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461 Brother Nathaneal accuses Jewish lobby of orchestrating NATO's Rape of Libya

Brother Nathaneal accuses Jewish lobby of orchestrating NATO's Rape of Libya

Thanks to those who responded to my email saying I was back. The
response encouraged me to get this bulletin out.

An English translation of Solzhenitsyn's Two Hundred Years Together has
already been made. It was organized (I believe) by Kevin MacDonald;
Roman Frolov was the translator.

But publication is being blocked by French publisher Editions Fayard,
which claims to hold the copyright. Yet, Russian-language editions are
freely available online.

How would Solzhenitsyn have felt about this?

(1) French publisher Editions Fayard is blocking English edition of
Solzhenitsyn's Two Hundred Years Together
(2) Email exchange - Peter Myers and translator Roman Frolov on Two
Hundred Years Together
(3) Brother Nathanael approaches Solzhenitsyn family to help get "Two
Hundred Years Together" published in English
(4) Brother Nathaneal accuses Jewish lobby of orchestrating NATO's Rape
of Libya
(5) State Dept "Youth for Regime Change" Summit (2008) ...
disproportionate % of Jewish names among the Organizers
(6) State Dept's "democracy promoter" James K. Glassman is a Zionist and
(7) a lot of 911 programs now, but all of them bullshit (excuse the
(8) The 9/11 propaganda machine is at full speed. Cannot stomach it all
(9) Michael Hudson cannot afford to mention the "J" word
(10) Benevolent Despots
(11)  Libya was not responsible for the Lockerbie bombing
(12) Gadaffi's good work in Africa

(1) French publisher Editions Fayard is blocking English edition of
Solzhenitsyn's Two Hundred Years Together

From: Roman Frolov rvfrolov@gmail.com Cc: Kevin MacDonald
kmacd@csulb.edu Date: 07.07.2011 04:05 AM

Subject: Re: When will Solzhenitsyn book be published?

Hello Peter,

This is the situation as I see it.

Fayard owns rights on all texts of AIS except those published in Russian
language (his works are available for free download from official AIS
family's Russian website). Fayard sells licenses to different publishers
who publish it in other languages. So it was released in German, French
and Czech.

Needless to say, insignificant size of potential English-speaking
auditory in comparison to the prominent German, French and Czech ones
did not merit publishing the book in that obscure language . Of course,
one should be completely nuts to even think about conspiracy.

Seriously though, attached you find some Fayard's correspondence with me
and third parties.



For several years some people in USA tried to figure out who owns the
copyright on 200YT. As Fayard was suspected, numerous attempts were made
to contact them. However, Fayard never replied. Yet when the current
translation project had gathered steam last year, Fayard started to
demand cancelling the translation because of copyright. It was September
2010. Below you can find a few pieces of relevant correspondence with me
and other friendly parties.

** Third notification / Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn **

Sir, Madam,

As the owner of the worldwide and all languages (except Russian)
translation rights of the book of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn entitled “Deux
siècles ensemble”, Editions FAYARD have already sent you two
notifications dated august 25 and September 9, 2010, to enjoin you to
stop and withdraw the English translation of this book, which has not
been authorized by the author and/or his beneficiaries and/or his
assignees, from your blog www.ethnopoliticsonline.com.

We have not received any answer from you.

However, we have noticed that the English translation is still on your
blog and that you have posted a “copyright note” regarding this

We thank you to promote Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s work but it does not
prevent you from respecting the Copyright law and the will of the
beneficiaries and assignees of the author.

The simple fact that the English translation of this book is offered on
your blog to all the internet users, without any authorization by the
author and/or his beneficiaries and/or assignees, constitutes a
violation of any Copyright law and warning that the book can then only
be “reproduced for reader’s personal use” or “displayed within the
reader’s family circle” doesn’t change anything as the infringement has
already occurred. The same stands for the non for profit translation. It
doesn’t justify any violation of the will of the author’s assignees
and/or heirs.

In addition, it is up to Editions Fayard to choose the publisher to
realize the English translation, and to appreciate the translation’s
quality. ...

