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517 1969 Moon landing was not faked by Hollywood - Neil Armstrong

1969 Moon landing was not faked by Hollywood - Neil Armstrong

(1) 1969 Moon landing cf 9/11
(2) 1969 Moon landing was not faked by Hollywood - Neil Armstrong
(3) How Armstrong was persuaded to give the interview
(4) Richard Gage of A&E for 9/11 Truth to give address in Minneapolis on
June 4, 2012
(5) Alan Hart: Mossad did 911
(6) Pakistani Intelligence official denies that Osama was killed in
Abbotabad Raid
(7) Osama wives were left behind, because one helicopter crashed.
Daughter says he was captured alive
(8) Pakistan deports Osama's wives

(1) 1969 Moon landing cf 9/11 - Peter Myers, May 26, 2012

Neil Armstrong's interview and narration of a video should put paid to
Moon Landing sceptics.

They are not only relevant for the 1969 Moon Landing, but also touch on
9/11, because one of the early 9/11 Conspiracy pioneers, Eric Hufschmid,
claimed that the Moon landing was faked by Hollywood.

Overstatement is a researcher's worst enemy. But where is the dividing
line between truth and falsity? It can be so hard to find.

Whether Osama was killed in the in Abbotabad Raid is another contentious
issue. Conflicting accounts are presented in items 6 & 7.

In any case, it would seem that the wives themselves did live at Abbotabad.

They hold the key to 9/11: http://mailstar.net/osama-wives.html

Their recent deportation raises some questions: since these women may be
in a position to confirm or deny that Osama had a connection with 9/11,
one would expect them to be offered media contracts to write their
story. On the other hand, intelligence agencies have very likely
intimidated them into silence.

(2) 1969 Moon landing was not faked by Hollywood - Neil Armstrong


Legendary moonwalker Neil Armstrong narrates his own moon landing

By Peter Farquhar

Published May 24, 2012


In a four part interview with Neil Armstrong, the man who stopped the
world back in 1969 with his historic walk on the moon, Armstrong talked
through those final knuckle-whitening minutes when he realized Eagle's
auto-pilot was trying to set them amongst a minefield of slopes and
boulders on the lunar surface.

"Those slopes are steep, the rocks are very large -- the size of
automobiles," he told Alex Malley, CEO of accounting firm CPA Australia,
narrating over a Google Moon version of the landing.

"It's certainly not a place where I want to land, so I took over
manually from the computer, the auto-pilot. Like a helicopter, on out to
the west, to try to find a smoother, more level landing spot." Footage
shows Commander Armstrong spots a smooth spot other side of crater. "I'm
running low on fuel. I've got less than two minutes of fuel," he told

The actual footage shows Eagle's rocket engine starting to kick up moon
dust. Then a 30-second fuel warning pings.

"I need to get it down here on the ground pretty soon, before we run
out," Armstrong said.

Then a light thump, followed by the immortal words: "Tranquility to base
here. The Eagle has landed."

The interview with the first man to step foot on the moon aired over the
past week on Australian television on the CPA Australia-sponsored show
“The Bottom Line.” Armstrong is just as famous for his reluctance to
talk about his experience, having given the barest handful of television
interviews since that landmark day in 1969.

So how did Australian accountants get to shoot the breeze in a 40-minute
one-on-one with one of the most in-demand, yet seldom heard heroes of
modern history, Neil Armstrong?

Malley knew something that a lot of people didn't know about Neil
Armstrong, he said: "His dad was an auditor."

The interview is as much a tribute to Malley's desire to make it happen
as it is to the man who stopped the world back in 1969.

"When I raised the issue of approaching Neil and speaking with him, it
became immediately clear how many people thought it couldn't be done,”
Malley told news.com.au. "I very much feel my form of leadership is to
show people you can do things. CPA Australia talking to Neil Armstrong,
I think should be a clear message that anyone to do it."

"The most compelling thing I felt about him was his humility -- his
commitment to his team, his deference to everyone except himself, his
respect for the Russians -- I found that quite extraordinary."

Even at the age of 82, he's not comfortable in the public spotlight.
Last year, his nerves were painfully obvious as he presented an Apollo
enthusiast's recreation of the moon landing using Google Moon images to
a U.S. House Committee on Space, Science and Technology. He's far more
relaxed talking Malley through it live. In fact, Commander Armstrong's
ease and openness has been a noteworthy feature of the hour-long interview.

