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434 America produces, in its schools, idiots instead of intelligent children - Dr. Wu Tao-

That is, except Jews - they retain the Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvat ceremonies. These seem to retain a special meaning even for secular Jews.

Instead of adults initiating teenagers, teenagers "initiate themselves", even trying to "bring up father". This may be a heritage of the "Childrens' Rights" movement.

Dr. Spock is often blamed (including by Dr. Wu)  for spoiling Western children. But Spock was not completely wrong. New babies SHOULD be picked up when they cry, and fed on demand. But as they grow, they need discipline too - and they accept it provided that it's given with love.

The problem, instead, is that we've outlawed discipline (in over-reaction against "the Authoritarian Personality") and abandoned adult Initiation of teenagers. If anyone has good ideas on how to reinvent such processes, I'd like to hear from them.

(1) Bamboo Delight - Dr. Wu wrong about Kosher toothpaste
(2) Dr. Wu - Eastern medicine is full of crazy stuff
(3) Bras cause Breast Cancer; delayed urination causes enlarged prostate - utter nonsense!
(4) Dr. Wu - come down to Earth and look at real Chinese
(5) Happy slavery? - the Chinese village Of Huaxi
(6) Dr. Wu's Eight Essentials - shame about the "God" crap
(7) The Attention Deficit Fraud against Children - Dr. Wu Tao-Wei
(8) Tai Chi can cure Old Age - Dr. Wu Tao-Wei
(9) Dr. Wu Tao-Wei's Hawaiian-Eskimo cooking method
(10) Hidden Secrets of Oriental Wealth, by Dr. Wu Tao-Wei
(11) America produces, in its schools, idiots instead of intelligent children - Dr. Wu Tao-Wei

(1) Bamboo Delight - Dr. Wu wrong about Kosher toothpaste

From: fja0527@bellsouth.net <fritza2tt@yahoo.de> Date: 16.01.2011 08:06 AM Subject: Re: Dr. Wu Tao-Wei's Challenge to Western Medicine. The Eight Essentials of Life Peter,

I too enjoyed reading your "Bamboo Delight", but could tell that Dr. Wu carried a bit far when he claimed that Fluoride Tootpaste was not "Kosher" on account of the Fluoride in it. This is not rue. I found several instances on the internet showing "Kosher" Fluoridetoothpaste.

http://www.oukosher.org/index.php/articles/single_print/10064 goes into details about what is permissible or not in toothpaste.


(2) Dr. Wu - Eastern medicine is full of crazy stuff

From: Elaine Supkis <emeinel@fairpoint.net> Date: 15.01.2011 02:13 AM Subject: Re: Dr. Wu Tao-Wei's Challenge to Western Medicine. The Eight Essentials of Life

Eastern medicine is full of crazy stuff indeed.

Not to mention, the food thing. Ahem.

The topic of 'traditional Chinese medicine' made from endangered animals comes to mind right away.

(3) Bras cause Breast Cancer; delayed urination causes enlarged prostate - utter nonsense!

From: Max11 <Max11@mailstar.net> Date: 16.01.2011 04:24 PM Subject: RE: Dr. Wu Tao-Wei's Challenge to Western Medicine. The Eight Essentials of Life

> Bras "a cause Breast Cancer" > Delayed urination "causes Kidney stones, enlarged Prostate"

What utter nonsense! It seems in modern days that anybody who wants to make their medical opinion sound important, claim that their discovery is either cancer causing or cancer solving. In the holistic medicine we look at body mind and soul and look - not for the symptom - but the origin of a health issue. One of those holistic approaches is the 'New Medicine' or also referred to Dr. Hamers GNM - 'Germanic New Medicine'.

The Germanic New Medicine is practiced by millions of people all over the world and solves those health issues since long. http://www.germannewmedicine.ca/documents/sp-breastcancer.html http://www.germannewmedicine.ca/documents/sbs-prostate-cancer.html there are many other sites teaching Dr.Hamers discoveries. Dr.Hamer is vigorously opposed by the pharmaceuticals and mainstreamers since people can diagnose and heal themselves - free of medication - in all circumstances - except poisoning or accidents.

Remember: All living creatures have a intrinsic health - long as we live in harmony with natures intent. All illnesses have an emotional origin Any health issue can only be corrected by our body

(4) Dr. Wu - come down to Earth and look at real Chinese

From: Tony Ryan <tonyryan43@gmail.com> Date: 15.01.2011 10:52 AM Subject: Re: Dr. Wu Tao-Wei's Challenge to Western Medicine. The Eight Essentials of Life

Let's come down to Earth and look at real Chinese:

Chinese men and their neurotic obsession with their penises, have caused the near extinction of hundreds of species of animals, which they grind down to make elixirs of sexual life... they hope. Not being very bright, they never learn.

The Chinese are devoid of creativity, with their 'musicians' playing music to technical perfection, but entirely lacking in life, passion, or soul. They are obsessed with superstitions... fen shue, numerology, aspect, grandiose frontages on their homes, with tiny bedrooms lurking within. They long ago abandoned affection and sentiment, and make gifts only of money; passed around in those ubiquitous red envelopes.

Their children are raised to love money, money, money, money; and status. Their humanity is sacrificed to Mammon.

To do business with Chinese is an invitation to be cheated. Ethics do not exist in the Chinese business world. Winning is all.

Chinese believe they are destined to take over the world; the new third milennia dynasty. They claim to be civilised, 3000 years of this they say; yet China is the last nation to permit the skinning of fur animals while these are still alive; the agonised animals then being hurled on a quivering pile of death.

Their nouveau riche buy investment houses, but do not install tenants, while homelessness expands. This creates a massive housing bubble... very clever.

The Chinese willingness to make deals with the Rothschild and Rockefellers, with the bankers subsidising exports created by exploited labour, has wiped out one quarter of US and Australian employment; which means one quarter of its export market is dead. To balance the books, and Sino-self-belief, the difference is taken out of Chinese worker incomes.

Unless the Chinese have worked out how to rewrite mathematics, China will soon implode as its bubble of self-delusion finally pops.

Comment (Peter M.):

For a good night's sleep, I often play Chinese folk music before bed.

I prefer the traditional Chinese music (bamboo flute + dulcimer + 2-string violin) played by Shi Lan Skalski; she lives on the Gold Coast, but comes to Childers each year for the Multicultural Festival.

There are two instrumentals CDs that have an almost hypnotic effect: "New Friends" and "Far Away".

You can order them by email to Shi Lan Skalski <sskalski@gmail.com>.

As an alternative at bedtime, I also play two vocals CDs by Katie Melua: "Call Off the Search" and "Piece by Piece".

(5) Happy slavery? - the Chinese village Of Huaxi

From: Max11 <Max11@mailstar.net> Date: 16.01.2011 02:37 PM Subject: Amazing, Richest village in the world.

