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145 Ahmadinejad: Iran will continue its nuclear program as long as Israel has nukes

(1) Google Co-founder donates $1 Million to the Hebrew National Immigration Society
(2) Ahmadinejad: Iran will continue its nuclear program as long as Israel has nukes
(3) Spy vs. spy: The Dark Side of the "Special Relationship”
(4) Wikipedia "striving for balance" on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
(5) Goldstone Challenges Obama on Israeli War Crimes
(6) Congress Debates Burying the Goldstone Report!
(7) Orwellian reality - "The saints shall judge"

(1) Google Co-founder donates $1 Million to the Hebrew National Immigration Society

From: WVNS <> Date: 29.10.2009 07:49 PM

By Saed Bannoura


October 28, 2009

Jewish Billionaire, Sergey Brin, one of the founders of Google, donated $1 million to the so-called Hebrew national Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) which heavily encourages Jews around the world to immigrate to Israel and the United States.

The organization is one of the biggest supporters of illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.

In 1979, Brin, at age 6, emigrated with his family from the former Soviet Union to the United States.

He said that HIAS helped his family leave the Soviet Union, and that his donation comes on the thirtieth anniversary of leaving Russia.

His current wealth is estimated by $16 billion.

Yet, the HIAS was not pleased by the donated amount and described it as "a small donation when compared to the wealth of Brin".

But Brin said that this donation is the beginning of a commitment he and his wife made to be more involved in 'humanitarian issues'.

HIAS said it helped some 4.5 Million Jews around the world, and that without it Google would probably have not existed as it attributes the existence of Google to "saving the family of Brin" by moving them to the United States.

Brin stated that he so far donated more than 30 million US Dollars. "But this is not a big amount comparing to my wealth", he added

It is worth mentioning that U.S. president, Barack Obama, will be speaking at the General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America, which will be held in Washington in November.

The decision was seen as a good step towards continued U.S. support to Israel, Jewish organizations and lobbies in the United States.

The Global News Service of the Jewish People stated that the Jewish community 'got two big gets, Obama and Brin".

(2) Ahmadinejad: Iran will continue its nuclear program as long as Israel has nukes

From: Kristoffer Larsson <>  Date: 28.10.2009 05:41 AM

Ahmadinejad: Iran will keep nukes as long as Israel does

October 27, 2009

(JTA) -- Iran will continue to progress in its nuclear program as long as Israel continues to have nuclear weapons, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said.

The Iranian president made the remarks Tuesday during a meeting with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the semi-official state news agency ISNR reported.

"When an illegal regime possesses nuclear weapons, the other countries' rights for peaceful nuclear energy cannot be denied," ISNR quoted Ahmadinejad as saying.

Israel is widely believed to possess nuclear weapons but has never admitted to having them.

"The Zionist regime is a threat to all nations and it wants the region to be free of strong countries," Ahmadinejad reportedly told Erdogan. "Today we see that applying force in Gaza was not enough for them, so they are attacking holy Jerusalem."

Ahmadinejad called on the countries to stand together to overcome regional "threats."

The meeting came as United Nations nuclear inspectors visited the site of a previously unknown underground nuclear enrichment plant, and two weeks after Turkey canceled a NATO military exercise due to Israeli participation.

(3) Spy vs. spy: The Dark Side of the "Special Relationship”

From: Ken Freeland <> Date: 27.10.2009 06:22 PM

Spy vs. spy, Israel vs. America

by Justin Raimondo,

October 21, 2009

A silent battle has been raging right under our noses, a fierce underground struggle pitting the U.S. against one of its closest allies. For all its newsworthiness, the media has barely noticed the story -- except when it surfaces, briefly, like a giant fin jutting above the waves. The aggressor in this war is the state of Israel, with the U.S., its sponsor and protector, playing defense. This is the dark side of the "special relationship" -- a battle of spy vs. spy.

Convicted spy Jonathan Pollard -- now serving a life sentence -- stole secrets so vital that an attempt by the Israelis to get him pardoned was blocked by a massive protest from the intelligence and defense communities. Bill Clinton wanted to trade Pollard for Israeli concessions in the ongoing "peace process," and he was only prevented from doing so by a threat of mass resignations by the top leadership of the intelligence community.

The reason for their intransigence: among the material Pollard had been asked by his Israeli handlers to steal was the U.S. attack plan against the Soviet Union. According to Seymour Hersh, then-CIA director Bill Casey claimed Tel Aviv handed over the information to Moscow in exchange for relaxation of travel restrictions on Soviet Jews, who were then allowed to emigrate to Israel.