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: SAUDEJAUD CAROLE <CSAUDEJAUD@editions-Fayard.fr>
  Sent: Fri, October 1, 2010 11:15:10 AM
Subject: TR: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn : 200 Years Together

  Dear ------,
Following your email to Claude Durand, please let me confirm that the
English translation rights to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s work : Two
Hundred Years together are still available, and that Editions Fayard do
hold them indeed.
We do only publish French books and license the English rights to
British and American publishers who then take care of the translation
and its publication in their country. Since then, Fayard will not be the
publisher of the English edition of the work. But we’d be happy of
course to find the perfect publisher for it in the English language and
to sell him the rights. Please let me insist on that point: we can only
sell these rights to a publishing company. ...

(2) Email exchange - Peter Myers and translator Roman Frolov on Two
Hundred Years Together


Have you contacted the AIS family?

Can I suggest an informal approach initially – not written but oral.
Find some Russian person, interested in the matter, who would be
prepared to contact the family and inform them of the situation.

This is not just a matter of legalities. The family’s wishes and
perceptions are an independent variable. Given that AIS’ works in
Russian are available for free download, this would surely indicate that
AIS intended his major works as a “canon” of our time, available for
sale to those able to buy them, but denied to none. Certainly not
withheld from English-speaking audiences; AIS addressed them often.

When Copyright was negotiated, that surely was the intent.

Has Fayard produced the copyright agreement with the AIS family? Could
you request a copy – or obtain one from some official  registry? If not,
perhaps the family could supply a copy.

Finally, given that you mentioned that ISI might have acquired English
rights, have you approached them? If not, can I suggest that you do –
once again, informally (by telephone) in the first instance.

The figure of $100,000 was quoted. Does that mean that you could
proceed, on payment of such? How do you feel about that prospect?


From: Roman Frolov <rvfrolov@gmail.com> Date: 07.07.2011 05:28 AM
Subject: Re: When will Solzhenitsyn book be published?
Hi Peter,

The family WAS contacted quite a few times on this subject. The wife is
strongly against any unauthorized translation and release (I was told
she would sue the "guilty" party then) and expressed her firm belief
that "eventually the book will be published". Well we've heard all this
before. Of course in the worst scenario they will be very ashamed by a
world-wide scandal (if friendly parties help disseminate the info).

Secondly, Fayard wants to deal with an "established publisher". So I
cannot do it on my own.

Thirdly, the said price tag was discussed a few years ago. If it is the
same now, I believe united efforts of several dedicated individuals can
bring the needed sum. The profits from such enterprise could be in
millions. I would then considering taking a loan.

But first and foremost, someone must go into negotiations with Fayard
which I suspect might be not easy. They could just ignore requests. But
then the second volume is almost translated and online (I do not know
who put it online by the way).



 >  Fayard wants to deal with an "established publisher"

In the letter, Fayard do not say, ""established" - by which I assume you
mean a major publisher - but merely stipulate, "we can only sell these
rights to a publishing company."

It should be possible to find a niche publisher. Only a SMALL publisher
will touch such a project. ...

(3) Brother Nathanael approaches Solzhenitsyn family to help get "Two
Hundred Years Together" published in English


Efforts To Publish Solzhenitsyn's "Two Hundred Years Together" Gaining


14 AUGUST 2010

Brother Nathanael, a monastic with the Russian Orthodox Church Outside
Russia, is contacting key individuals who have connections to the
Solzhenitsyn family in Russia so as to obtain publishing rights to
publish the Nobel Prize winner's, "Two Hundred Years Together" in English.

Marketing rights are also being explored.

Updates to follow.

(4) Brother Nathaneal accuses Jewish lobby of orchestrating NATO's Rape
of Libya

My Name Is Brother Nathanael Kapner.
I Am A "Street Evangelist."

I Grew Up As A Jew.
I Am Now An Orthodox Christian.

I Wish To Warn How Zionist Jews Are Destroying Christianity Throughout
The World


The Jews Behind NATO’s Rape Of Libya (video - 5 minutes)

Comment by Peter Myers, September 8, 2011

If you haven't seen the above video, please watch it. It's only 5 minutes.

In this video, Brother Nathaneal says that the same Jewish forces which
called for and brought about the invasion of Iraq, are also behind the
invasion of Libya.