The Rich Dystopian Chinese Village Of Huaxi:

(6) Dr. Wu's Eight Essentials - shame about the "God" crap

From: Peter Wakefield Sault <peter.sault@odeion.org> Date: 15.01.2011 08:55 AM Subject: Re: Dr. Wu Tao-Wei's Challenge to Western Medicine. The Eight Essentials of Life Hi Peter

Shame about the "God" crap from Wu Tao-Wei. Clearly he is no Taoist and how you get to regarding his "God"crap as an answer to Jewish "God" crap is a mystery to me. Evidently he doesn't realize that "God" is itself a disease. The "God" crowd have much in common with psychopaths. That is to say that attempting to reason with them can cause actual harm to the reasoner. Many therapists refuse to treat psychopaths for the same reason. http://www.thehiddenevil.com/psychopathy.asp

However, he is right in every other respect except marriage to western women and having children in a western society which punishes those who try to protect their children from the obligatory and statutory methods of harming them such as state schooling, television and fad fashions. The best breathing technique, one that I have practiced for 40 years, is that taught by Ramacharaka in his book 'Science of Breath'. It is called the "full yogic breath" and I doubt that Chi Gong can match it much less improve upon it. I have drunk only bottled spring water for almost an equal amount of time. Although my local mains tap water is not fluoridated, whenever I have had to drink it, such as when I have run out of springwater and the shops are shut, I get a headache within half an hour. I dread to think what the cause of that might be - probably the chlorine but that's just a guess. Most people now take me to be a youthful 45 (I am 60) - and I still get spontaneous full erections!

With regard to bras, any elasticated clothing will cause damage. I have permanently damaged surface capillaries in my ankles from having worn elasticated socks in childhood. Since it is actually impossible to purchase unelasticated socks, nowadays I always cut the elasticated tops off with scissors before wearing. At home I live shoeless and in a t-shirt, it being impossible to cut the elastic off underpants (either sort), which I never wear anyway. When I must wear trousers I simply wash them immediately afterwards. I use a disposable tissue urine pad after urinating - my philosophy being that I can always get a new pair of trousers even if I do spoil them. Belts for holding up trousers are also harmful - better to wear braces or dungarees. I am sure that all this is the reason I do not need any kind of testicular support and am showing no sign of ever needing it.

Comment (Peter M.):

Dr. Wu does not present "God" as something we can comprehend or pontificate about, but as "a certain Power in the Universe". You could equally call it "Tao". Or "Brahman" or "divinity".

He mentions that in the Old Testament "the god of the Jews commands them to Go Forth and Destroy the Nations (goyim)". That sort of tribal god, a collective-ego for the Jews, is not what he's talking about by "God".

(7) The Attention Deficit Fraud against Children - Dr. Wu Tao-Wei


The Attention Deficit Fraud against Children

by Dr. Wu Tao-Wei

It takes a really evil person to commit a crime against a sweet, innocent child. But how much more evil can a demon be than to not only swindle the parents and the child of their wealth but also to destroy the mind of that child and to turn him into a ward of the State mental institutions and prisons? And yet, these sorts of devils are daily perpetrating such crimes against the children of the entire world, especially against the children of America and Europe.

This particular fraud and swindle is called the "Attention Deficit Disorder" or ADDs, a name that was conjured up by the sorcerers known as psychiatrists and psychologists. That these practitioners of the "mental healing arts" are mostly Jews and the rest of them are the students of the Jews, is a matter of record. And that these deluded hypocrites have betrayed the trust that has been given to them, is easy to see.

Every parent is a better authority as to the daily lives of their children than are these official representatives of the Western Medical Conspiracy. And every parent who has tried to explain to these "physicians" what their child's behavior is like, has been firmly rebuffed with that particularly aloof attitude that Western doctors cultivate. And even though these "physicians" know the cause of Attention Deficit Disorder, and they know the cure for ADDs, they do not provide the remedy.

As a group, these "physicians" covet the money that they can make from this "disorder". But their delusions of wealth disappear along with the "disease", itself, if they offer a cure - so they don't offer a cure. Besides, all of their relatives in the junk food industry would lose money if they offered a cure - so they don't offer a cure. And if they offered a cure, all of their relatives in the television industry would lose money, -- so they don't offer a cure. And if they offered a cure, then all of their relatives in the pharmaceutical industry would lose money if no body bought their pills - so they don't offer a cure. But they DO offer the pills for a hefty price! How generous of them to be selflessly treating the diseases of Mankind!

This fraud that is called Attention Deficit Disorder is caused by a combination of television-watching and by junk foods, especially sugar and white flour in the diet of youngsters, and by nothing else. The children are perfectly healthy but they are being betrayed by the physicians and psychiatrists. The children are being brainwashed into believing that there is something wrong with them and to "get well" they have to take a lot of pills which cost their loving parents a lot of money. But the sickness is in the minds of the doctors and in the hearts of the evil merchants.

It works this way: Television is an advertising media alone. It does not exist without trying to sell you something. Every so-called "educational program", every newscast, every comedy and drama, is chopped up and divided into easily assimilated pieces of five, ten or fifteen minutes followed by two or three or five or ten minutes of commercials. These programs are written so as to end each segment in such an interesting way that the viewer will want to see what happens next. But the viewer will not be allowed to see what happens next until he sits for many minutes watching the commercials.

And each commercial is a little story of some clever sort for attracting your attention long enough to convince you to buy something. The Jewish broadcasters do not make their money from the couch potatoes who watch their programs. They make their money from the Jewish advertisers who pay them to try to convince the couch potatoes to get up and to go buy the advertisers' products. The goal is not to entertain you; the goal is to try to sell you something.

But all of these goals of keeping your attention riveted to the TV screen and keeping your attention for the minute or two of commercial breaks, goes beyond crass commercialism and steps beyond into the realm of brainwashing. You see, the People and their children have become conditioned to a short attention span. They have been trained to take what Life gives them in small chunks of one or two or fifteen minutes at a time before another small chunk of Life is presented to them. And if they do not get their information presented to them in five or ten minute chunks but are presented information in chunks of forty-five minutes or an hour at a time, then they become impatient and fidgety. School classes usually last 50 minutes to an hour. So, the child's attention span is not conditioned to keep up with the required time for his attention and he loses interest in the subject. And he looks around for something else to do, such as pulling little Linda's pigtails or shooting spit wads across the room. This is not the fault of the child. It is the fault of the society and most especially is it the fault of those who should know better -- the fraudulent psychological practitioners of Western Medicine.

But it is much worse than this Media approach to the problem. You see, the children are also being poisoned. And the poison is so much a part of the food that they eat, that they really cannot tell from where this poison comes.

Every parent can tell their doctor about this and the doctor will do nothing but push some pills and present his bill. When the parent explains what happens, the Western "physician" merely shrugs and writes a prescription for Ritalin or other drugs designed to dull the mind of the child and make him listless. So, let's review a parent's observation and try to figure it out for ourselves since the Western physicians are of no help at all.

If you raise a child with breast feeding and natural foods, and give him a cube of sugar to eat, he will spit it out because it burns his tongue. But if you give him a piece of sugar cane to suck on, he will find it sweet and tasty. The sucrose in the sugar cane also is mixed with the natural goodness of Nature in the form of trace minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll, carbohydrates, etc. And these are not in a concentrated form but are distributed in natural concentrations.

But the sugar in a sugar cube, has had everything natural boiled away so that only the chemical sugar remains. Ordinary table sugar is not a natural product but is an industrial product lacking in food value. It is a form of edible poison because when you eat it, you are no longer able to maintain your health. It causes tooth decay, diabetes, panic attacks, osteoporosis and preconditions you toward cancer among many other effects. But the Western Medical Conspiracy makes money from all of these diseases, so they remain silent as to the actual cause.