The Pollard case is emblematic -- but it was just the beginning of a years-long effort by U.S. counterintelligence to rid themselves of the Israeli incubus. Law enforcement was -- and presumably still is -- convinced Pollard was very far from alone, and that a highly placed "mole" had provided him with key information. In his quest to procure very specific information, Pollard knew precisely which documents to look for -- knowledge he couldn't access without help from someone very high in government circles.

In addition, the National Security Agency (NSA) intercepted a phone conversation between an Israeli intelligence officer and his boss in Tel Aviv, during which they discussed how to get hold of a letter by then-secretary of state Warren Christopher to Yasser Arafat. The Washington spy suggested they use "Mega," but his boss demurred: "This is not something we use Mega for," he averred.

The search for Mega and his underlings continues to this day, as U.S. counterintelligence attempts to rip up what appears to be a vast Israeli spy operation by its very deep roots. That's why they went after Ben Ami Kadish, who handed over U.S. secrets to Tel Aviv and shared a handler with Pollard, and why they indicted Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman, two top officials of AIPAC, the powerful pro-Israel lobbying group. That's why they were listening on the other end as Jane Harman promised an Israeli agent to intervene in the Rosen-Weissman case. And now a new front has been opened up in this subterranean war with the arrest of Stewart David Nozette, a top U.S. scientist who worked for the Pentagon, had access to the most closely guarded nuclear secrets, and was the lead scientist in the search for water on the moon.

Nozette's case is interesting because of his impressive resume: he held top positions with the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, and NASA, and he served on the White House National Space Council under George H.W. Bush. From 1989 until March 2006, he held "Q" clearance, which means he had access to "critical nuclear weapon design information" and vital information concerning 20 "special access programs" -- secrets only a very few top government officials had knowledge of.

In other words, this wasn't just some mid-level schmuck who wanted to sell out his country for cash: he was one of the big boys -- the principal author of the Clementine biostatic radar experiment, which allowed U.S. scientists to discover water on the moon -- a kind of J. Robert Oppenheimer figure, whose singular contributions to the U.S. space program and its military applications granted him security clearances available to a very select few.

The affidavit in support of the criminal complaint [.pdf] alleging espionage is terse, vague in parts, and brimming with implication. Taking their cues from the Department of Justice press release, most news reports state, "The complaint does not allege that the government of Israel or anyone acting on its behalf committed any offense under U.S. laws," leaving out the last three words in the DOJ's sentence: "in this case."

In this particular case, it's true, prosecutors are going after Nozette for violations that occurred while they were reeling him in, with a federal agent pretending to be a Mossad officer offering him money (not very much, by the way) in exchange for secrets. The real question, however, is what caused them to zero in on Nozette? A Washington Times piece cites Kenneth Piernick, a former senior FBI agent, who opined:

'He must have made some kind of attempt, which triggered the FBI's interest in him. They cut in between him and whoever he was trying to work with and posed as an intelligence officer, agent, or courier to handle the issue, and then when he delivered what he intended to deliver to that person, his contact was likely an undercover FBI agent or [someone from] another U.S. intelligence service.'

Yet Nozette may have made more than a mere "attempt." The affidavit alleges that, from 1998 to 2008, he served as a consultant to "an aerospace company wholly owned by the government of Israel," during which time "approximately once a month representatives of the aerospace company proposed questions, or taskings, to Nozette." He answered these questions, and, in return, received regular payments totaling $250,000.

This indicates the Feds had been on to Nozette for quite some time, and with good cause. The affidavit also notes that, at the beginning of this year, he traveled to "a different foreign country" in possession of two computer "thumb" drives, which seemed to have mysteriously disappeared upon his return some three weeks later. What was on the drives -- and who were the recipients?

In 2007, federal authorities raided the offices of Nozette's nonprofit company, the Alliance for Competitive Technology (ACT), purportedly because ACT, having procured several lucrative government contracts, had defrauded the federal government by overcharging. The affidavit cites an anonymous colleague of Nozette who recalled the scientist said that if the U.S. government ever tried to put him in jail he would go to Israel or another foreign country and 'tell them everything'he knows.