There are differences, however. The invasion of Libya is akin to the
dismemberment of Yugoslavia - done by Bill Clinton's government. The
cabinet then was substantially Jewish, yet this was not a Zionist
project. They happily co-operated with the Islamicist militants of
Kosovo and Bosnia, just as the CIA co-operated with Bin Laden in
Afghanistan against the Soviet Union during the 1980s.

Likud and the Jewish Lobby mounted an anti-Islamic campaign during the
GW Bush years, to get the US and NATO to turn against those same Islamic

Now, in Libya, we see NATO once again co-operating with Islamic
militants - "Al Quaeda".

So, there are two factions of Jews involved.

On the invasion of Libya, Brother Nathaneal begins with the lies and
hype of the Jewish-owned press - eg Bronfman's CNN.

Then turns to the role of Jewish bankers, via their newspaper The
Financial Times. The edition of August 22 featured an Editorial written
by Richard Haass - Jewish President of the Council On Foreign Relations
(CFR). The title said it all: Libya Now Needs Boots On the Ground.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman has long called for an invasion of Libya.

A recent Open Letter to House Republicans, calling for US troops on the
ground in Libya, was signed by a disproportionate number of Jewish

Elliott Abrams
John Podhoretz
Robert Kagan
Frederick Kagan
Lawrence Kaplan
William Kristol
Robert Lieber
Michael Makovsky
Eric Edelman
Paul Wolfowitz
Kenneth Weinstein
Randy Scheunemann


June 20, 2011

An Open Letter to House Republicans

[...] The problem is not that the President has done too much, however,
but that he has done too little to achieve the goal of removing Qaddafi
from power. The United States should be leading in this effort, not
trailing behind our allies. We should be doing more to help the Libyan
opposition, which deserves our support. We should not be allowing
ourselves to be held hostage to U.N. Security Council resolutions and
irresolute allies.
What would be even worse, however, would be for the United States to
become one of those irresolute allies. The United States must see this
effort in Libya through to its conclusion.

Elliott Abrams
Bruce Pitcairn Jackson
Danielle Pletka
Gary Bauer
Ash Jain
John Podhoretz
Max Boot
Frederick Kagan
Stephen G. Rademaker
Ellen Bork
Robert Kagan
Karl Rove
Scott Carpenter
Lawrence Kaplan
Randy Scheunemann
Liz Cheney
William Kristol
Gary Schmitt
Seth Cropsey
Robert Lieber
Dan Senor
Thomas Donnelly
Tod Lindberg
Michael Singh
Eric Edelman
Michael Makovsky
Henry D. Sokolski
Jamie Fly
Ann Marlowe
Marc Thiessen
Reuel Marc Gerecht
Clifford D. May
Kenneth Weinstein
John Hannah
Joshua Muravchik
Paul Wolfowitz
William Inboden
Martin Peretz
R. James Woolsey

(5) State Dept "Youth for Regime Change" Summit (2008) ...
disproportionate % of Jewish names among the Organizers

Peter Myers, September 8, 2011

For some background on this matter, see my earlier bulletin
State Department, NED, Soros & CIA links to "regime change" dissidents
in Belarus, MidEast http://mailstar.net/nonviolence-State-link.html.

The following pdf file is an official report on the State Dept-sponsored
school for  "Regime Change" revolutionaries in 2008. The list of
attendees is at the top; detailed biographies are in  the body.

Note the anti-Chavez stance: one of the groups attending is No Mas Chavez.

While the attendees are from many countries, a cursory inspection seems
to show a  disproportionate % of Jewish names among the Moderators &
Speakers, Hosts, and  especially the Sponsors.

Google, Facebook and MTV (all Sponsors) are Jewish-owned & operated.

It looks as if Howcast is too (eg Jason Liebman, Co-founder and CEO,

Also look at the representatives from the State Dep't:

James Glassman, Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public
Affairs  Jared Cohen, Policy Planning Staff Andy Rabens