With children, sugar has an additional effect that every parent recognizes but which almost every doctor ignores. When you give your child some sugar candy, what happens? They become hyperactive, they run around and play, they yell and shout happily and never sit still for a minute. But later, when the effects of this stimulant to their little nervous systems wears off, they become cranky and stubborn; they throw tantrums and cry a lot; maybe hit each other and fight and scream and throw things and make messes. These children have the sugar blues. That is, until they can get some more candy where upon their moods change to sunny and happy once again. And whether they are hyperactive and laughing or depressed and crying, they are not of a mind to be able to pay attention in school classes. They have been brainwashed and poisoned, but the demon doctors of the West do not attack the Cause, they attack the child. They do not place the blame for this disorder upon a corrupt industrial state but upon an innocent child whom they accuse of being "sick" or "abnormal" and of having a "mental illness" which they call Attention Deficit Disorder. Their little minds have been conditioned, not to read books which keep them concentrating for hours at a time, but to watch Jewish television filled with ten minute segments of violoence, sexual expression, criminality and mayhem all while being in a delirium of sugar induced manic- depression.

Sugar for a child is as dangerous as methamphetamine is to an adult. It takes them up but it also brings them down. There is no need for me to explain here-in the physiological and chemical reasons for this. Every parent will agree with these observations. But not every parent will admit it openly simply out of vain pride. Every parent likes to think that they are providing the very best that they can for their child. And so to explain to them with the simple fact that they are poisoning their own children with sugar -- especially since they, themselves, were so poisoned by their own parents and have therefore continued to make sugar a part of their own adult diets as well as the diet of their own children - is next to impossible. They will sip their cokes, take another bite off of their hot dogs and tell you that you are wrong. They will tell you that if sugar was so bad for their kids, their doctors would tell them about it.

And so, the battle goes on. But Truth will prevail.

(8) Tai Chi can cure Old Age - Dr. Wu Tao-Wei


How Tai Chi Chuan Cures Old Age

by Dr. Wu Tao-Wei

Tai Chi Chuan, as most people know, is that slow motion exercise of the Chinese People. Those Westerners who have not actually seen this exercise method for themselves have probably seen news clips of people practicing Tai Chi on the various TV programs or on video programs about China or Taiwan or Hong Kong or Singapore. Wherever there are any groups of Chinese, you will find Tai Chi Chuan being practiced, usually in the early morning hours by the elderly and in the pre-dawn hours by the Chinese martial artists.

... But how does it cure old age, itself?

First, you must think about it for yourself. The Western physicians, being both ignorant and incompetent in these matters, are of no help whatsoever. So, ask yourself what are the first signs of old age? First, the muscles of the body are always under a certain tension known as "muscle tone". And over a lifetime, these muscles become harder and the joints, through lack of bending, become stiff.

As Lao Tsu wrote: "A man is born gentle and weak. At his death he is hard and stiff. Green plants are tender and filled with sap. At their death they are withered and dry. Therefore the stiff and unbending is the disciple of death. The gentle and yielding is the disciple of life."

The three main movement fibers of the body are the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Each is relatively tough to one another. Ligaments, which attach one bone to the next, are the strongest and the least pliable. And if the joints are not fully articulated during one's daily work or exercise, then these harden and make joint movement difficult or even impossible. Thus, a person loses the ability to stand or to move easily. Old age begins when what was once pliable becomes solidified.

Tendons, which attach muscles to bones, are tough and medium in pliability. And muscles, which do the actual movement, are attached one to another and to the bones by the tendons. Only the muscles have the ability to move. And they move only by contracting or relaxing.

If you look at the muscles, ligaments and tendons of a person, you will see that as we age, all three of these harden and become stiff. But they do not become stiff at the same time. What moves, continues to move. What is rigid becomes more rigid. "A hinge that is used, needs no oil. A hinge that is not used, rusts into a solid mass."

You can get an idea of how this system works by using two different rubber bands, one thick and fat and the other of regular size and weight. Link them together and give them a stretch. The thin rubber band is like the muscles in that it stretches the most. And the thick band is like the tendons in that it stretches very little. But when you pull on them linked together, they both stretch. BUT, if you pull them quickly, TIME enters the equation. Try it yourself as an experiment. It is easy to do and the experiment will teach you far more than these written words can. The thin rubber band stretches the most but linked together with the fat one, they BOTH stretch though at different rates.

When the thick and thin linked bands are pulled quickly, it is the thin one that stretches. The thick one doesn't have time to stretch. BUT when you pull them slowly, they both stretch. This is how Western exercise compares with Chinese exercise. In the West, the goal is usually to be faster and stronger. The competition of being first in the race or strongest on the weight machine is paramount. But what happens is that the muscles become hard and tight and the tendons become brittle. This is a symptom of old age even in young athletes.

But with Chinese Tai Chi Chuan, BOTH the muscles and the tendons are stretched because they are MENTALLY linked together through the concentration of the practitioner. And through the use of MENTAL CONCENTRATION as he moves slowly, ever so slowly, the muscles AND the tendons together stretch in coordinated unison.

Try it again with the linked rubber bands. The thick rubber band will or will not stretch depending upon how slow or fast you pull them. The muscles and tendons of your body operate on the same principle -- in unison. ...

Though Tai Chi Chuan was developed from Chinese Taoist philosophy, it links directly with the teachings of Jesus: "Be ye wise as serpents and gentle as doves". Tai Chi Chuan uses the serpent power of muscles, tendons and ligaments that are pliable as snakes linked with a mind that is as gentle as a dove. Tai Chi Chuan brings Health, Joy and Peace to those who practice it. And it gives Peace to those who watch it being practiced - in the parks, with the glorious sun rising among the singing of birds and the sweet scents of the new day. Ah, Tai Chi is wonderful!

(9) Dr. Wu Tao-Wei's Hawaiian-Eskimo cooking method

Dr. Wu Tao-Wei's Hawaiian-Eskimo One Pot Heavenly Pig-Out Cooking Method


in order to save on fuel and to save on washing up the mess that wok cooking often makes. While wondering how to keep the heat in the pot, I remembered that the Hawaiians for their luau cooking would build a fire in a pit for several days until the rocks were hot. Then they would bury in the pit a pig with all the trimmings for a few more days until all was well cooked. Thus, the Hawaiian name.

With this method, one pot is all that is necessary. I use a covered one gallon stainless steel pot with a lid. Into this pot I add enough brown rice which, when level, reaches to the first digit of my finger. Add enough dry beans so that there are four parts of rice for one part of beans. This way, the rice and beans combine to make perfect protein because of their complimentary amino acid balance. All dry beans will re- hydrate just fine except for the pinto and the small red beans. These should be soaked over night first. Don't worry about getting gas with this four-to-one rice and bean ratio.

If you are cooking for more people, add more rice and beans but whatever the amount of rice and beans, add double the amount of water. So, I fill the pot up with water to the second digit of my finger.

Then I start adding whatever vegetables that I want, making sure to put the hardest ones in first like carrots, turnips, ginger root, beets, celery, potatoes, garlic, etc. Then the softer ones like onions, daikon radishes, cabbage or bok choy. It is best to fill the rest of the pot up to the top with cabbage or leafy vegetables or the beet tops and then put on the lid. The water should not be salted or seasoned at all.

Put the pot on your hot plate or stove or hibachi or campfire at its highest heat. What you want to do is bring it all to a boil until the steam comes out from under the lid. Once this happens, everything in the pot is as hot as it is going to get. Make sure that the steam is hissing out real good but don't take the lid off because you want everything to stay hot. Don't worry about the high heat. Nothing will burn. You'll see.

Now, take the pot off of the fire and quickly wrap it in a towel or cloth of some kind and quickly put the whole thing into one of the ice chest-type coolers. No ice! The ice chest should be dry and not contain any ice.