A CPA Australia spokesman said the response to the series has been
overwhelming and "growing by the day."

"We’ve received an extraordinary amount of feedback ... even [from] a
number of Neil’s close friends and colleagues who were really pleased to
see how relaxed he was in sharing his story publically," he said. In the
past four weeks, Armstrong has spoke at length about his days in the Air
Force, U.S. Government policy, leadership, success and the deaths of
former comrades.

He wound up his final interview by tackling the most controversial issue
(yes, Malley went there): Was the moon landing faked? Armstrong answers
with a chuckle.

"People love conspiracy theories," he said.

"They're very attractive, but they were never a concern to me -- because
I know that one day somebody's going to fly back up there and pick up
that camera I left there."

(3) How Armstrong was persuaded to give the interview


Australian interview one giant leap for NASA's famous son of an accountant

Karl Quinn

May 25, 2012

There's no accounting for it. After decades of hiding his light under a
bushel, Neil Armstrong has opened up about his extraordinary life - to
the professional body representing Australia's beancounters.

The first man to set foot on the moon, the 80-year-old American was
persuaded to tell his life story for the camera by the chief of CPA
(Certified Practicing Accountants) Australia, Alex Malley, who claims he
had a little leverage in the matter. "I know something not a lot of
people know about Neil Armstrong," he says in the first of four videos
that have been posted weekly on the CPA website over the past month.
"His dad was an auditor."

Did that really sway him? "I think it mattered in that as a man of his
generation he had a lot of respect for what his father did," Mr Malley
said yesterday from Vietnam, where he was visiting a regional CPA
office. "He told me, 'I like accountants, they've been good to me.'
That's a quote I take to bed with me. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy."

Mr Malley approached Armstrong in the middle of last year via an
intermediary in the US. A meeting was arranged, and over a three-hour
lunch in the restaurant of a hotel in "a very small town" in Ohio, not
far from Armstrong's home, Mr Malley pitched the idea of a long video

"I said 'I really would like to do justice to you,' " Mr Malley recalls.
"He said 'I don't do that sort of thing.' And I said 'I think you have a
responsibility to do it.' "

A month later, the former fighter pilot, engineer, astronaut and
university lecturer flew to Australia to do the interview.

The prompt for all this was the CPA's 125th anniversary but the real
reason, Mr Malley freely admits, was to contrast the time that produced
Armstrong and NASA's grand ambition with the diminished aspirations of
the present day.

"This really was intended as a bit of a shock moment to prompt us to
reconsider our lack of leadership in the modern era," Mr Malley says.
"We did things in 1969 because we wanted to do them. Today, we've got …
risk managers who are paid to tell us why we can't do them."

At the CPA anniversary dinner in Sydney, Armstrong narrated for the
audience as footage of the moon landing played alongside recent
satellite images of the same area. It was intended, in part at least, as
a rebuttal of anyone still clinging to the conspiracy theory that the
entire lunar landing was concocted in a Hollywood backlot.

Asked about that, Armstrong replied simply that there was no way
"800,000 people at NASA could keep a secret".

Mr Malley would not reveal how much the exercise had cost the CPA,
saying only: "We considered it an investment in the public interest."
Nor would he say how many hits the video had received, though the CPA
plans to reveal figures in coming weeks. "Suffice it to say it's
lighting up in places I haven't even heard of," he says. The videos will
remain on the CPA site exclusively for two years, after which they will
be donated to Purdue University, where Armstrong studied and taught.

Mr Malley is convinced they will be viewed for many years to come.

"This is a man people will still be talking about in 10,000 years'
time," he says. "I feel quite profoundly humbled by the fact he chose to
have the conversation with us."

(4) Richard Gage of A&E for 9/11 Truth to give address in Minneapolis on
June 4, 2012

Gary Kohls <gkohls@cpinternet.com> 23 May 2012 03:19

Subject: Richard Gage of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth to be in
Minneapolis on June 4, 2012

Sponsored by mn911truth.org/

Monday, June 4, 2012
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Location: Parkway Theater
4814 Chicago Ave S
Minneapolis, MN

We invite you to this event to hear from Architects and Engineers for
9/11 Truth. AE911Truth has almost 1,700 professional members who have
looked at the physical evidence and, using laws of science, have
questioned the conclusions of the government’s official investigations.