Alliance of Youth Movements Summit

3-5 December 2008 New York City


Delegates 4

Million Voices Against FARC 4 Oscar A. Morales Guevara 4 Save Darfur
Coalition 4  Andrew Burnette 4 Genç Siviller (Young Civilians) 4 Ceren
Kenar 4 Turgay Ogar 5  Invisible Children 5 Chris Sarette 5 Illuminemos
Mexico 5 Elias Kurí 5 Youth for  Tolerance 5 Elie Awad 5 One Million
Voices Against Crime in South Africa 5 Herman  Lochner 6 Burma Global
Action Network 6 Sophie Lwin 6 Imran Jamal 6 To Write Love  on Her Arms
6 Jamie Tworkowski: 6 Byron Cutrer 6 Genocide Intervention Network 6
Janessa Goldbeck 7 No Mas Chavez 7 Juan David Lacouture 7 Cuba
Development  Initiative 7 Marc Wachtenheim 7 Saudi Women Petitioning the
Government for Driving  Rights 8 The People's March Against Knife Crime
8 Sharon Singh 8 Gemma Always 8  Raices de Esperanza 8 Felice Gorordo 8
Veronica Nur 8

Observers 9

Quilliam Foundation 9 Maajid Nawaz 9 Sisters Against Violent Extremism 9
Edit  Schlaffer 9 Elisabeth Kasbauer 9 A Better L.A. 9 Brian Center 9
Sumate 10 Rosa E.  Rodriguez 10 Anomoli Youth Empowerment Center 10
Reggy Hasibuan 10 Iraqis  Rebuilding our Country (IROC) 10 Luke Jubair
10 Centre for Peace-Building and  Reconciliation, Sri Lanka 11 S.A.L.A.
(Awdaarya) Seneviratne 11 Emmanuel Prabahar  Tharava Deepan (Prabu
Deepan) 11 Crossing Borders 11 Michael Kim 11 Full Court  Peace 11 Mike
Evans 11

Moderators & Speakers 11

Whoopi Goldberg, Actress and Host of ABC’s “The View” 11 Matthew Waxman,
  Professor Columbia Law School 12 Dustin Moskovitz, Co-Founder Facebook
12 Micah  Silfry, Co-founder and Editor of the Personal Democracy Forum
12 David Kirkpatrick,  Senior Editor Fortune Magazine 12 Larry Diamond,
Founding Co-editor Journal of  Democracy and Senior Fellow at the Hoover
Institution 12 Peter Kafka, Senior Editor,  AllThingsDigital.com 13
Chris Michael, Witness 13 Luke Russert, Correspondent  MSNBC, Moderator
13 Nicole Lapin, CNN Correspondent 13 Tim Kash, VJ, MTV 14

Panelists 15

Amy Webb, CEO, Webbmedia Group 15 Andrew Rasiej, Founder of Personal
Democracy  Forum 15 Stephen Smith, Founder, PACT 16 Joe Green, CEO
Causes 16 Sam  Graham-Felson, Director of Blogging and Blog Outreach for
2008 Obama Campaign 16  Scott Goodstein, External Online Director for
Obama for America 16 Joe Rospars, New  Media Director Barack Obama 2008
Presidential Campaign 16 Richard Robbins,  Marketing Director Media
Innovation, AT&T 16 Shaarik Zafar, Senior Advisor, U.S.  Department of
Homeland Security 17 Sherif Mansour, Program Officer, Freedom  House 17

Hosts 18

Jason Liebman, Co-founder and CEO, Howcast 18 Roman Tsunder, CEO, Access
360  Media, Inc. 18 Stephanie Rudat, Philanthropist 18

Sponsors 19

AT&T 19 Patricia A. Jacobs, Ph.D., Regional Vice President –
International Public  Affairs 19

Howcast 19 Jason Liebman, Co-founder and CEO Howcast 19 Alex Ellerson,
Senior Vice  President of Business Development & Legal Affairs 19 Daniel
Blackman, Co-Founder &  Chief Operating Officer 19 3 / 26
youthmovements.howcast.com Darlene Liebman,  Co-Founder & Vice President
of Production 19 Sanjay Raman, Co-Founder & Vice  President of Product
Development 19 Jeffrey Kaufman, Vice President of  Programming and
Content Development 19 Tessa Barerra, Communications Manager  19 Rachel
Silver, Executive Assistant 20

Google 20 Megan Smith, Vice President New Business Development, Google
20 Gisel  Hiscock, Director of New Business Development for Europe,
Middle East and Africa 20  Katie Stanton, Principal in the New Business
Development Team, Google 20

Facebook 20 Chris Kelly, Chief Privacy Officer and Head of Global Public
Policy of  Facebook 20