After all, an ice chest is merely an insulated box. Whether it keeps heat out and cold in or keeps cold out and heat in is all the same to the ice chest. So, by putting this steaming pot into the insulated box, all of the heat is trapped just like the heat is trapped in the rocks at a Hawaiian luau. The ice chest I use is called an Igloo Cooler. Thus, the name Eskimo.

Now all of these vegetables (I suppose you could add meat, too, but I've never cared to try it) will continue to cook just as if they were in an oven. The heat is trapped and can't go anywhere so it stays in the box and keeps on cooking. The food will be ready to eat in a half hour if you are in a hurry. Or if you want to wait, this meal will be ready t o eat at any time of the day and will be steaming hot even eight or ten hours later. In fact, it gets more delicious the longer you wait because all of the juices blend delightfully.

Women should make note of this method for pleasing their husbands since they can cook the whole thing up in fifteen minutes in the morning while fixing breakfast. Pop it into the Igloo and the husband can take it to work. When he opens th e box for lunch he will have a steaming hot and delicious meal. And there is room in the Igloo for eating utensils, a small bowl and condiments, too.

Regarding condiments, this sort of cooking does best with a splash of cold-pressed oil such as olive, soy, safflower or peanut and a dash of soy sauce. Leave out the oil if you are dieting. Don't buy any Kikkoman or any other of the synthetically prepared junk food, MSG-filled soy sauces. Only use natural soy sauce for the best flavor.

And at home, this method will save the ladies many hours a day over the stove. Using only brown rice and beans as the basis, there is an infinite number of flavors that can be cooked up depending on the combinations of vegetables that you use. And thus, the name, "Wu Tao-Wei's Hawaiian-Eskimo One Pot Heavenly Pig-Out Cooking Method."

All you have to do is leave the pig out and go ahead and Pig Out! Bon appetite!

(10) Hidden Secrets of Oriental Wealth, by Dr. Wu Tao-Wei


Hidden Secrets of Oriental Wealth

by Dr. Wu Tao-Wei


According the Census Bureau statistics, the Asians are second only to the Jews as the richest people in America. How can they do this in only a generation or two? Their methods are so easy to understand that you will slap your forehead and say, "Why didn't I think of that?" or "How simple!" But these methods have been kept as Chinese and Japanese secrets for a thousand generations. So, it is not an easy thing for non-Asians to learn about these wealth secrets. Here for the first time in the West, anyone can now become richer than a Jew or a Chinese with these time tested methods.

And with so many Asians infiltrating the Western countries, don't you also want to know "how can they have so much money"? How can they afford big houses and fancy cars so effortlessly? How can their children go to such prestigious colleges?

And so, as a public service, we no longer sell this 43-page booklet for the retail price of $30.00 but offer it as a Free Download.

You can read the booklet online or download it to your desktop for free.

A wealth of Asian knowledge and money-making know-how that you can profit from TODAY, IMMEDIATELY and at NO COST TO YOU.

Hidden Secrets of Oriental Wealth by Dr. Wu Tao-Wei

5th edition, 1992


"It's not right the way [the Asians] come in here and push the [black] people back. They get in here and they get to boasting. They want their own damn way. I don't blame them. They don't really bother anyone. They just crowd you out. They come over here with money and now they're driving around in their Mercedes and Rolls- Royces."

" ... It used to be that you hated Mexicans. Now blacks hate the Asians because, like the Mexicans, Asians got to step over us on their climb upward. The system we live in profits from division and conflict between lower classes. It is the classic cycle of oppression. One group is down so low and then they are manipulated into believing the group next to them is to blame. The real source of the problem is that our bankrupt [American] economic policies have made sure that poverty is built right into the system. The scapegoating that goes on here - blacks blaming Asians, whites blaming Asians, Asians blaming blacks and Hispanics - is no accident."[1 ]

When I first read the above comments made by these African-Americans, it was easy to see that there was a dangerous problem here that required a solution. I, for one, would certainly not like to walk through an ethnic neighborhood and to have these kinds of confused and hateful thoughts directed at me merely because of my race. Who would? And yet, I have heard very similar words coming from the mouths of ignorant White People who also do not understand the Oriental ways of making money.

It is not a matter of being racially an Asian that has allowed the Asian Peoples to become the richest ethnic group in America as well as the richest in the world. That's right! According to U.S. Government statistics it is not the White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestants who are the richest people in this wonderful country. Asians — Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese — are the richest. Of course, the Jews control the Federal Reserve Banking Swindle and the Media Monopoly so they are the richest of all, but it is how Asians have become richer than white people that is our subject here. ...

People buy houses during boom times and pay the banker for a big mortgage. So, the banker profits and wins. Then a depression or recession is cycled in. The home buyer can't pay the mortgage so the banker seizes the house in foreclosure. And the banker profits and wins again.

But losing one's property to a banker is very rare with an Oriental. If one or two Asians are out of work, the others will take up the slack until better times, meanwhile they make their payments and keep control of their own property. So, you may ask, how do the Oriental People live harmoniously together under the same roof? By trying! It takes effort and courtesy to not step on your neighbor's toes. And if everyone tries, then the effort is not great and success is inevitable. It helps to read what Confucius and Mencius had to say about Man, family and duty. It isn't so difficult even with only a little effort.

Thus, the Oriental People prosper even in tough times because they spread their house investment among many people. Even if not everyone lives in the house, there is always relatives or friends who will help buy into a house with another. They will then be assured of making a good investment because their equity will be repaid if the house is re-sold and they can borrow money from one another on their equity in order to make investments in other areas. So, you see, there is really no such thing as a poor Asian. All Asians are rich not so much because of money but because of relatives who trust one another and invest in each other's businesses and properties. If you find a poor Asian somewhere wandering the streets, either he is mentally deranged or he is an orphan without relatives. Unlike the American who is thrown out into the cruel world to either live or die all alone, the Asian People live by the saying, "If one has food, all have food. If one is warm, all are warm."

And this is why so many people are living in the streets of America. On the one hand the Jewish bankers have warped the society by persuading the corrupt politicians to pass laws making it illegal to build and to live in whatever makes you content. Rather, they want everybody to live in what they call "affordable housing built to code." What this means is that the bankers can "afford" to sell it at a profit no matter how flimsy its construction. And it is built to a code that decrees that it is only sturdy enough to last the twenty or thirty years of its mortgage whereupon it is time to buy another house, built to code as cheaply as possible, under another bank loan at the highest interest the banker can get away with. It's a clever swindle and the Jewish bankers have been getting away with it for centuries.

And on the other hand, there are so many street people because the People themselves do not know how precious beyond value are their relatives.

A Chinese might be very wealthy, but unless he has relatives with whom to share his wealth, he feels very poor. With the Chinese, the more you give, the more you have. This is not mere philosophy but is actually good business sense. When you share your wealth and invest in another relative's business, all of this comes back to you plus much more in the years ahead. And so, if you want to own a house and build your wealth, not rent or lease which is like throwing your money away, then use the Hidden Secrets of Oriental Wealth and buy a house together among friends and relatives. Whether you are a hippy commune, a Black Muslim fraternity, a Christian brotherhood, an apple-pie American family or whatever, put aside your individual desires and realize that "a house divided against itself cannot stand." Know Harmony and you will know both Peace and Prosperity.

