the financial industry by
the Jewish Mafia.

Free Trade and Unemployment

Now that the real estate credit bubble has imploded, the toxic effects
of free trade have once again become apparent. Yet, many Americans are
unaware that U.S. trade policy remains as the nation’s most pressing
fundamental economic issue. They have been lied to by economists,
politicians and other members of the establishment which is controlled
by the Jewish Mafia.

Despite countless programs aimed at job creation, the unemployment rate
remains high. Right-wing policy makers, corporate shills and their media
partners continue to insist that the unemployed lack the required skills
demanded by the work place. This is but another lie, as confirmed by
data. The left-wing counterpart of the U.S. fascist regime insists that
tepid economic demand has been responsible for the lack of job growth.

Although weak demand is certainly part of the problem, the fundamental
reason for the persistently highly unemployment rate is due to U.S.
trade policy. This claim becomes more apparent when it is noted that
corporate giants continue to hire overseas, while ramping up plans for
huge expansions in years to come.

Southeast Asia and Latin America have also reaped tremendous benefits
from U.S. trade policy, as most citizens of these nations have seen
their living standards soar over the past decade. Thus, higher living
standards in the developed world have come at the expense of America’s
working and middle class. And Washington has sat by doing nothing to
stop the hemorrhaging of jobs and living standards because their main
objective is being satisfied; rising corporate profits.

The Launch of Free Trade

To better understand the impetus behind free trade, we must go back in
time. During the oil crisis of the early-1970s, Japanese imports began
flooding into the U.S. Meanwhile, Japan prevented imports from America
by erecting huge tariffs and other trade barriers.

Washington realized that U.S. manufacturing would not be able to compete
with Asia. But this did not take the architects of globalization by
surprise. They had been planning this takeover since the end of World
War II. Finally, a golden opportunity arose. The response from
bureaucrats, corporate executives and bankers was to encourage
Washington to change how it viewed intellectual property laws.

Although the laws governing intellectual property had been in existence
for hundreds of years, radical changes during the 1980s greatly enhanced
the ability of owners of intellectual property to receive compensation
for third-party use of more complex intangible assets such as patents.
But Southeast Asia remained largely noncompliant with Western
intellectual property laws. [4]

By the mid-1990s, intellectual property had grown to become a
significant share of profits for many corporate giants. Instead of
earning a profit by employing a labor force which made goods,
corporations could make money from ideas and proprietary information,
much of which had been funded by tax payers. This in itself catalyzed
the relocation of manufacturing abroad.

Since the 1980s, the U.S. economy has transitioned from manufacturing-
to serviced-based because it allows corporations to slash operational
costs by shifting facilities and jobs to nations that do not play by the
same rules as the U.S.

America’s service-based economy also opened the door for banks to design
new types of financial transactions to extract more money from consumers
and businesses. This added to the rapid growth of the consumer credit
markets which began to boom by the early-1990s.

Free Trade: The Big Picture

Washington continues to insist that the transition from a manufacturing
to service economy has provided better living standards to all
Americans. This is another lie. Ever since the implementation of free
trade, fewer Americans have been on the receiving end of financial gains
from the nation’s productivity. In reality, more Americans have been on
the receiving end of dead-end careers in industries that barely existed
prior to free trade.

Even before the real estate credit bubble burst in 2008, manufacturing
jobs had been in rapid decline dating back to the bursting of the dotcom
bubble in 2001. The implosion of the most recent bubble has accelerated
this trend. The decline seen in U.S. manufacturing has been a
significant contributor to America’s economic decline because it was
this segment of the economy that gave rise to the nation’s middle-class.

Thirty years ago, before free trade, the nation’s largest private sector
employer was General Motors. Back then, Wal-Mart was selling goods made
in the USA. Sure, Wal-Mart was responsible for job losses in the retail
sector, but it also fueled domestic manufacturing since most of the
goods it sold were made in the USA.

Today, most of the goods sold at Wal-Mart come from Asia and Latin
America. Every time a U.S. consumer shops at Wal-Mart he is supporting
jobs overseas and thus helping to destroy the U.S. economy. But most
Americans are too broke to have the luxury of boycotting Wal-Mart, so it
continues to expand. As it stands today, Wal-Mart is the nation’s
largest private sector employer. In contrast, General Motors required a
tax payer bailout to remain in business.

Today, the Walton family’s (beneficiaries of Sam Walton, founder of
Wal-Mart) net worth is close to $100 billion. This amount represents the
combined net worth of close to 50% of the U.S. population. Thus, it
should be no mystery why nearly 50% of the U.S. population currently
receives some form of government benefits, from food stamps and housing
assistance, to Medicaid and other welfare. That pretty much sums up the
economic mess created by free trade and the Jewish Mafia.

[1] The concept of free trade falls under the umbrella of neoliberalism,
which also includes deregulation and privatization of government-owned

[2] Over time, this arrangement shifts the production-consumption
balance to favor consumption rather than production. This economic
arrangement can only be maintained by open access to consumer credit,
which ultimately leads to an unsustainable credit bubble. Eventually
this bubble must be defused. This is where the Federal Reserve and Wall
Street enter into the plot.

[3] In reality, all forms of planned or designed product obsolescence
fall into the category of fraud. This devious scheme which was born from
a perverted form of capitalism also leads to an enormous waste of
natural resources, thereby adding to resource depletion and
environmental waste.

[4] Compliance with intellectual property laws have been an issue for
years, especially in Southeast Asia. But now that Asia is more connected
into the globalization shell game, intellectual property enforcement is
making new strides.

Originally published on Press TV

(13) The Solution to America’s Great Depression: Eliminate Welfare- Mike
Stathis (2012)


Short URL: http://www.veteranstoday.com/?p=218097

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012 |  Posted by Mike Stathis

The Solution to America’s Great Depression: Eliminate Welfare

Mike Stathis, Chief Investment Strategist, AVA Investment Analytics

Getting rid of welfare as a solution to America’s depression might sound
like a counterproductive idea. But let’s take a closer look at why that
just might represent the most viable option.

With close to 50 million Americans below the poverty line according to
official estimates (my own estimates are between 70 to 80 million), and
50 million Americans on food stamps, eliminating the nation’s various
welfare programs seems to contradict responsible solutions to fix the
U.S. economy; or does it?

[...] Tearing down America’s longstanding fascist regime would blaze the
pathway for elimination of the Zionist control of the U.S., as well as
the Jewish Mafia. This represents the only route towards freedom for the
American people.

But as long as the criminal puppets in Washington continue to provide
welfare benefits to tens of millions of Americans, the panic, anger and
fear required for such a monumental act will be kept at a minimum. As a
result, Americans won’t take to the streets. Complacency will enable the
fascist government of the United States to continue to suppress its
people and bully the world, as it has for several decades.

[...] Thus, the best chance America has to reclaim its country from the
corporate crooks, Banking Cartel and political puppets is to get rid of
its welfare program; doing so will encourage millions of Americans to do
what they should have done decades ago; dismantle the criminal power
matrix that serves as the foundation of America’s fascist establishment,
and create a government run by the people and for the people, as was
originally intended.

{Comment: this is just what the Tea Party is trying to do - Peter M}

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