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885 Deplorables 1 Banksters 0

Deplorables 1 Banksters 0

Newsletter published on 10 November 2016

From: "Israel Shamir [shamireaders]"
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2016 21:24:37 +0200
Subject: [shamireaders] Congrats, folks! by Israel Shamir

Congratulations, Folks!

Israel Shamir

November 9, 2016

What could be better than waking up in time to witness the last few
minutes of the historic race between the Champion of Deplorables and the
Best Friend of Banksters, and to see Trump emerging victorious! Thank
you, Lord, for allowing me to see these scenes at all and especially in
sunny Jerusalem where I am now, and thank you, our American friends, for
achieving this victory. You were not scared when they called you "racist
rednecks", you did not despair when the CNN said (yesterday) that
Clinton had a 96% chance of winning. You did not sat down with a bottle
of beer, you still went to the booths and voted, God bless you.

And thank you those who voted against Trump. Ex-Pres. Bush said he did
not vote for Trump – why, this news made my day! I am so happy that we
do not owe anything, not a single vote in the victory, to the warring
Bushmen. It would be embarrassing to find oneself in the same camp as
the Butcher of Iraq. John McCain tried to knife Trump, didn’t endorse
him – this is also good news. The FBI boss submitted to pressure and
supported Clinton instead of adhering to the law: good riddance!

God bless you, my colleagues and editors of the truly great independent
American media, Ron Unz of, Jeffrey St Clair of Counterpunch,
Justin Raimondo of! By attacking the corrupted mainstream
media, you preserved the dignity and the meaning of our profession, you
delivered analysis and opinions to the thinking working men of America.

God bless you, Julian Assange of Wikileaks, in the windowless room in
the Ecuadorian embassy in London! You did so much by publishing the
documents nobody dared to touch. Without you, the American people would
not know of the evil stratagems in the DNC, of the Podesta plots. You
unmasked their plans. These discoveries will provide much material to
tomorrow’s media. Let President Donald Trump pardon Julian, for all he
did, he did for us, in the great battle against the evil globalizers.
And while he’s at it, let him pardon Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning,
let them go home in honour.

Today, mankind has avoided a great danger. We peered into the abyss of
Armageddon and quickly moved away. Now the world can fix its many
problems. The Middle East wars will soon be over. With defeat of the
Daesh Queen Hillary, the fanatic rebels will leave Aleppo for their
bases in the Arabian desert and allow Syrians to rebuild their beautiful
land. Let Saudis feed and house the ISIS gangs, perhaps they will be
useful camel riders. There is enough space in Saudi Arabia for all the
jihadis, let them go there and stay there.

Friendship with Russia will disarm the other source of danger, Eastern
Europe. The NATO warmongers will retire to cultivate cucumbers. Estonia
will be safe, actually, safer without American tanks. The world does not
need so many weapons of mass destruction; the funds can be spent on
something better, like affordable medical care for the average
Americans. Or indeed infrastructure, as Trump mentioned.

Minority politics did not work. The women, the white women of America
gave their votes to Trump, despite being ordered to march with the
sisterhood of Madeleine Albright. US citizens of Mexican origin knew
they are being used by people who do not care for them: and they did not
bother to go and vote for Clinton.

What about the Jews? I’ll surprise you: despite many dark hints to the
contrary, Israelis were happy with Trump’s victory. The US citizens
living in Israel voted for Trump. Religious Jews (in Israel and in the
US) voted for Trump. There was a hysterical scream in the Jewish liberal
camp, among the gay parade Jews, or among financial Jews, but this is a
small though voluble part of Jewish population.

Indeed Hillary propaganda warriors claimed that all the Jews support
Clinton and are afraid of Trump. But not every Jewish woman is called
Janet Yellen; not every Jewish man is George Soros (who is very
unpopular in Israel) or the CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein.
Conservative and observant Jews did not like the push against gender
normalcy that seems to be the favorite topic for Clinton camp.

Trump’s idea of a border wall is already a success in Israel: such a
wall has been built between Israel and Egypt’s Sinai. Before the wall
was built, tens of thousands of African job-seekers flooded Israel;
since the wall has been completed about one hundred plucky persons made
it. The liberals in Israel demanded to provide full rights to the
refugees from Eritrea and Sudan, who were housed in the poor Jewish
neighborhoods. There was a lot of aggravation, and the wall solved it all.

In short, the claim for "all the Jews" has been as false as the claim
for "all the women". One can expect that the Jews will produce a new
community leadership instead of the old one that had been tainted with
hatred to working class whites and to the Christian church. It is
possible: Jews are very flexible, and they usually know the difference
between what they want and what they can get.

The Palestinians I meet these days in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Ramallah
do not regret the Fall of the House of Clinton. They have gotten nothing
from the Democratic Presidents. They were obedient to AIPAC and quick to
veto every pro-Palestinian resolution. Is there a possible solution for
the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? Yes, this is called One State
Solution. Let Israel absorb all Palestinian territories and populations,
give them equal rights, as the Americans did to their minorities.
Provided the equal rights campaign in the US had been very popular with
American Jews, surely they will love to repeat it in Israel, too.

The Russians are flabbergasted with Trump’s victory. Yes, many of them
hoped and prayed for Trump, but practically all Russians I know of were
damn sure that Clinton would win despite the popular vote. After being
manipulated for years, the Russians had lost their belief in democratic
process. They were certain that the banks, the Pentagon, the Supreme
Court and the media will force Clinton’s election through. My friends in
the Russian pro-Kremlin media did not believe that in the US, people’s
will may prevail over the Masters of Discourse. Ye of small faith, I
told them, everything can happen if we want it. Now they learned that
not everything is "sxvacheno" (agreed and decided in advance).

Trump’s victory is the great triumph of democracy, the next after the
Brexit. Twice within one year, the people of England and America proved
they can achieve what they want, even if the globalizing elites of
bankers and media will stand against them. We can hope that the
elections in Europe will follow this new pattern of true democracy,
instead of the fake one practiced recently. France may be first to get
her Trump, Marine Le Pen.

If Clinton had won, there would be more transgender toilets, more
immigrants and more wars. Not much fun. Now we are entering the whole
new world of new ideas and deeds. There are hundreds of suggestions ripe
to be implemented. Donald Trump can borrow a leaf from Kennedy’s book
and immediately start a nation-wide discussion of what can be done.
Trump can harness the energy of the masses like has not been done for a
century. And yesterday’s betrayed Sandernistas can take a prominent
place in this transformation.

The interesting – and dangerous – part begins right now, after the
election. The New York Times has already proposed: "Trump can be a good
president. He just needs to forget most of what he said on the campaign
trail." What is good for the New York Times is bad for Trump’s voters
and supporters. We hope Trump will avoid the danger of being co-opted by
the people who besmirched him yesterday. Let him implement his ideas.
And let us help him to lead us into a better and newer world.

Israel Shamir can be reached at

This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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