MTV 21 Ian Rowe 21

Gen-Next 21 Michael Davidson, CEO Gen-Next 21 Paul Makarechian, Founder
and  Chairman, Gen Next 21 Sean Sassounian, CEO, SAS Textiles 21

U.S. Department of State 22

James Glassman, Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public
Affairs 22  Jared Cohen, Policy Planning Staff, Office of the Secretary
of State 22 Andy Rabens,  U.S. Department of State 22 Farah Pandith,
Senior Advisor, U.S. Department of State  23 Glen Roberts, Advisor, U.S.
Department of State 23 D. Marie Tyler, Policy Planning  Staff, U.S.
Department of State 23 Adnan Kifayat, Senior Advisor, U.S. Department
of State 23 Alexandra Abboud, Editorial Director, American Life and
Culture  America.gov 23

Guests 24

Craig Hatkoff, Co-Founder, Tribeca Film Festival 24 Derek Brown, Peace
Appeal 24  James Haven 24 Marc Sageman, Founder, Sageman Consulting 24
Ambassador Stuart  W. Holliday, President and CEO, Meridian House 24
Susan Bean, Senior Vice-President  and Partner, Fleishman- Hillard New
York 25 Pat Keane 25

... visit the link to see the body of the document:

(6) State Dept's "democracy promoter" James K. Glassman is a Zionist and

From: Tim OSullivan <timos2003z@hotmail.com> Date: 07.03.2011 01:10 AM

Egypt: A Virtual Smoking Gun

Posted on 06. Mar, 2011 by Maidhc O Cathail in Mid East

By Maidhc Ó Cathail


On January 12, 2009, US Undersecretary for Public Diplomacy and Public
Affairs  James K. Glassman joined a group of Egyptian political bloggers
from the Virtual  Newsroom of the American University in Cairo. Is this
the "virtual" smoking gun that  indicates American collusion in the
subsequent ouster of Hosni Mubarak?

Less than two months earlier, Glassman and Jared Cohen from Secretary
Clinton's  Policy Planning Staff had given an on-the-record briefing on
the State Department's  alliance with ten partners in the private
sector—including Facebook, Google, MTV,  AT&T, Howcast, Access 360
Media—to form the Alliance for Youth Movements (AYM).  During that
briefing, Glassman singled out Egypt's April 6 Youth Movement for
special  mention, saying that some of its members would be in attendance
at the inaugural  AYM youth summit in New York from December 3-5. Asked
about "the risk of  unleashing something here that is going to come back
to bite you, especially with our  allies," Glassman replied: "We are
very supportive of pro-democracy groups around the  world. And
sometimes, that puts us at odds with certain governments."

When pressed by the questioner, Glassman explained: "Now, we have to
work with  those governments. And let me also just say, there's a
difference on an operational  level between public—what we do in public
diplomacy and what is often done in official  diplomacy. We are
communicating and engaging at the level of the public, not at the  level
of officials. So you know, it certainly is possible that some of these
governments  will not be all that happy that—at what we're doing, but
that's what we do in public  diplomacy."

After Jared Cohen pointed out that the organizations that are coming
together online  form "a new kind of civil society organization" that
eventually leads to a  "transformation," Glassman acknowledged that the
US government has "been engaging  with such civil society organizations
in places like Egypt for a long time."

As Al Jazeera revealed in a behind the scenes look at Egypt's
non-violent coup, the  State Department-backed April 6 Youth Movement
did indeed play a crucial role in that  "transformation," through
organizing and directing the protests that toppled  America's erstwhile
ally Mubarak. The April 6 leaders also received training from the
Belgrade-based Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies
(CANVAS), which  works closely with the International Center for
Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC). The ICNC  was founded and funded entirely by
Peter Ackerman, the multi-millionaire junk bond  "teflon guy," who
chaired Freedom House between 2005 and 2009. Freedom House is  funded in
part by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the US
government-sponsored neoconservative-led regime change specialists.