These building experts and scientists have concluded that the
government’s official version that caused the free fall collapse at 5:20
pm on 9/11/01, in a classic controlled demolition (with pre-planted
explosive devices), of the lesser known third World Trade Center cannot
possibly be true. (Scandalously, WTC # 7 was never even mentioned in the
government’s final report!)

Come hear why the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth signed a
petition asking for a new, independent investigation.

In honor of your fellow citizens who were killed that day, please
exercise your First Amendment right to participate in a conversation
that is not taking place in the mainstream media.

We especially encourage architects, engineers and other citizens
unfamiliar with this information to attend this event.

We welcome your questions.

Date: Monday, June 4th, 2012, 7:00 PM (doors open at 6:30)

Location: Parkway Theater
4814 Chicago Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55417

Thank you, your participation is greatly respected and appreciated.

More info at http://www.ae911truth.org

and at http://mailstar.net/wtc.html

(5) Alan Hart: Mossad did 911

Michael <RePorterNoteBook@gmail.com> 23 May 2012 03:24

Check out this video on YouTube:


A GOOD SUMMATION ONLY 7 MINUTES: "The Five Dancing Israelis - 9/11/2001
- Our Purpose Was To Document The Event"

(6) Pakistani Intelligence official denies that Osama was killed in
Abbotabad Raid

israel shamir <israel.shamir@gmail.com> 14 May 2012 14:10

Our friend the ambassador gajendra singh sent us this fresh dirt from
Pakistan - a Pak officer claims Osama was not in Abbotabad at all.
Interesting - but one can't take it for truth anyway, there are too many
lies. ...

Exclusive: Pakistani Intelligence Official Discusses the Abbottabad Raid

MAY 14, 2012



Terminal X Director and Chief Intelligence Analyst Zaki Khalid conducted
a one-on-one private discussion with a senior Pakistani intelligence
official whose identity is being kept anonymous keeping in view the
discretion polices of the forum. Questions and queries were posed which
were focused on the incidents related to the US Navy SEAL raid on
Abbottabad last year and the recent developments in its context. TX
makes it clear that the views expressed by the official “may” not
necessarily reflect those of Pakistan’s intelligence directorate…. a BS
boiler plate verse as we all know….

ZK: The White House on May 2, 2011 held an emergency press conference in
which it was announced that Osama bin Laden was gunned-down at a
compound in Abbottabad right near Pakistan Military Academy. How far is
this claim true?

Official: Not the least bit. Why would they ‘re-kill’ a man who already
passed away years ago.

ZK: So you are saying that Osama was not present in the compound, is
that right?

Official: Yes, that is correct.

ZK: Then who did the SEALs kill?

Official: I will not comment on that. Osama was not present in the
compound and that is a sufficient answer to your question.

ZK: Where were Pakistan’s jets during the whole aerospace intrusion? Air
Headquarters Islamabad has declined to comment on our questions. Would
you care to share some news?

Official: They were vigilant as ever.

ZK: Did Pakistani officials gun down one of the Sikorsky choppers?

Official: Yes they did.

ZK: Then surely there must have been some dead bodies from their side as

Official: Yes there were. The exact figures cannot be disclosed. More
than a dozen is what I can reveal for now.

ZK: Right. Strangely, a few weeks after this incident, other Navy SEALs
who took part in this raid got killed in a mysterious crash. Do you see
something here?

Official: What can I say? They might have been ‘sacrificed‘.

ZK: Notable American officials including Dr. Steve Pieczenik, who was
former advisor to Henry Kissinger and Cyrus Vance, has declared in an
interview that a General in Paul Wolfowitz’ squad revealed to him years
ago that OBL was dead long ago and that his body “was kept on ice to be
revealed later on“. Do you agree with his assessment?

Official: To be honest, I have not yet heard or seen such an interview.
Our archives record that Osama was last met by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed at
Tora Bora after which we atleast, on our part, did not notice his
movements. We also strongly feel he was killed by KSM himself.

ZK: And why would he do such a thing?