And now, here is another way that Asians save money. While an American couple might both work to pay for their house, they put their children out to child care. All of this costs more money. " In California, nannies for working parents cost $700 to $1,400 for live-ins. For a 10 hour a day nanny who lives out, the cost is $1,200 to $1,800 per month. Baby sitters from illegal aliens cost from $4 per hour to $8 per hour sometimes $12 pr hour if the working parents are rich." [13 ]

The Asian avoids this because it is the joy and duty of the old people as well as aunts and uncles to care for the little ones when the parents are away. Saving on baby sitting and daycare expense is simple when the grandparents live in the same house as you. While the American family is poorer by $8,000 to $20,000 per year on child care while both parents work so as to pay the Jewish banker, the Asian family keeps its money intact. Thus, while slaving away, the American family falls behind. But with no effort at all, the Asian family moves ahead. This is a simple to understand Secret of Oriental Wealth. Besides, this is how to raise intelligent kids who have had the experience of the wise counsel from many caring relatives to draw upon. And on the other hand, the expense of caring for the old folks is reduced because instead of sending them off to the old folks home, they can stay among their loving family until they die.

This is the natural way. Unlike the Westerners who spend thousands of dollars on child care or old folks homes for their parents, all of this money is saved because everyone helps one another with the burdens of Life. The old help the young and when the young grow up, they in turn help the elderly. And so, Westerners should not be angry that Oriental People are wealthier than they because it is a matter of following the ancient and holy Commandment: "Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother." And if anyone asks, "Am I my brother's keeper?" then you should answer, "YES!" because you and your brother are richer and stronger together than either of you are alone.

The only American expression of this Chinese idea that I have found in this country is the famous little statue at Boys Town, Nebraska, depicting a little boy carrying his tiny brother on his back. The caption is: "He ain't heavy. He's my brother."

If the Western People cannot follow this kind of teaching even from their own Christian heritage, then they are no better than animals. And it is fitting that the animals live out in the weather, alone and hungry, uncaring and uncared for. Such teachings have been a part of Western culture for centuries but it takes courage and strength to follow them.

Americans, deprived of religious instruction by a corrupted Government, are afraid of Old Age and Death. And in their cowardice, they refuse to help the elderly because they are afraid to face what they, themselves, will be someday. Americans have been cheated by the evil lawyers, judges and bankers. They have actually accepted as true the false lawyer's reading of the First Amendment to the Constitution. Americans, who have been deceived by that Communist front known as the ACLU, have overlooked the fact that the Government has no rights whatsoever in religious matters. But why would the leftist Jews of the American Civil Liberties Union want to destroy religion? Because people without religious morals are easier to dominate and less likely to rebel against oppression. Just ask anyone who has ever said anything against the Jews and you will certainly learn what oppression is all about.

Anyway, if you want more wealth, you don't have to get it all by yourself if you have friends and relatives to help you. This simple secret is only a mystery to Westerners because they all selfishly want to be kings of their own property without having the humility necessary to share what they have with their parents, brothers, cousins, uncles and grandparents. Thus, they grow poorer and lonelier through inflation, taxes and age, while the Asian Peoples who follow the ancient teachings grow wealthier. Jesus taught to Westerners the power inherent in group sharing when he divided the loaves and fishes. But the later Christians didn't understand and called it a miracle. It's no miracle because "What I do, ye too can do and some things greater." It is only a Hidden Secret of Oriental Wealth: when you share with your friends and relatives, you don't end up with less you end up with more!

I will use money as an example although loaves and fishes or pans of rice or anything else will equally suffice. Suppose three friends decide to divide their money. One man has two cents, another has a dollar, another has two hundred dollars and a penny. Equally divided it comes out to $67.01 each. Of course, the man with two cents is richer as is the man who only had a dollar, but the strange thing is, the man who had the two hundred dollars is richer, also, because now he also has two friends and allies. And these two friends, who will give him whatever money he wants or needs, still have his money so it hasn't really gone anywhere. He's as rich as he was before and in addition he has two friends who will help him through life's troubles as the three of them continually divide and share their earnings.

And since they will each have different amounts of money at different times, none of them will ever be poor even if he is out of work or falls ill. Thus, the average Asian is always richer than the average Westerner merely by knowing how to share with his family and friends. This is the way we will be thinking when I tell you about the Loan Clubs and the Game of Chairs later in this book. In the West, especially in the United States, it is every man for himself, a dog-eat-dog world where only the strong survive. This is okay if you are a dog. But if you are a human being, then the Oriental way is a much better way for people to live.

Let's compare two families of seven each: an American family and an Oriental family each consisting of two grandparents, a father, a mother, one boy child and one girl child each. The money amounts listed are only examples and can be any amount. So, do some calculating and figure it out regarding your own situation. As an example, first look at the American nuclear family. The grandparents live in their own house which costs, let's say, $500 per year in taxes since they own it. The father and mother live in a different town in a rented house costing $1000 per month. Each is paying out this money for their shelter, money that will never come back to them, while also wasting money on the junk food that they eat as well as for child care.

When the boy grows up, he is expected to move out to find "his own place" at perhaps $250 per month for a shared apartment with a roommate while the girl marries and moves away with her husband to yet another location. In all, this Western family is paying a total of $15,500 per year for their shelter whether as house, apartment or condo. This goes on year after year.

On the other hand, the Oriental extended family tries to live a life of harmony within their family. If the Grandparents already own their home and pay $500 per year in taxes, then why pay more? The parents live with the grandparents as do their two children. If the girl child marries and leaves to her husband's house, that's okay. But the $500 per year in taxes is all that this Oriental family pays for their shelter while putting the other $15,000 dollars behind the closet wall. Depositing money in the bank, is not the Chinese way. If the bank knows how much you have, then so does the tax man. And the cash is not readily available for those quick deals that come along.

At the end of the year, every year, the Oriental family has $15,000 dollars more than the American nuclear family, plus the several thousand dollars more that they save from buying real food instead of junk food. Plus the money saved on day-care for the kids. This is money that they can use to BUY their own house if they want, or, after a few years of living together, they can pay cash for any house that they like. Or invest it in a business to make even more.

Meanwhile, the American nuclear family, each member trying to get something for himself, ends up having nothing at all. The rents paid to the landlord and to the bankers are gone and will never return to them. They are working just to stay alive and pay the rent. They will never move ahead in the monetary world as easily as does the extended, Oriental family because they do not understand the concept of TEAM WORK.

Study these pictures taken of typical houses in Cupertino, California. House A was built without any kind of future in mind. It was designed for a married couple who might have a child or two but that is as far into the future as the designers or that American couple could think.

House B, on the same block, started as an equally small house. But as the family grew in size, a second story was added to accommodate the parents and children. When American families get larger, either they sell out and move to a bigger house or they build a few more rooms or they convert a garage to more living space. This is thinking ahead, but not thinking very far ahead.

House C is a typical Chinese house on the same block. The tiny American house that was on the lot was torn down and this huge, extended family structure was built in its place. While the little American bungalows are built on a cement slab, the Chinese houses have large basements for storage of extra food, commercial goods and extra relatives. These houses are built for extended families, for the increasing of wealth and for a multi-generational ownership.

The two-car garage allows for private parking and for the transfer of commercial goods out of sight of the neighbors. And because cars are often bought by several people who share the driving of them, it is frequent to see Asian families having two Mercedes or other super expensive automobiles which each individual could not afford by himself. While an American family can barely afford an ordinary car since only one person buys one car, the Asian family can afford several expensive cars since it is seen not only as a status symbol but as an investment of many family members chipping in to buy a luxury vehicle.