On April 19, 2010, Ackerman attended an event entitled "Cyber-Dissidents
and  Political Change" sponsored by the George W. Bush Institute, which
Glassman has  headed since September 3, 2009. "Inspired by President and
Mrs. Bush's unwavering  commitment to freedom for all people," its
website states, "the Bush Institute works  to embolden dissidents and
freedom advocates, creating a powerful network for moral  support and
education." Among the cyber-dissidents in attendance at its Dallas event
  were Rodrigo Diamanti from Venezuela; Arash Kamangir, from Iran; Oleg
Kozlovsky,  from Russia; Ernesto Hernández Busto, from Cuba (who lives
in Barcelona); Isaac Mao,  from China; and Ahed Alhendi, from Syria.
Clearly, some people are seen as more  deserving of Mr. and Mrs. Bush's
freedom advocacy than others.

In 2007, Glassman became chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors
(BBG), a  US government agency that provides propaganda to overseas
audiences via the Voice  of America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty,
the Middle East Broadcasting Networks  (Alhurra TV and Radio Sawa),
Radio Free Asia, and the Office of Cuba Broadcasting  (Radio and TV
Marti). Norman J. Pattiz, the "founding father" of Radio Sawa, which is
  increasingly popular in Egypt, sits on BBG's board. Pattiz is also on
the national board  of the Israel Policy Forum, which is "committed to a
strong and enduring U.S.-Israel  relationship and to advancing the
shared interests of the United States and the State  of Israel." Its
Israeli Advisory Council is comprised of prominent figures from Israel's
  military and intelligence establishment, mostly notably David Kimche,
who was once  described as "Israel's leading spy and would-be Mossad
chief." According to a  Washington Report profile, "The 'man with the
suitcase,' as Kimche became known by  colleagues in Israel, would appear
in an African country a day or two before a major  coup, and leave a
week later after the new regime was firmly in control, often with the
aid of Israeli security teams."

Prior to his involvement with "democracy promotion," Glassman was a
resident fellow  at the American Enterprise Institute, the
neoconservative propaganda mill that pushed  the concept of a "global
war on terror" primarily to advance the national interest of  Israel.
While there, he founded The American, a magazine of ideas for business
leaders, and was its editor-in-chief from 2005 to 2007. Evidently,
Glassman's neocon  paymasters were not put off by his unenviable
financial track record. In his 1999  book, Dow 36,000, written shortly
before the dot-com bubble burst, he predicted that  the Dow Jones
Industrial Average would rise to 36,000 within a few years. Commenting
on the "hysteria" that fueled the deregulation-induced financial crisis
nine years later,  Ralph Nader singled out Glassman's bestseller, joking
that he would send it back to  Glassman with one of the zeros missing.

Let's hope that the Egyptian activists who put their faith in Glassman's
"public  diplomacy" haven't a similar rude awakening in store.

(7) a lot of 911 programs now, but all of them bullshit (excuse the

  From: "Web of Debt" <Web.of.Debt@kpnmail.nl> Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2011
01:54:22 +0200

Here is Jos from Holland. Very glad you are back.

Yes, Libya is another country that they threw into chaos. I think it is
still the neocon influence and think their goal is: throw as many muslim
countries into chaos as possible.

I am disappointed now because we have a lot of 911 programs now, but all
of them bullshit. Not one asks the important questions:  how did it
happen. Who did it?  Did they allow it to happen? Did they help the
arabs, or did they do it all themselves etc. They all accept melted
steel 3 months after 911 , a building in free fall for 8 stories, and
one hundred other little miracles without asking themselves: shouldn't
we investigate this ? It is depressing. 911 could be the clue for
everybody to understand in what world we live: who manipulates every
thing we think etc.

Peter,  only recently I heard about general Wesley Clark's statement
that the Pentagon had decided 10 days after 911 to 'take out'seven
muslim countries. I just wrote a blog about it:

Comment (Peter M.):

The promotions of this year's 9/11 docos are terribly disheartening.
They appear to ignore all the evidence produced by the 9/11 Truth
movement. I can't bear to watch them, but I hope that some will - and
please let me know if they cover the collapse of WTC7.

