Tuesday, July 10, 2012

539 Censorship of emails

Censorship of emails

A few minutes ago, I sent out two bulletins to my mailing list, which
includes YOU and also a Gmail account of MINE.

One email arrived in my Gmail INBOX; the other in my Gmail SPAM Folder.

The same happened two days ago. I sent three bulletins, one of which
never showed up in my Gmail INBOX; I found it in the SPAM Folder instead.

Gmail inserted this comment:
"Why is this message in Spam? It's similar to messages that were
detected by our spam filters. Learn more"

The "Learn More" link links to

where one finds this criterion:

"Similarity to other spam or phishing messages based on a combination of
things like subject matter, elements like spelling and formatting, and
suspicious attachments"

What does "subject matter" have to do with Spam?

The subject matter of the two emails filed as Spam mentioned a certain
group. It was not disparaging, but pointed out that one faction of them
was dominating another faction.

One can talk about any other group.

This is Censorship, pure and simple.

There are about 400 people on my mailing list, so I am classed as a
"bulk sender"; quite possibly the censorship does not apply to messages
sent to just one or a few people.

I have uploaded the offending bulletins to my website; you can download
them as .doc files. Please let me know of any problems.

You will find them and future such bulletins at the following link. You
had better bookmark the page, because I will not link to it from the
rest of my website:


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