Perhaps the real reason for the raid, however, had to do with the FBI's growing suspicion -- if not certainty -- he was funneling U.S. secrets to Tel Aviv. ACT is a curious creation, a "nonprofit" group that nevertheless generated over half a million dollars last year according to documents filed with the IRS, with over $150,000 in salary and benefits paid out to Nozette. But it wasn't just about money. ACT's mission statement reads like a spy's dream come true:

"The Alliance for Competitive Technology has been created to serve the national and public interest by conducting scientific research and educational activities aimed at expanding the utilization of National and Government Laboratory resources. The National Laboratories possess significant technology, technologists, and resources, of great potential value to growing U.S. industrial organizations, both small and large. Recent changes in national policy (the Stevenson-Wydler Act of 1986 and the NASA Technology Utilization Program) have sanctioned the pursuit of technology transfer from these organizations. However, the capabilities and resources present in National Laboratories are often difficult to access by small and medium sized organizations with limited resources. ACT will research the best mechanisms to facilitate this transfer through focused research on technology transfer mechanisms, and educational and instructive programs on technology transfer from National Laboratories. In addition, ACT will enable U.S. organizations to utilize the resources of National Laboratories through existing established mechanisms (e.g., the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Technology Affiliates Program).Transfer of commercially valuable technology is significantly enhanced by such direct support of private sector efforts."

In short: ACT is all about technology transfer -- from the U.S. to Israel. This, as is well-known, is one of the favored activities of the Israeli intelligence services, which regularly pilfer the latest American technology (especially military applications) to such an extent that a General Accounting Office investigation once characterized the effort as "the most aggressive espionage operations against the U.S. of any U.S. ally."

ACT had contracts with the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C., the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in Arlington, Va., and NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. It is hardly a leap of faith to conclude that vital data flowing from these projects was fed directly into the waiting maw of the Mossad.

Nozette was a key figure in developing and promoting the "Star Wars" ballistic missile defense system. His colleague in the "High Frontier" movement -- and the official director of ACT -- is one Klaus Heiss, like Nozette an enthusiast [.pdf] of space colonization (who also has some strong views on other subjects).

Contacted by an FBI agent masquerading as an Israeli intelligence agent, Nozette didn't blink when told his lunch companion was from the Mossad: "Good," he said. "Happy to be of assistance." This was well before the issue of money was raised. Later in the conversation, Nozette boasted of his top-level security clearances and the range and depth of his knowledge of U.S. secrets, adding, "I don't get recruited by the Mossad every day. By the way, I knew this day would come." Questioned further by the undercover agent, Nozette said, "I thought I was working for you already. I mean, that's what I always thought [the foreign company] was -- just a front."

Which it no doubt was.

Nozette agreed to be a regular "asset," yet he clearly felt his position was increasingly precarious. He inquired about the right of return and raised the possibility that he might go to Israel. He wanted a passport as part of his payment, in addition to the few thousand dollars the FBI was putting in a post office "dead drop" for him on receipt of stolen secrets.

Well, then, so what? Don't all nations, even allies, spy on each other? What's the significance of this particular case?

On the surface, our relationship with Israel is encompassed by the terms of the "special relationship," which has so far consisted of the U.S. giving unconditional support to Tel Aviv's every action, no matter how brutal [.pdf] or contrary to our interests -- and tolerating, to a large degree, its extensive covert operations on U.S. soil (or, at least, keeping quiet about them). On a deeper level, however, the tensions in this one-way love affair have frayed the specialness of the relationship almost to the breaking point.

This is not just due to the election of Barack Obama, who is widely perceived in Israel as being biased against the Jewish state. These tensions arose during Bush's second term, when U.S. policy began to perceptibly tilt away from Tel Aviv. A particularly telling blow to U.S.-Israeli relations was the decision by the U.S. to clamp down on visa requirements for Israelis entering the U.S.: potential visitors from Israel are now required to undergo an interview, restrictions on their length of stay have been extended, and admission to the U.S. is no longer assured.

In the secret world of spooks spying on one another, the U.S.-Israeli relationship is increasingly adversarial, while in the diplomatic-political realm, it has nearly reached the point of open hostilities. This is thanks to the objective conditions that determine relations among nations: in the post-Cold War world, Israel necessarily became much less of an asset to the U.S. In the post-9/11 world, as John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt have so trenchantly pointed out, it is an outright liability.

Our self-sacrificial policy of unconditional support for Israel has earned us implacable enemies in the Arab world and granted our adversaries a priceless propaganda prize -- and the growing awareness of this disability is something the Israelis no doubt find disturbing. The distortion of our foreign policy by the power of the Israel lobby is also being widely noted, and this is their real Achilles heel.