(8) The 9/11 propaganda machine is at full speed. Cannot stomach it all

  Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2011 11:12:06 +1000 From: John Cameron

Peter,Wonderful to hear from you--trust all is well. The 9/11 propaganda
machine is at full speed. Cannot stomach it all. All the "new
experts"are coming out of the wodwork. Regards,John BM

(9) Michael Hudson cannot afford to mention the "J" word

Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2011From: gzibordi <gzibordi@cobraf.com>

Hi Peter this is Giovanni from Italy

I hope you keep up your mailing list and you get back online, also maybe
you should consider a forum ? (I run one here
<http://www.cobraf.com/forum/>http://www.cobraf.com/forum/ and it is
fun) You should send your material at TakiMag.com, Taki should publish
you given the quality of your writing and the fact that he also falls in
the "soft anti-J" camp... You are difficult to define, but you the
closest peopole I can find (on the right) are maybe there, like


  On the left <http://michael-hudson.com/>http://michael-hudson.com/ but
of course he cannot afford to mention the "J" even though it would be
easy and much more clear to fit its analysis with the "hostile elite"
concept of Prof McDonald

bytheway, when are you going to consider the stuff at Occidental Observer?

(10) Benevolent Despots

From: Kersasp Shekhdar <kersasp_public@yahoo.com.au> Subject: Re: New
email address Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2011

Hello Peter,

Had sent you the email appended below.

Evidently you have a third email-address we have a choice of?
pgm@iinet.net.au  At least, you've exposed it!

What do you mean by 'widespread support'? Do you mean people on your
mailing-list or Aussies in general?  If the former, then I wonder which
the bigger defeat is: the fall of Libya or the suppression and decline
of the ability to think clearly and from 'first facts'.

The sad case of Libya parallels that of Iraq.  For the common people of
each country, their ruler was a 'benevolent despot' who brooked no
dissent but whose social policies ensured basic education and medical
care for the masses.  I'd bet that those two countries during the peak
years of Saddam and Gaddafi boasted two of the best GINI coefficients in
the world -- not that those who took the measurements and crunched the
numbers would have let us know it.  Each of the two despots supported
Palestine and the Palestinian struggle and that was the sole reason in
some quarters that they were duped into surrendering their weaponry and
defences, after which they were attacked.  The fact that financially
well-managed socialistic countries offer slavering predators a bonanza
(e.g. Baltics and much of Eastern Europe) is a prime reason among other
quarters.  Iran is dissimilar in two respects: you can't take out one
despot as it is ruled by a coterie of power-hungry persons and it hasn't
surrendered or given up its weaponry and defences.


(11)  Libya was not responsible for the Lockerbie bombing

From: "Mary Ardley" <ard@aapt.net.au> To: <peter@mailstar.net> Subject:
Glad to hear from you Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2011 16:51:18 +0930 X-Priority: 3
X-ME-Bayesian: 0.000000 X-Read: 1

I wasn't sure if it was you who was ill or more, Peter.  I am glad that
you are alright. I have been dead against the invasion of Libya from the
first ( and Egypt, and Syria) and am very sad indeed about what is
happening to the Middle East.  No Libya was not responsible for the
Lockerbie plane and has paid a very heavy price for it. It does not pay
to do anything good in the Middle East at all...Libya was getting too
rich and powerful that is all...and was not too friendly to Israel. Iraq
became highly developed under Saddam Hussein...medicine, education,
equality for women...it was the Paris of the Middle East...and did not
care for Israel.  Gaddafi did well for Libya...caused the desert to
bloom. ( Dionysus is thought to have come from Libya...Gaddafi in his
flowing silks and female bodyguard ( maenads )was playing the role
rather well...I congratulate him. ) The only mistake he made was to ( a
year or two ago ) finally try to accord with the U.S....a fatal mistake.

(12) Gadaffi's good work in Africa

From: "Judith" <leeversj@optusnet.com.au> To: <peter@mailstar.net>
Subject: great to have you back Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2011 12:25:00 +0800
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Dear Peter,   It is so good to have you back again.  Also to hear that
yours and my voice on the invasion of Libya goes unlistened to but it
hasn't stopped me having my say about it. I have been so angry about it
all.  Most say it is about oil.  Certainly it is about rebuilding
destroyed infrastructure but maybe its more about "Africom" and the work
Gadaffi was doing in Africa?? Looking forward to reading your thoughts
on it as well as what is happenning in Syria. Israel, Turkey and Egypt.
  regards Judith Leevers

Comment (Peter M.):

Judith, Gaddafi might still give them more than they've bargained for.
Libya might become another Afghanistan.

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