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450 Benjamin Fulford says US caused Fukushima with nukes on seafloor; names Pope & Prince Charles among 6 top conspirators

Benjamin Fulford says US caused Fukushima with nukes on seafloor; names Pope & Prince Charles among 6 top conspirators

(1) Fukushima: Don't fall for Benjamin Fulford's fake conspiracy theory
(2) Fulford says US caused Fukushima disaster by detonating nukes on seafloor; names Pope & Prince Charles among 6 top conspirators
(3) Fulford accuses US of causing earthquakes with HAARP, in Japan (Niigata) & China
(4) "David Rockefeller Interview" with Benjamin Fulford
(5) Fulford says US shot down JAL flight 123 in 1985, to force it to sign Plaza Accord
(6) Fulford says the Committee of 300 is in touch with him via one of the British royal family
(7) Fulford: Anti-Semitism is a decoy strategy to blame Jews instead of the real Slave-Owners
(8) Fulford: the essence of Judaism is to do unto others as you would have others do unto you
(9) Fulford: new global system (not NWO) will eliminate war, poverty and environmental destruction
(10) Fulford: US & Israel will have to accept jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court
(11) Benjamin Fulford "claims Polish-Jewish ancestry on his mother's side"
(12) Fulford an Illuminati agent? a Jewish agent?
(13) Benjamin Fulford is a fake, because he diverts attention from Jewish power - Daryl Bradford Smith & Eric Hufschmid

(1) Fukushima: Don't fall for Benjamin Fulford's fake conspiracy theory - Peter Myers, March 28, 2011

The fact that he was Asian Bureau chief for Forbes magazine from 1998 to 2005 has given him a false credibility.

Nuclear explosions on the sea floor would leave seismic signatures, picked up on at least seismographs around the world. Fulford, if as well-connected as he claims he is, could have obtained such evidence if it exists. Instead, he feels no need to provide such evidence, stringing his audience along with a tantalising tale.

He claims that the US used nukes in the Fukushima case (item 2); but in earlier articles he accused the US of causing earthquakes with HAARP, an ionospheric device (item 3). HAARP is a favourite in "New Age Rave" conspiracy circles.

Why switch from one to the other?

Equally outlandish is his claim that the US shot down JAL flight 123 in 1985, to force it to sign the Plaza Accord (item 5). He claims to have received inside knowledge, but makes no effort to pass it on.

Fulford alleges that the US commits these terrible atrocities with the full knowledge of the Japanese leadership, as payback for not toeing the line, or blackmail to toe the line. The idea that a supine Japan would take such treatment is ridiculous.

Mixing such fakery in with genuine conspiracy analysis (eg on 9/11, where he repeats a line similar to mine, but omitting any Mossad connection), he gives ALL conspiracy theories a bad name. Henry Makow and Jeff Rense have shown bad judgment in giving him favourable publicity and interviews.

Fulford did get to interview Nelson Rockerfeller - one of those he says is running the world - a few years ago, but what does this mean? Do people at the top grant interviews to nobodys trying to expose them?

Fulford says he's a spokesman for Chinese secret societies and Japanese yakuza, who are allied against the Western Illuminati. The latter are using the earth's resources to impose empire and wars; but they will be overthrown, and a new global system will be inaugurated, without war, poverty or environmental destruction.

It sounds like a Trotskyist paradise. And not unlike David Rockefeller himself would say he wishes for. Chairman of the CFR in 1973, he got Jimmy Carter to set up the Trilateral Commission, with Brzezinski, Greenspan, Volcker and himself as founding members.

It was to be "an International Commission of Peace and Prosperity": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trilateral_Commission.

Clearly, Fulford, who espouses these same goals, is in Rockefeller's camp. And that's why he got the interview.

The same theme goes back to Colonel House's "novel" Philip Dru (1912). This depicts an attempt by Imperialists to set up a World Empire. They are overthrown by socialists, and a World Government instituted instead: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philip_Dru:_Administrator

Colonel House tried to implement such a program when he was Wilson's chief adviser at the Treaty of Versailles (1919). That is, the League of Nations was supposed to be a World Government.