In this case, too, the Lobby will no doubt rush to exert their influence to downgrade Nozette's crime and even depict him as an innocent victim of entrapment. Defenders of the AIPAC duo conjured a vast "anti-Semitic" conspiracy within the U.S. Justice Department and the FBI to explain the alleged persecution of Rosen and Weissman, and the same tactics are bound to be trotted out in this instance.

That is nonsense. The FBI didn't just pick Nozette arbitrarily and conjure his crimes out of thin air. Their target was already deeply involved with the Israelis, and this is what brought him to their attention in the first place.

The nature and extent of Israeli spying in the U.S. is not a subject you'll see the "mainstream" media very often touch with so much as a 10-foot pole, but when it does the results can be ominously disturbing. I, for one, haven't forgotten Carl Cameron's four-part series on Israeli spying in the U.S., broadcast by Fox News in December 2001. According to Cameron, his sources in law enforcement told him the Israelis had been following the 9/11 hijackers and had foreknowledge of their plans but somehow neglected to tell us. And then there were those dancing Israelis, leaping for joy at the sight of the Twin Towers burning!

This is the dark side of the "special relationship," so dark that hardly anyone wants to acknowledge it, let alone consider its implications.

(4) Wikipedia "striving for balance" on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

From: Josef Schwanzer <> Date: 27.10.2009 01:42 AM

Wikipedia striving for balance on divisive issues

JTA - Jewish & Israel News

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- From January’s war in Gaza to Holocaust denial, the world's largest collaborative encyclopedia has become a battlefield over history.

Yet Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales says the online, ever-evolving encyclopedia, which is authored by volunteer contributors around the world, ultimately is able to forge balanced entries even when it comes to even the most contentious issues.

"It's a human process, a slow process,” Wales told JTA during an interview in Jerusalem last week. “Usually people are pretty good about it, and we find that most people are able to understand the idea of neutrality. They will have a few emotional incidents here and there, but it's a community.

"Of course,” he acknowledged, “if someone keeps coming in and does obnoxious things over and over, then the community can decide to ban them. That happens on a fairly regular basis."

One of the Internet’s most popular sites, Wikipedia has spurred an online revolution in information gathering. It has transformed the way students -- often to the dismay of their instructors -- and others track information, and it has become the most dominant online encyclopedia, far exceeding Encyclopedia Britannica in its voluminous pages of information.

But because any Internet user can edit its content, Wikipedia has drawn criticism for being inaccurate at times and subject to agenda-driven contributors.

A few entries considered especially prone to abusive tinkering can be accessed only by designated volunteer editors; all other entries may be edited freely by any registered user. When users are flagged as ongoing troublemakers, they can be banned from the site.

Wales, who was in Israel attending the 2009 Israeli Presidential Conference, defended the Wikipedia model, saying that most fallacious elements introduced to Wikipedia entries are quickly removed by others who amend and debunk such elements.

"If you want your writing to survive in Wikipedia, you cannot write a one-sided rant; it will just be removed very quickly," he said. "If you really want to get your point across, you have to do in a way that people find acceptable. So that pushes people in the right direction."

He added, “It's not perfect, of course."

Wales pointed to Wikipedia's treatment of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as an example of how Wikipedia provides a public service -- by informing about the conflict and why it’s so intractable. Where there is disagreement over facts, Wikipedia notes it.

“This is where people who don't agree about the underlying issues will still point you to use,” he said. "Does that solve the problem? No. But at least we've written about what the problem is."

About 200 Israelis are active Wikipedians -- people who contribute and edit entries related to Israel several times a week.

Israel has the world's highest per capita amount of Wikipedia users. Israelis use Wikipedia in English in large numbers, in addition to other languages like Russian and French. A growing number also are using and contributing to Wikipedia in Hebrew, which is approaching its 100,000th entry.

Itzik Edri is the spokesman for Wikimedia Israel, an Israeli nonprofit branch of the Wikimedia Foundation, which promotes free content and knowledge worldwide. Aside from promoting Wikipedia, the foundation works to put educational content, books, photographs and other resources for free, open use online. It also hosts conferences and promotes educational initiatives.

"Our goal is not hasbara," Edri says, using the Israeli word for public relations that benefits the state. "We are about getting more information out there."

