Tuesday, July 10, 2012

600 Welcome to Peter Myers Newsletter

I have received mr Myers newsletter for a few years, and I find the articles that he sends out very informative.

So I decided to put them on the internet.

Mr. Myers did not object to this initiative.

Here you will find the older 500 newsletters: 2009- april 2012

The more recent ones you find here, all filed under the month july.

I started in april with nr 501 and will end in the future with 599.

I chose to have a long list of articles all together, so I put the first 530 articles all in one month.

Once you are reading an article you will find the date of writing above each article.

We have put all the titles in a Word file. 

We can mail it to you, and in that way you can simply use a key word and find all the articles where this word appears.

Email  to: jhmavermeulen@gmail.com\

Best wishes,   Jan Verheul. 

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