Official: KSM is a CIA asset.

ZK: America’s Most Wanted is their own asset?

Official: Yes he is. Why are you surprised? Much happens in the
intelligence tradecraft. What is apparent can be an illusion and what
seems farfetched can turn out to be precise. The real OBL was a very
weak man in his later years, medical problems. He required regular
dialysis. What if I tell you there were many copies of Osama that were

ZK: Sounds very science-fictionistic. We were told this really was the
case by another source of ours.

Official: That was the case.

ZK: Do you really believe it is easy to deceive the whole world into
believing a lie?

Official: Tell you what, I challenge any court, be it in the US, to pass
a verdict verifying claims made by officials at the American
military-intelligence establishment. They have no tangible, forensic
evidence at all that can prove OBL was killed in Abbottabad. He never
came to Pakistan in the second millennium, that’s news for you. The
world’s media, including ours, has its corporate interests to protect.
Plus, what is announced on Western media giants is taken to be the
Divine Truth.

ZK: We told this to our readers last year but your own DG ISPR Maj Gen
Athar Abbas said in a National Geographic documentary that OBL was
killed. Is this supposed to be incredible then?

Official: He said the right thing. We have a situation here and
according to the strategies formulated by the military leadership
post-Abbottabad, we had to stay precautious against any confrontational
move that could isolate us in the global map.

ZK: What about the wives of Osama bin Laden? What was their role in all

Official: No comment.

ZK: What can you share about America’s military agendas in light of
recent geopolitical developments?

Official: US officials recently held strategic meetings in Islamabad in
which they told Taliban spokespersons that they are willing to give them
recognition to which the Afghan Taliban scorned and said it is us, not
you, who get to decide your exit. We have no conditions, just pick up
your bags and get out of here as soon as possible. The Obama
Administration is doing all this to increase their vote bank as
Presidential Elections are fast approaching. Obama wants to show the
world that he held successful negotiations with the Taliban which India
also supports. However, talks have failed.

Marc Grossman came to request re-opening of the NATO supply routes. He
said that if Obama apologizes over the Salala attack, his votes will
considerably decline.Those talks too, failed. Gen. Kayani promptly
denied any such request and Grossman had to return in dismay.

ZK: So that means there is no re-opening of NATO supplies?

Official: That is correct. The Afghan Taliban attacked on US and Allied
Force bases a few weeks ago to give them a message that signing a
‘strategic partnership‘ with your own puppet regime at Kabul is, well,
ironic. Worthless.

ZK: Can you summarize the Abbottabad raid in one line?

Official: Obama’s publicity stunt.

(7) Osama wives were left behind, because one helicopter crashed.
Daughter says he was captured alive


Bin Laden's daughter confirms her father shot dead by US Special Forces
in Pakistan

Wednesday, 04 May 2011


Senior Pakistani security officials said Osama bin Laden's daughter had
confirmed her father was captured alive and shot dead by the US Special
Forces during the first few minutes of the operation carried out at the
huge compound in Bilal Town, Abbottabad.

Besides recovering four bullet-riddled bodies from the compound,
Pakistani security agencies also arrested two women and six children,
aged between 2 and 12 years, after American forces flew toward
Afghanistan. Some reports suggest 16 people, including women and
children, were arrested from the house, most of them Arab nationals.

A Pakistani security source told Al Arabiya that Bin Laden family
members had been transported to Rawalpindi, which is near Islamabad. He
added, "They are now under treatment in the military hospital of
Rawalpindi, where they have been transported in an helicopter." A source
told Al Arabiya that Bin Laden's wife had been injured either in her leg
or her shoulder.

He added that the members of the household were children and Bin Laden's
wife, in addition to a Yemeni woman. He added that the woman might be
the personal doctor of the family. Bin Laden was known to be afflicted
with renal failure. He had reportedly received treatment in Hyderabad,
India, before the 9/11 attacks.

Sources speculated that US Forces could not arrest these family members
because there weren't enough places for them in the helicopter, after
they lost another chopper during the operation.

About the slain woman: officials said she could either be Bin Laden's
wife or a close family member since she offered to sacrifice her life
for him. "As per our information, she shielded Bin Laden during the
operation and was killed by American commandos," an official said.