As part of that goal, Wikimedia Israel members lobby the Israeli government for better access to its reports, records and photographs. For example, the group has been trying to convince the Israeli army spokesman's office to release some of its footage of the war in Gaza last winter -- without success. The group says it wants the photos to help balance the large number of photos of the fighting and its aftermath being posted by Palestinian groups on Wikipedia.

According to Edri, who is also among those who write and edit entries, problems in entries on the Israeli history or Holocaust-related subjects tend to be fixed as part of the Wikipedia process by the community of users.

"For example, on political issues or personalities, there will always be those writing with a more right-wing position and those with a left-wing perspective," he said. "But eventually the entries balance themselves out."

Even in Arabic-language Wikipedia entries on Israel-related topics, the entries are more balanced than one might expect, according to Edri.

On a lighter note, Wales also talked to JTA about Wikipedia in Yiddish, which he said was comprised of “a small but passionate group of people."

(5) Goldstone Challenges Obama on Israeli War Crimes

October 23, 2009

Richard Goldstone, author of the UN report accusing Israel of serious war crimes and crimes against humanity during its assault on Gaza, has openly challenged the Obama administration to justify its claims that his findings are flawed and biased.


The UN fact-finding mission headed by Goldstone concluded that the Israeli assault on the civilian population of the Gaza Strip was "a deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish, humiliate and terrorize a civilian population, radically diminish its local economic capacity both to work and to provide for itself, and to force upon it an ever increasing sense of dependency and vulnerability."

Israel's criminal use of white phosphorus on civilian areas was blatant and obvious to television viewers around the world.

The Israeli government is particularly worried because the Goldstone report concluded that the Israeli military, headed by Ehud Barak, committed serious war crimes that constitute a "grave breach" of the Geneva Conventions ...

(6) Congress Debates Burying the Goldstone Report!

From: Paul de Burgh-Day <>  Date: 28.10.2009 07:06 AM

by Max Ajl - Coalition to organize The Gaza Freedom March

The Gaza Freedom March, October 27, 2009


Emergency –  Call Congress Now

The US Congress is a considering a bipartisan resolution which would officially reject the findings of Judge Goldstone’s report on the Gaza war and call on President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton to use the US veto to prevent a vote on the report in the United Nations Security Council. A vote on the bill, House Resolution 867, is expected by this coming weekend.

It is urgent that you call both your Senators and your Congressperson today and tell them to vote against this outrageous bill. You can read the bill here. It ignores the conclusions of the Goldstone Report and simply parrots Israeli government denial.

Judge Goldstone has challenged the US to substantiate its claim that his report is "flawed."  President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton have made no response.  The carefully researched and documented report deserves a response, not a veto. The people of Gaza, who were brutally attacked, deserve a hearing.  What message are we sending to the rest of the world when we grant Israel complete impunity?

This legislation has very important implications beyond the war crimes committed in Gaza.  Israel has responded to the report by demanding the Western powers rewrite international and US law, warning that acceptance of the Goldstone report will mean that the US’ military campaigns in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan will be subject to similar scrutiny.  (Judge Goldstone has drawn a distinction – stating that his report finds that Israel deliberately targeted civilians). This legislation also ignores serious allegations that Israel has violated the US Arms Export Control Act.

Let Congress know that such legislation is unacceptable. It is not in the US interest to disregard war crimes. It is not in the US interest to rewrite international law. It is not possible to grant Israel impunity while demanding that other nations respect human rights.


US House of Representatives (202) 225-3121 or

US Senate  (202) 224-3121 or

Thank you for your support.

Coalition to organize The Gaza Freedom March

(7) Orwellian reality - "The saints shall judge"

From: Roy Tov <>  Date: 28.10.2009 09:55 PM

The Devil's Own

Roy Tov

The Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict – known also as the Goldstone Report includes a harsh critique on the activities of Israel against people who dared thinking different and criticized Israel crimes in Gaza. Following are two of the Mission articles on the issue:

1745. In relation to alleged violations within Israel proper, the Mission concludes that although there does not appear to be a policy in this respect, there were occasions when reportedly the authorities placed obstacles in the way of protesters seeking to exercise their right to peaceful assembly and freedom of speech to criticize Israel's military actions in the Gaza Strip. These rights are protected by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Instances of physical violence against protesters and other humiliations, not rising to the level of physical violence, of the protesters by the police violated Israel's obligations under Article 10 of the ICCPR. The Mission is also concerned about activists being compelled to attend interviews with the General security Services (Shabak) which reportedly creates an atmosphere intolerant of dissent within Israel. Hostile retaliatory actions against civil society organisations by the Government of Israel for criticisms of the Israeli authorities and for exposing alleged violations of IHRL and IHL during the military operations are inconsistent with the United Nations Declaration on the Right and Responsibility of Individuals, Groups and Organs of Society to Promote and Protect Universally Recognized Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

1746. The Mission finds that the imposition of a near blanket exclusion of the media and human rights monitors from Gaza since 5 November 2008 and throughout the operations is inconsistent with Israel's obligations with regard to the right to access to information.