When the owners of the small American homes die, the relatives sell the property which passes out of the hands of the family. When the owners of the Chinese houses die, the extended family remains in residence. Thus, entire blocks of American houses, over a single generation, are transferred to Chinese ownership from which it will never again be allowed into non-Chinese hands. By thinking in terms of extended families over many generations, the Chinese outlast all other people. It is not "survival of the fittest" but survival of the smartest. And as the black person stated in the Introduction, "They don't really bother anyone. They just crowd you out." Until finally, as in Photo D, all of the houses are built to Chinese specifications. ...

And why would a government want to destroy religious freedom? Because as Jewish- Communism teaches, people are more easily controlled if they behave like animals or if they are taught to behave like animals. Animals can be broken to the whip and starved into submission. But humans with religious knowledge and belief, can undergo any hardship and still persevere to victory. Neither the Jewish Commissars nor the Jewish bankers want this. And so, to further their One-World-Government-United- Nations Conspiracy, they attack religion whenever they can. Especially, is Christianity a target since Jesus was the only religious leader in history to actually tell the truth about the Jews. And they hate Him for it to this day. This is why any Catholic priests or Protestant ministers who commit personal errors, are splashed across the front page headlines of every Jew-owned newspaper and TV station for weeks at a time. The Jews love to make asses out of Christians while hiding the perversions of their own rabbis behind the ads on the back pages. There is no level playing field when the Anti-Christs own the media. ...

 In the West, especially in the United States, children are given lies that are sworn to be the truth and they are still expected to understand the difference between truth and lies. It might seem too simple to mention but I will mention it anyway.

To tell innocent, trusting children lies about Santa Claus and flying reindeer, is one mistake. To tell them about Easter Rabbits and deceive them with hidden eggs, is two mistakes. To tell them of tooth fairies, and then to fool them by hiding money under their pillow at night is three mistakes. To tell them about witches and vampires on Halloween is four mistakes. What can be said about an entire society that puts enormous lies and resources every year into deceiving little children? Can such a society raise trusting children who believe what their elders tell them? Certainly, not! After lying with earnest persuasion about flying reindeer and magic, egg laying bunnies what happens when you tell these same wide-eyed and astonished children about God and Jesus and Wisdom and Virtue? To expect these children to believe you, is sheer lunacy. So, how can such an idiot society not have problems with their youths taking drugs and being delinquents? ...

Asians, too, have various myths and fairy stories but it is not like in the West where the only goal is sales receipts and Jewish profits. Asian myths and stories are told as a means of instilling good thoughts in the listener. To teach righteousness, truth, respect, virtue, holiness, valor, and filial piety, are all worthy goals of these stories and legends. At one time, these same things were taught in the American schools, too, such as with the famous McGuffy Readers. But with the godless lawyers and judges abusing the true and original meaning of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, it is almost illegal to pray. In fact, it is illegal to pray on government property or anywhere else that government money is used to buy the People as well as to buy things for the People.

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was written for and addressed to the Godfearing, religious people of the United States in the Eighteenth Century. It states most clearly that government "shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion." It was written in this way to gain the necessary signatures of the representatives of the People.

To the God-fearing people of 1776, the word "establishment" was, and still is, a noun. It means any establishment or place of religion whether a church or an assembly hall or any religious body. Thus, the government has no right to make any law that relates to religion in any way whatsoever. This is what the original intent and understanding of this word and phrase was in 1776.

But once the Jewish and Communist lawyers of the ACLU started to work with their two-faced double-talk, the meaning was immediately twisted. You see, the big boys in government (all governments), the bankers, lawyers, industrialists, judges, doctors, they all make their money partly through unsavory ways. They deal with deceit, graft, treachery, pay-offs, sexual favors, kick-backs, power, money and even murder every day of their lives. It is not to their benefit for the People to judge their actions under Religious and Moral Law because they are all, with but few exceptions, guilty of high treason to their people and to morality and to God. And yet, under the Civil Laws which they, themselves, write, they appear as innocent and clean as freshly fallen snow.

And so, once the Constitution was signed with the meaning of the First Amendment being taken at face value by the signers and by the People, these scoundrels no longer wanted this particular article to be in force. So, through the double-talking lawyers and corrupt judges, they made a false and deceitful assumption. They assumed that the original writers and signers of the Constitution added the words "an establishment of religion" in the sense that "establishment" was a verb and not a noun.

Thus, through this kind of forked-tongue sleight-of-hand, they claimed essentially that government by influence had power over religion and over religious institutions as well as over when and where people are allowed to talk about religion or to pray; and that the First Amendment was really only there to prevent government from establishing a religion of its own. In fact, the U.S. Government has established its own religion by influence and by default. By assuming that it has the power to prevent religious expression on the grounds that government money is somehow involved in whatever the event, the U.S. Government breaks both the intent and the will behind the First Amendment. By preventing the free expression of religion or religious views anywhere in America whether on government property or not, is a clear violation of both the intent of the writers and the will of the signers of the Constitution. And it is an act of treachery acted upon the American people.

(11) America produces, in its schools, idiots instead of intelligent children - Dr. Wu Tao-Wei

This is also part of Hidden Secrets of Oriental Wealth. I have given it a separate heading in order to draw attention to it.


Every civilization the world has ever known, has realized that once a child reaches the age of puberty at around 12 or 13 years of age, he or she is no longer a child but is an adult. They are young adults, true, but adults nevertheless. And all of these world cultures have usually had some sort of ceremony or religious rite to recognize and to celebrate the youth changing into an adult. That is, most civilizations do this except in the West.

In the West, it was found by the bankers and deduced by the lawyers that young adults, living as lone Americans without family backing, didn't have the ability to repay loans or fully enter into business dealings successfully. So, man-made laws were passed that transgressed all biological and natural laws. It was decreed by the high-and-mighty judges and lawyers that a man was not a man nor was a woman a woman until the age of 18 or, in some cases, 21 years of age. Thus began in the West the first stages of demeaning youths and retarding the growth of adults. And by retarding their adult capabilities, the Jew-Commies have been able to retard the power and wealth of the entire nation. Yes, it is a conspiracy.

Today, in America are found big, strapping 180 and 200 pound fifteen year olds who beat up old ladies and steal cars or murder people just for something to do. Because they have been raised in a society that prohibits the teaching of morality, wisdom or religion in the schools and which decrees that such a bully of a boy is not a man, these young adults think as children and are treated as children in the courts. Eighteen and twenty year old liquor store burglars and strong arm robbers are looked upon as mere children who really don't understand the seriousness of their crime. And yet, the real criminals are the lawyers, politicians and judges who believe that their opinion is even greater than God's, Heaven's or Nature's Law combined. The real criminal is the Society, itself, that raises up youths ignorant of moral law. But lawyers don't make money from the virtuous. They make money from the crooked and corrupt. So, correcting this situation cannot be done within the legal system.

Now, this interaction among friends and family groups is visible in a study that showed that neighborhood dollars turned over six times in San Francisco's Chinatown but in predominately black East Oakland the dollars turned over only once before they left the community. [16 ] This is because Chinese people do business among themselves while the blacks do business with the Jewish slumlords and the various foreigners such as East Indian speculators, Arabs and Koreans who take their profits out of the black neighborhoods and put those profits in their pockets.

African-American People might ask themselves where this money disappears. Drugs? Some of it. The banker's mortgage payments? Some of it. Or is it not wise to understand the Hidden Secrets of Oriental Wealth? For example, when a people owns their own businesses, works a six or seven day work week, hires their own relatives (who often work for free), does business with their own neighbors and shares the profits with their friends and family, then the money is bound to circulate and not vanish. Only when selfish individuals try to make their own, individual profits does the flow of finance speed into individual pockets. Money is like water. It grows as it flows.