The US Special Forces only took two bodies with them in the military
chopper; one is said to be Bin Laden's and the other his son's. By the
time Pakistani security agencies and soldiers arrived at the spot, the
US commandos were flying over the mountains in the Pakistani tribal
belt, well on their way to Afghanistan.

Sources said one of the two women taken into custody from the compound
by Pakistani forces was one of Osama bin Laden's several wives.

"She is Yemeni and became unconscious during the operation," said an
official. Pleading anonymity, he said the woman was provided necessary
medical aid till she became conscious.

"During preliminary investigations, the lady said they moved to the
Abbottabad house five to six months ago," the Pakistani official said,
adding that she did not provide further information about bin Laden or
his shifting to the house.

The official said a 12-year-old daughter of bin Laden was among the six
children rescued from the three-storey compound.

The daughter has reportedly told her Pakistani investigators that the US
forces captured her father alive but shot him dead in front of family
members. ...

(8) Pakistan deports Osama's wives


Pakistan deports Osama bin Laden family to Saudi Arabia

AP | Apr 27, 2012, 11.45AM IST


Pakistani authorities deported Osama bin Laden's three widows and his
children to Saudi Arabia early Friday, less than a week before the first
anniversary of the unilateral American raid that killed the al-Qaida
leader in his hideout in a military town.

The departure of the family closed another chapter in an affair that
cemented Pakistan's reputation as a hub of Islamist extremism and cast
doubt on its trustworthiness as a Western ally.

Once outside Pakistan, the wives may be willing to share any information
they have about how bin Laden managed to evade capture in the country
for nearly a decade following the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks in the
United States.

The US commandos took bin Laden's body, which they later buried at sea,
but left his family behind. His wives and children were detained by
Pakistani authorities immediately after the pre-dawn raid on May 2, 2011.

Two of the widows are from Saudi Arabia, and the third is from Yemen.

They were interrogated by Pakistani intelligence agents and eventually
charged last month with illegally entering and living in the country.
The three wives and two adult daughters were convicted and sentenced to
45 days in prison. Their prison term, which was spent at a well-guarded
house in Islamabad, ended earlier this month.

Soon after midnight Thursday, a van took the women and children from the
house in the center of the capital, Islamabad, en route to the airport.
Officials covered the vehicle with sheets to prevent photographers from
taking their pictures.

A statement from the Interior Ministry said 14 members of the bin Laden
family had been deported to the "country of their choice, Saudi
Arabia.'' Few details have been released about the family, but officials
have said bin Laden had three wives, at least eight children and some
grandchildren living with him in the house when it was raided by the

The Pakistani government has denied knowing the terrorist leader's
whereabouts. U.S. officials say they have no evidence senior Pakistani
officials knew bin Laden was in Abbottabad, but questions remain. A
Pakistani government commission formed to investigate how bin Laden
lived in the country and the circumstances of the American raid has yet
to publish its report, but it is widely expected to be a whitewash.

Soon after the raid, American investigators were given access to the
wives in Pakistani custody, but one Pakistani intelligence officer has
said the women refused to answer their questions.

The Yemeni wife, Amal Ahmed Abdel-Fatah al-Sada, told Pakistani police
that the al-Qaida chief lived in five houses while on the run in
Pakistan for nine years and fathered four children, two of whom were
born in Pakistani government hospitals.

Saudi officials have given little information about the family and the
plan to deport them. The country stripped bin Laden of his citizenship
in 1994 because of his verbal attacks against the Saudi royal family,
and there have been questions about whether the kingdom would accept the

Pakistani officials were outraged that the US did not tell them about
the operation against bin Laden until after it happened, a decision
American officials explained by saying they were worried the information
would be leaked. Relations between the two countries plummeted after the
raid and have yet to recover.

Besides facing difficult questions about how bin Laden was able to hide
in the country for so long, Pakistan's army faced unusual domestic
criticism because it was unable to stop the American raid from taking
place, or even detect it while it was under way.

Last November, U.S. airstrikes inadvertently killed 24 Pakistani
soldiers on the Afghan border, dealing another blow to ties still
strained from the bin Laden raid. Washington, which needs Pakistani
cooperation against al-Qaida and in trying to end the Afghan war, is
trying to rebuild the relationship.

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