A Systematic Violation of Society

These are hardly news. This was not the first time the work of the Shin Beth (or Shabak) and its illegal network of informants became news.

Eight years and twenty-five days before I was shot at by an Israeli agent, I was half-listening to "Reshet Bet," the Israeli government's news radio station. They were broadcasting live from a peace rally on Tel Aviv's main square. At around 9:30 PM, a slight change in the tone and semantics used by the anchors hinted that something had happened. There were unclear shouts in the background; panic filtered into the anchors' voices, while they were trying to buy time and understand what was happening. Death was in the air. Three gunshots had shattered a dream. Rabin – Israel's Prime Minister – had been assassinated by a religious Jew, and a promising peace process had died.

The event had been videotaped by Roni Kempler – a man with unclear but published connections with the security services – who was standing on the "Gan Hair" shopping mall roof. Inexplicably, he was allowed to stand within the sterile security area surrounding Rabin's exit point. In the minutes before the killing, his video focused mainly on the assassin, as if he knew what was about to happen. In the video, the rear bodyguard was seen clearing the way to the assassin, who shot three bullets before he was restrained by the police. Later, the video was purchased by "Channel 2" – allegedly for a million dollars – and then broadcast to the astonished public, before being banished from the Israeli media.

Rabin was allegedly the best secured head of state in the world. The thought that a civilian could enter the "sterile area" surrounding Rabin was unbelievable.

This is the link to Rabin's Assassination Video

Later, it became known that the assassin, Yigal Amir, was targeted by the Shin Beth months before that and that the Shin Beth trained him in the use of arms. Avishai Raviv, a Shin Beth employee, was placed next to him. They claimed he was only an information gathering agent. Yigal Amir, a former Yeshiva student studying at the religious Bar Ilan University, killed Prime Minister Rabin with the blessing of his Pharisaic rabbi. He moved from one rabbi to another until he found one who agreed that the killing would save many Jewish lives; and thus – the religious authority claimed – it was justified.

Raviv knew that and reported Yigal Amir's plan to assassinate Yitzhak Rabin, based on "din rodef," law of the pursuer, which rabbis interpret as allowing the killing of another Jew to prevent him from handing Jewish land over to non-Jews.

Despite that, the Shin Beth did not stop Amir.

The most troubling part of this story is that "The Jerusalem Post," an English, right-wing newspaper published in Jerusalem, reported witnesses having heard Raviv telling Amir: "Be a man! Kill him already!" Later on, Raviv's name came out during Amir's trial. It was published that his operational code was "Champagne." Nothing seems more appropriate for an agitating agent, which is a better definition to the role he performed.

Worldwide Evil

There is no need to present the Stasi. The Ministry for State Security, or Stasi, was the official secret police of East Germany. Its network of civil informants was legendary in size and efficiency.

When East German collapsed, I was thrilled. I could imagine the trials of the Stasi network: informants being finally accused by their victims and facing justice, being left to collect information on the jail's cockroaches. Yet, nothing happened. The extensive archives of the Stasi were shown to the public and then no word about the informants.

Apparently they were absorbed by the unfied German security services. Stasi 2 was born, a predecessor to what now is known as Stasi 2.0 – the obsessive and illegal communications surveillance performed by modern governments.

Government Lies

Governments cannot claim this is done in a passive fashion and exclusively for the sake of intelligence gathering functions. The Israeli government behavior in the case of "Champagne" shows otherwise: this is performed to illegally advance the political goals of those manipulating the agents, even if that means killing their boss, as it was done in the case of the Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

The point to keep in mind – especially the minds of low level informants – is that each one of them is committing a crime, even if it is just informing on what the victim had for breakfast. In the same way they take false pride in their evil actions, they must take responsibility for their crimes. As for the rest of us, we must be aware of this Orwellian reality, collect information on the informants and make sure it would be available the day they will face justice.

It is worth remembering the words of Apostle Paul in 1 Cor 6:2 "Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world?"

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