The idea that the Pope and Prince Charles are among the 6 main leaders of the Conspiracy is ludicrous. Did Sarah Palin seek the endorsement of the Pope, for her Presidential nomination? No, she visited Netanyahu, the real power. The New York Times only need run front-page articles about sex scandals in the Church, to show the Pope who's in charge.

In 1962, David Ben Gurion presented a vision of a world at peace, with a world government whose supreme court would be in Jerusalem:

"... continents will become united in a world alliance, at whose disposal will be  an international police force. All armies will be abolished, and there will be no  more wars. In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a  shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this  will be the scene of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies  among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah."

Beware "cognitive infiltration" at a high level. Look up this term in Google.

(2) Fulford says US caused Fukushima disaster by detonating nukes on seafloor; names Pope & Prince Charles among 6 top conspirators


Benjamin Fulford's Statement About the Japanese Earthquake and Nuclear Crisis
Benjamin Fulford Speaks Out for the White Dragon Society

Thanks to poppletvch for this video.


Hello, my name is Benjamin Fulford. I am a spokesperson for an organization  known as the White Dragon Society. We are an international group of  financiers, military men, people in intelligence agencies, and in secret  organizations, as well as journalists, and regular citizens who have been  appalled and disgusted by the never-ending wars caused by the  military-industrial complex. They have been using over 90% of humanity's  savings in order to steal oil, pillage countries, and just cause mayhem.

We decided that we needed to stop these people. If we could release all the  money that has been taken by the military-industrial complex and use it for  peaceful purposes, we could end poverty and stop environmental destruction  within months. We could also then create an era of progress such as never  has been seen before by releasing all the technology that they have hoarded  for themselves and for their secret groups. This would include, above  everything, something known as "free energy". It is the ability to create  energy at almost zero cost. It would allow every one of us to live the life  of a millionaire.

What's been going on now is that we have been slowly cutting off money to  the military part of the United States government. We've been telling them,  "You cannot borrow any more for your killing purposes. You need to transform  the military-industrial complex from a swords to plowshares thing."

And, we will give them money to make sure nobody's unemployed. The same with  the oil industry. We will let them phase out oil in a way that nobody loses  money. If we release the free energy technology, we can turn Canada into a  tropical paradise. We can increase the amount of fish in the ocean by ten  times. We can make other planets inhabitable.

We are just trying to free ourselves as a species from the control of this  ancient cabal. They are a group of people who have been using assassination,  bribery, war, and ridicule as their way of controlling society. And because  they have been running out of money, they have become incredibly dangerous.  They threatened to attack Japan with an earthquake weapon as a result of  their impending bankruptcy. They said, "If you do not give us money, we will  sink Japan into the ocean."

And, a fleet of American ships and submarines was sent off the coast of  Northeast Japan where they planted nuclear bombs at the bottom of the ocean  and set them off in order to create a tsunami, a tidal wave, and cause  destruction. Not only that, they also deliberately engineered accidents at  various Japanese nuclear power plants in order to cover up the radiation  coming from these bombs.

This was not a natural tsunami. If it was, the waves would have reached  Hawaii, they would have reached other islands. But no, it was targeted in a  single direction. That cannot happen in nature.

Leaders of this group are members of various organizations that you know of  as the Bilderberg, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the various groups  of knights. The top leaders of this war-mongering group are George Bush Sr.,  Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, J. Rockefeller, the Pope, and Prince  Charles.  There are many other members of this group. We know where they are; we know who they are.

We now have the backing of a large group of intelligence organizations. This includes Asian secret societies, including the Triads and Diacuza (sp?). It means members of the CIA, the NSA, the Pentagon. We have people from MI6 and British security. We have cooperation from people within the KGB and FFB. We have cooperation from people within the Japanese military establishment. We are growing in power world-wide and we will no longer allow these criminals to act as if they cannot be prosecuted for anything.

If you go into a country like Iraq and you murder more than a million people and you steal their oil, you are a criminal and you deserve to be tried in a court of law. You cannot get away with this behavior anymore.

They have been given a deadline and they know that we're serious. They will be found, wherever they try to hide on this planet, and arrested. Their only chance is to agree to appear before a South African style "Truth and Reconciliation Committee" and if they do so, and if they stop tormenting and harassing our species and our planet, then, they will be forgiven.

This is a one-time offer.

We want world peace. We want an end to hunger. We want an end to environmental destruction, and we want all the progress that has been stolen from us given back so that we can have the future we were meant to have. Thank-you!