And yet, working together for mutual benefit is only a "hidden secret" because it is so obvious. There are no worthless members of a natural, human family. Even the poorest and least member of a family has something to offer to the others.

This lesson was appreciated by the American Indians. When a little boy with his toy bow and arrow came back to camp with a little mouse that he had shot, everyone celebrated! It was an occasion to hold a feast and congratulate that little boy. Along with the rest of the food, that mouse was skinned and cooked and eaten with fanfare and gladness because everyone knew that it was only a little mouse today but when the boy turned into a man, it would be a big buffalo tomorrow!

Even the labor of children adds to family wealth. But in America, the children are given three months of vacation in the summer while their parents work. This is a holdover of pioneer farming and harvest timing and not conducive to educated young people in a modern society. But as a means of slowing down American productivity so that the Third World can overtake the United States, it is a method well devised by the Jewish-Communists who are undermining this country. Lazy youths lead to family poverty and to rich industrialists who will sell the United States to foreigners if only the young people of America can be made illiterate and lazy enough. During the school year, Chinese youths study at public school but also go to Chinese school for several hours per week. The extra study in Chinese language, kung-fu, meditational breathing (qi gong) and calligraphy makes them smarter while the America children are following the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and wasting their energies playing sports instead of improving their minds.

And so, a family is made poorer when the youths are made to think that they are only "little kids" who only get but never give. They are "owed" three month's vacation from their studies because they are "kids" who don't have to work until they "grow up". And they are brainwashed into believing that school and learning is so much hard work that they need a three months vacation from it just to recuperate. Thus, America produces, in its Federally financed schools, idiots instead of intelligent children. And the industrialists (who write the laws) grow richer because of this built-in system of illiterates who become the low paid wage slaves of the future. But they are not wage slaves who actually have a dependable job because, ever alert for cheaper labor, the American industrialists demand unrestricted immigration of cheap foreign labor to supplant the more expensive idiots that they have raised up in the public schools. No Asian country would import labor while throwing out of work its citizens because we know that a country's true wealth is measured, first and foremost, in the strength and harmony of its people — not merely in the wealth of its Jewish bankers and traitorous industrialists.

Very few children raised up in these ways grow up to appreciate the true pleasures of learning. In their on-going assault upon America, the Jewish-Communists who control the Media, insist that the children can't learn because of "poor schools" or "bad teachers" or a thousand other excuses designed to hide the actual facts that (1) no matter how hard you try, you can't teach someone who doesn't want to learn and (2) no matter how hard you try, you cannot prevent a child from learning something that he wants to learn.

In other words, the children are being deceived into thinking that for them to learn, it is up to the schools and the teachers to teach them. But in fact, it is up to the student to learn, no matter how good or bad the schools and teachers are. It is up to the student to learn; it is not up to the teacher to teach. When this Hidden Secret is not known, then the students are forever failing because they have been led to rely upon a false theory of education. But because of the International Money Lenders who control the school systems, these children are meant to fail. When they fail as students, they will not achieve a high level as adults, and if they cannot achieve a high level as adults, then the International Money Lenders will be able to make even more profits by keeping wages down and importing labor from the Third World nations where the children are actually given an education.

That Black People, as well as Whites, misunderstand the important role of children in contributing to the family wealth can be seen in the opening words of this essay: "It used to be that you hated Mexicans. Now blacks hate the Asians because, like the Mexicans, Asians got to step over us on their climb upward." Yet, one of the methods used by the Mexicans for "stepping over" the blacks is simple: remain together as a family and give all money earned by all members to the father. Then, the father, with his increased buying power (and prestige), can buy things for the family. But one must raise one's children to "Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother" for this system to work.

Another way that the "Mexicans got to step over us" is because close family ties and brotherly love prompts the Mexican to pass along his job to his friend or relative when he leaves. Thus, the extended family method of Asia is used by the Catholic Mexican as second nature. By passing along the job, the Mexicans as an ethnic group, begin to have and to keep jobs and to dominate the job market while the black people and the white people who prefer the every-man-for-himself philosophy, find that they can't get their old jobs back because the Mexicans have them but don't let them out of Mexican racial control. La Raza is a rallying cry for Mexicans. La Raza means the "Mexican race". Racism is a powerful social and political tool that has been given to people of color by the Jews for gaining economic and political power over white people. In fact, the very phrase, "people of color", was invented by the Jew- Commies because this phrase polarizes all nonwhite people on earth against the white man.

But it is forbidden by the Jews that any white people use racism in their own survival strategies because the Jews have decided that the white people are to be dispossessed of their country and obliterated from the earth. America and Europe are being taken away from the whites by the Jews and sold to and inhabited by the People of the Third World. By using racism, the Jewish-Communists rally their troops. They meld together the Third World Peoples with racism. And they divide the Euro-American People by disallowing their cohesiveness with racial brotherhood. It is a form of genocide against white people.

It is strange that the one people in the world who claim to have such an aversion to genocide, are the world's foremost practitioners of genocide. When the Jewish Bolsheviks took over Russia in 1917, they immediately murdered 40,000 Christian priests and four million Russians. Then under Stalin, the Jews murdered another forty million. And since that time,

Jewish Communism is directly responsible for the murder of one hundred million people worldwide. And why do they scream so loud about the alleged six million Jews under Hitler? Because they want everyone to be so sick and tired of hearing about genocide that they don't want anyone to notice the one hundred million that they, themselves, murdered. And they certainly don't want anyone to notice that the Jewish abortion mills murder millions of white and black children every year while the Jewish bankers make it impossible for white farmers and families to survive. Communism is Jewish. Banking is Jewish. Western Medicine is Jewish. And genocide is Jewish. Jesus called them hypocrites, but I call them ordinary, everyday Jews.

At first it seemed odd to me that a country that can orbit Mars and explore Jupiter, can't protect its own borders from illegal immigration. It is all a matter of national will. But the International Jewish Financiers don't will it and since these buy and blackmail the American politicians, the borders are open to any illegal alien or enemy who wishes to enter.

And so, Americans would do well to take better care of their children because these children will someday be guardians of the State. Unlike the American parents who place their children with baby sitters while they go out, who exclude them from adult gatherings and are careful not to fight in front of the children, Oriental People usually treat their children as normal human youngsters. By treating children as normal human beings, Oriental children grow up to be normal. But by treating children as special little, individual groups like "babies," "kids," "teenagers" and "adolescents," Western children grow up with a retarded sense of wholeness or a feeling of incompleteness. A good example of this problem and its solution can been seen in the Sidney Poitier film, To Sir, With Love.

Western children never feel complete as people because the Government has decreed that they are children even though they are biologically adults. They are always striving to "grow up". They fall victim to the mercantile seductions of buying things that the advertising implies will make them into adults - liquor, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, flashy automobiles, fancy clothes and endless varieties of skin and hair cosmetics. All Jewish monopolies! What a coincidence!

You can see the difference in the two mental attitudes expressed by the average Western and Eastern child. The Western "teenager" is usually either boisterous and rowdy, unable to calm his racing ego or he is easily frightened and uncertain about his role in life. Such a child is an easy target of the Jewish pornography industry of Hollywood. But the Oriental child is, in general, cool, calm and collected. The difference is mainly in the foods that they eat, the breathing techniques that they use, and the methods with which these children are raised. Americans are content to allow their children to become like the dysfunctional idiots, the perverts, the criminals, the dope fiends, the soap opera divas and the morons who play sports since these are held up by the Jewish Media Monopoly as the very pinnacle of desirability. But Asians prefer to raise their own children to be normal human beings rather than victims of the Media Moguls.