(3) Fulford accuses US of causing earthquakes with HAARP, in Japan (Niigata) & China

(4) "David Rockefeller Interview" with Benjamin Fulford

{I can't see Rockerfeller's face, but can hear his voice}


(5) Fulford says US shot down JAL flight 123 in 1985, to force it to sign Plaza Accord


American black ops in Japan are starting to be exposed ...

Finally, senior members of the Japanese security police have provided me with evidence the US shot down JAL flight 123 in 1985 –killing over 500 people- in order to force Japan to sign the Plaza Accords. ... ==

About 12 minutes after takeoff, the rear pressure bulkhead failed. Xxplosive decompression tore the vertical stabilizer off and severed the hydraulic systems. Being uncontrollable, it crashed into a mountain:

(6) Fulford says the Committee of 300 is in touch with him via one of the British royal family


Benjamin Fulford

  Feb. 6, 2009

The author Ryu Ohta, who is one of the first people in the world to expose the secret government of the West, has accused me of being an illuminati agent. I state unequivocally that my career has been that of a journalist and I was never affiliated with any secret society or government agency.

However, it is true that when I started pushing a plan to use Japan's 7 trillion dollars in overseas holdings to end poverty and stop environmental destruction that a lot of very weird characters began to approach me. It also true that I have been given assorted trinkets, plaques and badges decorated with Freemason, Illuminati and Heraldic symbols. However, when a representative from the secret government of the West first approached me with an offer to join their club, he told me they wanted to "save the planet" by killing 4 billion people through disease and starvation. Since that time I have risked my life and survived assassination attempts in order to expose these people and their evil plans.

At present I am in touch through several different routes with people I believe represent different factions of the Western secret government. I am also in contact with prominent members of Japan's secret establishment.

The committee of 300 (the central committee of the Western secret government) is in touch with me these days via a member of the British royal family. At present the talks are not going very well because a large faction believes they can continue business and usual and fooling the world simply by using their sock puppet Obama.

As far as I can tell the committee of 300 is divided into two major factions. One supports announcing the creation of a new financial system and the closing of all offshore banking centers. This faction also supports a 3-year Marshall plan for ending poverty and stopping environmental destruction. The other faction is still hoping to preserve their ancient powers by starting World War 3. ... ==

(7) Fulford: Anti-Semitism is a decoy strategy to blame Jews instead of the real Slave-Owners


Anti-Semitism is anti-Satanism

For millennia the ancient Babylonian secret slave driving cults have used the Jews like a matadors' cape, to distract people from the real source of their anger. When the Jews are attacked, they are forced to huddle around the slave drivers for protection. Later, the cultists appeal to good heart of the people by making them feel guilty about their attacks on the Jews. In Europe and North America, humanity's natural kindness has been used to brainwash us into a knee-jerk reaction against anything that is labeled Anti-Semitism. The way to remove this brainwash is to compile a database of everything that is called Anti-Semitic and remove from that database anything that is anti-Jew. The remaining body of knowledge can be renamed anti-Satanism. It will be useful in identifying the real villains and the things they are trying to hide.

(8) Fulford: the essence of Judaism is to do unto others as you would have others do unto you




About the suicidal Zionists

As any well educated Jew knows, Zionism is not Judaism. The word Zion means fort (Al Qaeda means "the base" which is another kind of fort). The fanatic Zionist fundamentalists these days are talking about another Mosada. They are thinking crazy stuff like "if Israel falls we will destroy 200 cities." It almost seems as if they are trying to provoke the destruction of Israel with their murderous attacks on the innocents of Gaza.

This kind of defeatist, suicidal thinking is against true Jewish teaching. Real Jews know the essence of Judaism is to do unto others as you would have others do unto you. As soon as the Jews liberate themselves from the paranoid fortress mentality of Zionist propaganda, they will be safe in their own land. Fanatics have always ended up in the garbage bag of history. This will be true of Jewish Zionist fanatics as well. In the end, victory is assured for the righteous Jews.

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(9) Fulford: new global system (not NWO) will eliminate war, poverty and environmental destruction

A quick note before some major surgery.

On January 22, 2009, I will be undergoing major surgery. For that reason this blog will not be updated for 5 days but I will try to let you know the results of the operation. The surgeon in charge is a competent man and I trust him implicitly. This is an operation that I dangerously postponed for many years because of my worries about the global situation. However, I can now undertake the operation confident in the knowledge that there will be the announcement of a new global system (not the 230-year old New World Order) that will make it possible to permanently eliminate war, poverty and environmental destruction. The announcement could take place as early as February or as late as 2011. In any case, I am completely at peace of mind as I head for the operation.

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(10) Fulford: US & Israel will have to accept jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court

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The future of America and the world will be decided at a secret meeting between President Obama and secret representatives of China and the British Empire

President Obama is scheduled to have a secret meeting with a representative of the British Empire and a Chinese gentleman of mystery either in late January or early February. Since the United States is bankrupt, they will have no viable alternative but to listen to what these people have to say. They are probably going to make certain demands on the US such as: Requesting the abolition of the Skull and Bones international network of terror and drugs. This would mean an end to Al Qaeda, the Taleban, the Mexican narcotic gangs etc. Without terrorists to fight the "white hats" in the pentagon would no longer have to engage in destructive wars in places like Afghanistan. The US could then pledge to use its considerable scientific and technological expertise to participate in a world wide campaign to do things like turn the deserts green, fill the oceans with nutrients to increase fish stocks by 10 times and otherwise help end poverty.

The United States and Israel will also have to stop behaving like renegades and participate responsibly and peacefully in international organizations. It is especially crucial that they agree to the jurisdiction of the international criminal court.

If the US government agrees to conditions of this nature, many Americans will find rewarding work in developing countries. The American people can finally begin to compensate for all the damage they have caused world-wide.

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(11) Benjamin Fulford "claims Polish-Jewish ancestry on his mother's side"

Benjamin Fulford is literally JEWISH?

by LordLindsey » Thu Apr 23, 2009 8:15 pm
This would explain everything...since it is painfully and EMBARRASINGLY apparent that all of this Ninja Illuminati stuff is absolute bullshit given that the "Illumunati" is Talmudic and is outlined in The Protocols; THIS is more than enough information for me to understand how and why Fulford does what he does.

"He is descended from the Fulford clan, one of Canada's blue-blood families, although he also claims Polish-Jewish ancestry on his mother's side."... "His popularity soared on the internet after he managed to conduct an interview with the highly elusive David Rockefeller in November 2007."

Yeppers...he "just so happened to interview David Rockefeller" just like someone "just happened to infiltrate Bohemian Grove with a video camera and no credentials, even after being confronted by security." How fucking stupid ARE we, guys?


Well, even if he tries to edit the Wiki site, it here for all time.


"Benjamin Fulford
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Benjamin Fulford (born 1961) is a journalist, author and researcher of Canadian descent living in Japan. He is descended from the Fulford clan, one of Canada's blue-blood families, although he also claims Polish-Jewish ancestry on his mother's side. From 1998 until 2005 he was the Asian Bureau chief for Forbes magazine.[1][2] His father was a Canadian ambassador, and his childhood was split between Ottawa and various Latin American countries.[3] ...

(12) Fulford an Illuminati agent? a Jewish agent?


From:"BM To: <bellringer@fourwinds10.com> Sent: Friday, February 06, 2009 11:13 PM


 Thank you for the article "Is Benjamin Fulford an Illuminati agent?" The question might more appropriately be: "Is Benjamin Fulford a Jewish agent?" Is he ignorant or is he cunning? After calling himself "a Jewish author" (02/01/2009), Fulford writes:"Real Jews know the essence of Judaism is to do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Nonsense! The essence of Judaism is Jewish supremacism under their dubious, mean-spirited war god(s). The essence of Judaism is a double standard, a caste system. Jews would be wise to abandon this self-destructive "chosen peopl\" mythology and false religion (both Judaism and its Masonic-Zionist double) - and replace all that with universal ethics, genuine equality, and love for all mankind. ...

{Fulford replies, denying that he's an agent, but not denying Jewish ancestry, at the same link}

Benjamin Fulford

  Feb. 6, 2009

The author Ryu Ohta, who is one of the first people in the world to expose the secret government of the West, has accused me of being an illuminati agent. I state unequivocally that my career has been that of a journalist and I was never affiliated with any secret society or government agency.