Oriental parents do not exclude their children from their life like the Western parents do. It is not at all uncommon to see an Oriental business executive taking to an important meeting his little son. And the working mother is often accompanied by her children at work where they sometimes even lend a hand in the labors. In general, the Oriental People take their children along with them rather than leave them at home alone or with a baby sitter. Thus, these children gain the valuable experiences of Life from observing both parents and strangers that allow them to be successful in the adult world. Certainly, they develop a more wholesome and mature attitude than those poor, deceived and manipulated children that are raised in the West.

Meanwhile, Westerners abandon their children with baby sitters who are strangers or leave them to their own devices. The result is that these children not only are deficient in their knowledge of real life, but they go into adulthood with false expectations as to what this adult life is really like. Western children are trained to be the sole captain of their fate while Oriental children are trained to face the world knowing that they have the backing of their family. Thus, the Oriental has both the psychological and the monetary advantage over his Western brother. While the Western young adult must build his own business and professional network of people with whom to work and make a living, the Oriental young adult already has in place a vast network of relatives who will help him with money and advice in his business ventures. And thus, while the Westerners fall behind, the Orientals thrive merely by following the ancient course of human companionship and common sense.

For you to be able to take advantage of these Hidden Secrets of Oriental Wealth, you must be willing to "forgive and forget." That is, you must be willing to talk with your relatives and to iron out any bad feelings that you may share. If your goal is a better, wealthier, more trouble free life, then you must be able to understand that one's family is more than merely two parents and their children. A family includes all of your relations, uncles, cousins, aunts, grandparents, everybody. Once this is understood, then there is no limit to what all of you can accomplish together.

"But," you may complain, "in modern times there just isn't time to get everybody together long enough to accomplish anything." If you think about it, this is where you will discover yet another Hidden Secret of Oriental Wealth.

In America, the holidays are devised strictly for the sake of Jewish merchants and industrial sales. Simply because the United States of America is officially an Anti-Religion country, most people really don't know that Jesus was born in the early summer and certainly not in cold December or that the celebration of Easter is not commemorating Jesus arising on the third day but is really the Druidic celebration of the re-birth of EOSTER, the pagan goddess of spring. Even the Western Sabbath has been changed for political reasons from Saturday to Sunday! This list could go on but suffice it to say that Americans blindly celebrate holidays that have no real meaning. Their celebration of New Year's Day has nothing much that can be said about a new year since there are no special astronomical reasons for having the New Year begin on January First.

Primarily, The United States is a pagan country with a patina of Christianity covering up the dark spots. No one seems to care much for Truth. ...

Because Oriental parents know that the success of their children is their own success, and because they know that knowledge brings power and wealth, they encourage their children to study hard and to make good grades in school and to use their knowledge for getting a good paying job. What is so Chinese about this? There is an African saying that: "When the son kills a lion, the father smiles." This, too, is only human nature and universally true.

But in the West, with its run-away individualism where it's every-man-for-himself, the parents know that they will be growing old and feeble some day and that their children will certainly not be of any help to them. Indeed, Western parents have this false vanity that causes them to say, "Go out into the world, My Children, and make a place for yourself. Don't worry about me. I'll be alright. I don't want to be a burden to you in my old age."

Such thinking is nothing but fuzzyheadedness, vanity and ignorance regarding the True Ways of Life. It is a dead-end street on the road of human evolution. It is a dead-end street because neither the parents nor the children can survive to carry on the race. Little by little over the years, people who think in such ways will die out. The old people die without passing along their knowledge and wisdom, the young people shrivel up and die-out lacking this knowledge and wisdom as they are faced with the inevitable economic and military pressures of other peoples who do, indeed, know the Hidden Secrets of Oriental Wealth.

For the average American child to progress in school, it is up to the adults to encourage him and her to study. There is nothing worse that a modern parent can do than to allow the child to listen to the radio and especially to watch television while doing their homework. And any child who eats sugar, white flour and chocolate will never have the mental powers nor the high educational level that children have who do not eat these mental and physical poisons. Sugar causes hyperactivity, hypo- and hyper-insulinism, pimples, tooth decay and its polar opposites of lethargy, dull thinking, and inability to concentrate. The depraved Western psychologists actually give such children dangerous drugs like Ritalin in the false belief that it is the child and not his diet that is the source of all of this alleged hyperactivity. And these same psychologists and junk food producers attend the same synagogues as the Ritalin manufacturers. Surely, Jesus spoke the truth about these devils!

"By the time that an American child graduates from high school, he will have spent 15,000 hours in front of a TV set, compared with only 11,000 hours in the classroom."[18 ] "Children who spend Saturday morning in front of the television are getting a weekly cram course in unhealthy eating, according to a study that counted 222 junk-food ads during four hours of cartoon shows.

"Sugarcoated cereals, candy, cookies, chips, fruit-flavored drinks, chocolate syrup, fast-food meals and pizza dominated the commercials.... This kind of broadcasting is leading to eating habits that cause obesity, tooth decay, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases."[19 ] And so, for the sake of making money, American Junk Food Manufacturers poison innocent children and destroy their own country.

"The Educational Testing Service, in a six-country survey sure to bolster the harshest critics of American education, reported ... that 13-year-old American school children score worse in mathematics than their counterparts in all five of the other nations studied and fall close to the bottom in science as well.

"... Students were tested in Ireland, South Korea, Spain, Britain, the U.S., and in Canada.

"... the children who scored best in both mathematics and science watched the least amount of television. The survey, moreover, reported that the American 13-year-olds watched the most television while the Koreans watched the least."[20 ]

Taking a walk through any suburb, village or housing area in the world, allows you to see first hand what the people do for entertainment. And the type of pass-times that are popular with the people gives a clue to the inner working of these various people's very minds. The children playing in the streets and between the houses, the women gossiping over the fences and the men participating in their own social activities, allow you to understand the richness and depth exhibited by humanity.

However, in the United States, there is very little richness and depth. A walk through any township or neighborhood is a walk through a desert. There is no one around. Everyone is indoors watching the Jewish television shows. Wrapped in their cocoons of apartment walls and housing stucco, the people are mere bodies sitting in front of ghosts projected onto glass. The retarded mentality of a ten-year-old child that is reflected in the television mass media is also absorbed by the TV watchers into their daily lives. Fully 72 percent of Americans [21 ] do not even know their neighbors, so hypnotized are they by the Electric Jew.

Precisely and truly stated: Anyone who watches commercial television is a fool. There is not a single program that exists primarily to entertain or to inform the watcher. Their only reason for a program's existence, is to keep you in the chair long enough to sell commercial products. All so-called news and entertainment is secondary to television's primary goal of selling commercial products. And while the boob-tube shines and flickers, a person's very Life is ebbing away. But they don't notice, so enwrapped is he or she in the images that seem more real than Life. And while the couch potatoes dream away their lives like opium addicts, they leave the streets and neighborhoods abandoned to the thugs.

Marshall McCluen, the famous media guru, was quite wrong when he hypothesized that TV is an "extension of the nervous system." Actually, TV is a substitution for the nervous system. And instead of a functioning brain, all that the watcher is allowed to possess is a consuming mouth and a ravenous desire. These are perfect industrial sales targets! These are perfect dupes for the anti-religious, materialistic, pornographic, creeping Communism of the purveyors of the Jewish Media Monopoly. ...

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