(13) Benjamin Fulford is a fake, because he diverts attention from Jewish power - Daryl Bradford Smith & Eric Hufschmid

From: Richard Wilcox <wilcoxrb@ybb.ne.jp>

The website The French Connection, the Daryl Smith/ Eric Hufschmid website denounced this Fulford chap as a Zionist agent. I also think at one point in the interview Rense asks Fulford about the Zionists and he replies that they can be our allies to fight the Illuminati. Fulford also says some other things that sound quite implausible, such as that he was offered the job of "Finance Minister" of Japan by someone blackmailing him. If I heard that right, it is laughable.


Check out our other hard-hitting interviews and news items at the main page for The French Connection

Benjamin Fulford

A Zionist agent in Japan exposes himself and other Zionist rats

6 July 2007

Most of us never knew of Benjamin Fulford until Henry Makow wrote this article about his involvement with a Chinese secret society who are fighting the Illuminati: http://www.rense.com/general77/chinsec.htm

Jeff Rense interviewed Fulford on his radio show for 5 July 2007 to provide more details. Fulford explained that the Illuminati are responsible for the 9/11 attack, and that they are suppressing the media coverage: http://www.iamthewitness.com/Illuminati-responsible-for-911.mp3 340 k bytes

Fulford says the Illuminati families have been controlling Japan through murder and blackmail; they created SARS to kill the Chinese; they want to start a war between China and Taiwan; and after China is weakened they want to fool Japan and America into attacking and dividing China into six pieces: http://www.iamthewitness.com/Chinese-want-to-stop-Illuminati.mp3 370 k bytes

Fulford says the Chinese and Japanese want to stop the Illuminati, and that a giant Chinese secret society (6 million members) contacted him for help because Fulford is a nice, honest man who wants to identify the top members of the Illuminati. Fulford was invited to a meeting in Taiwan to talk with the secret society. Notice that he says the Rothschilds are a "much mellower bunch" than the Rockefellers: http://www.iamthewitness.com/Rothschilds-are-mellow.mp3 140 k bytes

Fulford says the Russians, Japanese, and Chinese are cooperating to fight the Rockefellers and the Illuminati: http://www.iamthewitness.com/cooperating-to-fight-Rockefellers.mp3 280 bytes

Fulford says that he is now the spokesman for the Chinese secret society. He says the secret society will offer the Illuminati a deal to surrender, but if they don't surrender, the Chinese will start killing top Illuminati members, such as David Rockefeller: http://www.iamthewitness.com/Illuminati-given-ultimatum.mp3 860 k bytes

He says there are 3000 Ninja assassins, but they are not your typical Asian Ninjas. Instead, these are white (Caucasian) Ninjas, and they will turn David Rockefeller into dead meat in a matter of hours: http://www.iamthewitness.com/white-ninjas.mp3 240 k bytes

Fulford says the Illuminati are desperate, and that they have such crazy plans to save themselves that they are divided over it. What crazy plan could it be? A nuclear war? http://www.iamthewitness.com/Illuminati-are-desperate.mp3 140 k bytes

Who is the Illuminati?

Fulford claims that there are 10,000 Illuminati members, and that the Rockefellers are the primary Illuminati family.

If you are a regular visitor to the French Connection website, you know that Zionist agents can be identified by their attempt to shift blame away from Israel and Zionism and onto people that they are willing to sacrifice, such as the Bush family, the Nazis, the Muslims, the Vatican, and Tony Blair.

Some people have trouble understanding why the Zionists are willing to sacrifice the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. Is it really that difficult to understand? The Zionists must blame somebody for 9/11, the world wars, the sex slave trade, and other problems. Furthermore, they must blame somebody who is actually involved in these crimes or people will realize that they are being tricked. They must sacrifice some of the people in their group.

Furthermore, by sacrificing the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, that Zionists might be able to take control of those empires, thereby giving them even more control over us.

Benjamin Fulford, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Webster Tarpley, and virtually all of the 9/11 "truth seekers" are trying to fool us into believing that the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds control the Freemasons, the CIA, and the Mossad. Fulford also says that the Rockefellers control the USA and Japan, and the Rothschilds control Europe: Rockefellers-control-USA.mp3 230 k bytes

Look at who they promote and who they ignore

Another way to identify Zionist agents is that they promote other Zionist agents, and they try to ignore Hufschmid, Smith, and Bollyn. For example, in October 2006, Japan had a 9/11 conference: http://911.globalpeace.jp/911TICJ/English.html

More photos here: http://yumikikuchi.blogspot.com/2006/10/911-truth-international-conference.html

Some of the people who spoke at this conference were Jimmy Walter, William Rodriguez, Leuren Moret, Dave Shaw (a producer of the video 911 Eyewitness), and Benjamin Fulford.

Professor Steven Jones and David Ray Griffin did not travel to Japan, but they provided a video to present to the audience.

They never asked Hufschmid or Bollyn if they were interested in speaking or providing a video, even though David Ray Griffin, Steven Jones, Andreas von Bulow, and many other people reference the research of Hufschmid and Bollyn.

Look behind the puppet

Who organized the 9/11 conference in Japan? Who selected the speakers?

It was a group in Japan called the Global Peace Campaign http://english.globalpeace.jp/. The website promotes lots liars and anti-Goy, Zionist Deniers, such as Steven Greer of The Disclosure Project http://www.disclosureproject.org/and Jim Hoffman.

The group appears to be primarily one woman named Yumi Kikuchi http://english.globalpeace.jp/GPCAbout.html. She was the Master of Ceremonies for the conference. Your first reaction might be to assume that she is responsible for the deception, but the Zionists prefer to find a gullible fool who believes their nonsense because a fool will speak with sincerity and honesty.

Yumi Kikuchi may be the gullible Japanese woman who was tricked by Benjamin Fulford, Dave Shaw, and others to promote the Zionist agents and ignore those of us that they have no control over.

Somehow the Japanese are being manipulated by the Zionists, and it may be these mysterious people within Japan who are pretending to be reporters and truth seekers. The Japanese should investigate everybody in Japan who is not Japanese, and the Chinese should do the same.

Are the Chinese and Japanese starting to realize that Zionists are our problem?

Benjamin Fulford blew his cover, and he would not have done this unless he was told that the situation is desperate. It is possible that his remark about the Chinese organizing a large force to fight the Illuminati is true.

However, the Chinese may not be completely certain as to who the Illuminati are, so Benjamin Fulford is coming forward so that he can pretend to be helping the Chinese by identifying who is in this mysterious Illuminati. However, he is identifying a only small number of people that Israel is willing to sacrifice, such as the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and the Bush family.

If the Chinese, Japanese, and other people fall for this trick, they will leave Israel with even more control over the media, the banks, the governments, and the schools.

Help us fight Zionism!

If you know any Chinese or Japanese, please warn them about the deception.

The Zionists are setting up enormous gambling operations in Macau, and undoubtedly lots of prostitution, sex slaves, money laundering, and other activities that they can use to lure Chinese citizens into doing something that they can blackmailed over: http://www.usatoday.com/travel/destinations/2007-01-22-macau-1a-usat_x.htm

Playboy is opening a mansion in Macau also: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19466997/

The Zionists have already set up groups in China: http://www.chabadbeijing.com/templates/articlecco.asp?AID=71600

Tell your Chinese and Japanese friends to send the Ninjas to help us fight Zionism!

Bring out the Ninjas!

For More information:

Jeff Rense posted the full interview with Benjamin Fulford here: http://rense.gsradio.net:8080/rense/special/rense_Benjamin_Fulford_070507.mp3

There is also a transcript: http://www.rense.com/general77/fulf.htm

Fuji Bank and 9/11 Why is Japan so quiet about 9/11? Perhaps an investigation of Fuji Bank and Yakuza will explain it http://www.iamthewitness.com/Fuji-Bank-Stanley-Praimnath.html

The Rockefellers and the Bilderbergs Alex Jones and other "truth seekers" try to blame the Rockefellers and the "Bilderbergs": http://www.iamthewitness.com/DarylBradfordSmith_Hallelujah.html

A Zionist Deception Center We have proof that a Zionist Terrorist Cell is operating in Austin, Texas and spreading deception. Please, warn everybody! http://www.iamthewitness.com/Alex-Jones-summary.html

Also, you should find this amusing: Jones gets a speeding ticket http://www.iamthewitness.com/JonesBusted.html

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